The Carbon Tax

The Carbon Tax is a tax.

It is not a fund

and will therefore be spent

in any way the government says so.

It may be allocated for settlements, compensations, bailouts,

and  whichever the spendthrift government may choose.

It is supposed to be spent

to alleviate the effects of the climate change.

But the government fails to declare so.

And while the welfare of the environment

is a big concern for us Canadians,

it is actually the Economy that directly feeds us.

As for the Courts saying that the Carbon Tax is legal

they forget that it will be the people to decide what they want.

It will therefore be one solution to this argument if the

provinces hold their own plebiscite

to determine what is the decision of the majority.

If the argument is nationwide, then the country

can hold a referendum regarding the validity of the Carbon Tax.

This is a simple process, this Carbon Tax Referendum,

just include this question in the election form.

A second plainer solution I would suggest is:

make the payment to the Carbon Tax VOLUNTARY.

An income tax questionnaire may be sent out,

or cards may be presented when buying gas

that shows the buyer does not agree with the Carbon Tax

and hence applicable discounts are in order.

Let us remember that this Carbon Tax

is not essential to run the government

and therefore will not be an essential decree.


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