“D” And “A”

Within the topics related to cancer

the word “mutation” crops up every now and then.

And rightly so because cancer comes out from

mutated genes,

which are basically from mutated DNA.

It should be noted also that mutation is the main

cause of evolution,

from whence come to mind Darwin’s

Theory of Evolution.

Nothing contradicts Darwin and his “D” and “A”

or that which is Darwin and After Darwin.

Excepting, of course, the fact that

there has not been any proof or data

about the “Missing Link”.

What is the Missing Link?

That which would show the connection between Man and Apes.

You see, we humans are thought of to evolve from the apes.

If this be true then we should see some proof of this

by finding remnants of a species which are half-man and half-ape.

Otherwise Darwin and After Darwin remains a theory.

But thenĀ  again another theory arose,

in fact this is not merely a theory,

it is a belief

or more specifically, it is a FAITH.

It says that in the evolution of Man

Something, or Somebody, decided to hurry things up,

and made a huffity Adam and a puffity Eve,

all in one breath.

And so there is still the ape

and then there still is man, but not Darwin and After.

Now going back to DNA and the mutated DNA.

Is it true that man is evolving?

Heck no!

The mutations in our DNA tend to kill, not form new strands!

Besides, even Darwin will tell you that evolution

did not result in the instant death of the original copy.

Evolution takes eons to complete,

what with natural selection, adaptation, survival of the fittest, and etc.

Man will never evolve, not from mutated DNA, anyhow.

It would be in some other form


(maybe in some form amalgamated with cell phones) smileface99

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