The Four Genders

Going deeper into DNA,

There are four elements to pair with;

namely G, C, A, and T.

G is paired with C.

C is paired with G.

A is paired with T.

And T is paired with A.

Any pairings outside of these configurations

is a mutation.

The human DNA is composed of and is sequenced with

any and all of these four pairings.

If any of these mutation arise, it is possible to cause cancer.

Only when these mutated pairs replicate uncontrollably will there be cancer.

Remember that when a mutated cell succeeds in connecting to a blood vessel

will there be sustenance for the uncontrolled replication.

But let us go even further to the inception of the DNA.

Well, actually its inception is after its conception.

After fertilization the cells divide thru pairings of the four genders.

Soon enough, the DNA, which actually swims in a pool of protein, are “differentiated”,

or rather, they are specialized, and are told where to go by

a traffic cop called a “promoter”.

So therefore skin cells go to form skins, hair cells go to form hair, and etc.

These nacent cells are called stem cells and may exist mostly

inside the bone marrow.

These stem cells are the raw material to create “differentiated” cells.

One way to slow down the growth of mutated cells

is to replace them with stem cells.

But then you may ask why mutated pairs are possible

when pairings are followed by a process called “proofreading”.

Could there be a failure of the proofreading process?

Why must there be four genders instead of two?

Correct pairings of the genders will ensure

a cancer-free body, no?

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