Guessing The ISIS

What is the ISIS member thinking of now?

Or rather,

What would the ISIS members be thinking of now?

I would say that anxiety is what they would be bothered with.

Much more so with their leaders

who also are bothered with anxiety,

but that which is a nagging anxiety.

These leaders are actually in charge

of supporting the various gang leaders

that they have sent all over the world

to foment trouble.

They had no idea that the retribution

for the Paris attacks would be that quick,

with a police raid that completely dismantled

the gang of Abaaoud.

Moreover, the doubt that the respected gang leader

may have been having illicit relations with his cousin

damages the religious tenets that

are supposed to be preached by

those receiving support from topside. 

There are more bothersome dilemma

that the ISIS have got themselves in to

which they should be worried about.

And they are……….

(to be continued)


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