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Recline And Fall

And so does start

the Recline and Fall of Vox Americana

as the Russophobia starts its most potent

manifestation by using a proxy war.

Russia has now started to opt out of Western-sponsored

leagues and unions that impose obligations and rules

that are not adhered to by the West.

Pretty soon Russia will finally get out of the 

United Nations

which follows what America dictates.

Now my readers understand what I was saying before,

that the UN and Nato are irrelevant.

The Latin Americans are also starting to wake up.

And the Americans may soon be Couch Potatoes.

To prevent this situation

America is now under damage control

by lining up countries that can be under their 

sanction-umbrella with nary a whimper.

Quads are now up.

Next would be Quints and Squints.


They should be informed

that around here

when we speak of QUADS

we are referring to people

who are limp on four sides

as in Quadruplegics!

It does show 

in this Quad.



Battle For Mariupol

I guessed right about the bulk of the Nazis

being concentrated in Mariupol.

And then Russia relaxed its operation against  Kiev

to concentrate the attack on the South.

The Azov soldiers who surrendered in Azovstal

may actually be very useful in validating

Putin’s cause for the Special OP.

Battle For Mariupol.mp4

Arming Neo-Nazis

Arming Neo Nazis.mp4

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct.mp4

Basic Instinct .mpg

Bong Bong

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

or Bong Bong as he is popularly called

will become the next President

of the Republic of the Philippines.

He will be a boon to this country

knowing that he will most likely

work to redeem his family name.

The Hungarian


Song Without End.mp4

Song Without End.mpg

Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions

This website may not last the year.

Some sanctions are far-reaching.

But truth will reach farther,



Fury At Bastogne



Battle of Kursk

It started as a small skirmish between tanks,

but it attracted more and more tanks from both sides,

 until it turned out to be the biggest tank battle of all time.

T-34’s versus Tiger tanks,

This is now known as the Battle of Kursk.



Tank Support

It can be noticed

that Russia still uses the Rokossovsky attack mode.

This is a full scale, ramped up charge of tank divisions

against panzer divisions.

But that was in WW II

where battles are fought on flat, agricultural fields.

Now, tanks are up against urban-style skirmishes.

 Ukrainians use shoulder-fired missiles

from behind bushes, thickets, concrete rubble,

and some other things better than their mom’s skirts.

So Russian tanks should be supported by Russian troops

to better identify and prevent the missiles from being fired.

Slow, propeller-driven migs can help which can fly low and 

can steer away from fired missiles.

I would emphasize that a tank charge should be preceded

by mortar shelling and troop advances.

On;y then will the Russian tanks make their yahoo charge.

Troops are effective against enemy troops with javelins.

The Other Woman


Putin has kids from another woman.

Even if this is true

it is morally wrong.

Ergo I will not defend him on this.

But looking at the other woman,

I don’t blame him.

I may not even be able to defend myself

were I him.

The Joker 2

World War III is not a joke.

The comedian, Zelensky,

must have mentioned this to Putin.

But Putin took this as a threat,

and sent nuclear capable jets

straight towards Sweden,

not as a joke,

because he sent them in anger.

Now, whatever positive hints

of a ceasefire in Ukraine

are just not poss

because of one arrogant posture of Zelensky.

I was right,

the Ukrainian army tells him what to say.

Pity now Mariupol.

It will be razed

after the civilians are evacuated.

No more peace talks in the future.