Illegal Immigrant Still Misunderstood

Thanks to the media, Trump’s definition of illegal immigrant

is still misinterpreted.

Perhaps I could help everybody if I explained it this way—-(ehem)

An illegal immigrant is a person who does not have

the legal right to stay in the country.

The government may force him to leave the country,

and there is nothing to stop the government from doing this.

Trump tried to explain this in that way and this way.

It appears that he is flip-flopping.

Now let me do it this way–

If a person enters the country under a temporary visa,

he is still not considered a citizen of the country.

Thus, he will not pay taxes and he cannot claim benefits.

If he wants to convert his status to permanent resident,

he has to go back to his own country to file for a permanent visa.

Either that, or the government, under compassionate terms,

will allow him to file for a visa inside the country.

He does not have to go back to his country of origin.

However, this visa must be processed in conjunction with

the documentation provided by his country of origin.

This has to do with the security as provided by

the Bureaus of Investigation of both countries.

The problem now is that there are a whole lot of illegal immigrants

in the country.

Giving these people instant amnesty, and a citizenship

to go with it, just about does away with security for the country.

Remember what Europe is experiencing now?

This is because there has been no formal procedures

for documenting an immigrant, whether they be refugees or not!

Screen the immigrants before they are made legal citizens.

More immigrants to work on the field is good for the country.

But one can never be sure.

And hey!

One of the reasons why Israel is safe today

is because they built a solid wall the first time around.

Trump is not a racist,

he is just paranoid!

What’s more, he speaks more of the language of the middle class

than those of the high brow.

Now I am not saying that Trump is the better choice.

I am merely pointing out that I can see where he is coming from.


(trump may be willing to facilitate  the documentation of illegal immigrants, but they must make some effort to apply for permanent visas, otherwise they cannot be choosers!)

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