On Reconaissance

As I wrote before, the Russian jets are on a reconnaissance.

They may be following the trail

of Syrian oil going to Turkey

in exchange for arms and munitions.

The Turkish jets may be preventing the Russians

from filming where the tankers enter Turkey.

This only proves that Turkey is the “fence”

for smuggled ISIS oil.

Think about it,

Saudi Arabia certainly will not be the fence.

Smuggled Syrian oil is the competition

and it is the cause for the price of oil

to be down that low.

Now, where the heck is that guy who said

that bloggers think that they know everything.

I may not know everything

but I can think better


Once more

this time with feeling—-

the Russian jets did not violate

the Turkish air space,

and there were no warnings

before they were shot down!

(let us just hope that Putin does not decide

to ignore any suggestion

to ease Assad from power!

Assad, therefore, stays!)

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