Cancer Treatments

What then can we bring to bear against cancer?

We can use chemotherapy

or drugs to kill the mutated cells, and some normal cells.

We can use radiotherapy wherein

the cancerous tumors are bombarded with rays

to shrink them.

Replacing the mutated stem cells with new

or repaired stem cells.

Or a combination of any which ones.

And again the problem of the side effects from these treatments

becomes the biggest concern,

particularly the loss of appetite and the nausea.

At about this point, the patients needs food to replace

the normal cells that have been destroyed as part

of the treatment.

The main problem is how the patient can retain the food

that is ingested or eaten.

Comes now the reason why cancer specialists

prefer to treat patients who are physically strong.

These patients should have a bigger reserve of protein

and thereby provide a faster replacement of destroyed normal cells.

By the way, the theory of successful cancer treatments rests on the principle

that the body would replace the destroyed normal cells

faster than it would replace the destroyed cancerous cells.

Otherwise, what’s the use of the treatment?

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