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Confused State, Part 15

The States

commonly called the United States

is in a confused state.

The Capitol staff appears to be

working too much and sleeping less.

It shows.

Worse, they are starting to call names.

As if they are losing on a child’s game.

They should learn to relax.

After all,

aren’t they supposed to be winning the war?

Perhaps they should start to make love

not war.

From Russia With Love.mp4

(don’t blame us now

you started it!)

New Kid On The Block

The new kid in the block

is the country of Seychelles,

garnering third place  in hits to this site,

between Israel and France. 

To Seychelles live the people

who has bought the the bustling

market of Divisoria in the Philippines. 

This market will be replaced by a huge building.

Its vendors now will be moved to nearby Pritil.

But why the sudden interest on this site,

Shrapnel Off  The Wall?



Photo Op

And so, Biden and the EU members

met for  a photo shoot.

As if coming in for a party,

this proves that they are together.

It still does not prove that they are united.

After all, in-laws always get together in a photo shoot.

Gasless Poland, Part 14

And so Putin finally installed

his first disruptive sanction—

by turning off Poland’s gas supply.

The Poles howled that this act is a blackmail.


Aren’t sanctions put on to blackmail people?

How many of them are needed to turn the lights on?

What can they do then?

They should go to the US 82nd Airborne Division

where both mother and daughter

drink rum and coca-cola

go down for coo manna

working for the Yankee dollah.

This is a fact, man,

this is a fuct.

Putin to Biden :


translation :

(Anong say mo ngayon)

The Carpathian Mountains, Part 13–

There is an abandoned monastery

up in the Carpathian Mountains

bordering Ukraine.

Putin should consider this.

I am not hinting that he should be a monk

and start a new order here.

That should be funny.

What would be funnier is that this monastery

is a tourist attraction.

The tourists would die laughing when they see

Putin in a monk’s habit.



Why are monasteries  built way up in the mountains?

For the scenery?

To be closer to Heaven?



Raising grapes?

Was it not the celebrated monk,

Fr. Thomas Merton who said,

“Thou should not go

with the noise and the business of men?”

You may decipher this yourself.

Meantime, I prefer  this abandoned monastery

for its inaccessibility, its commanding view,

and the umbrella of protection it provides

to whomever and whichever it surveys.

This would be an excellent site for a radar installation.

Just look at the unlimited area it surveys.

The sight is clearer than what a satellite could capture.

The installation could see any plane, drone, troops,

ships, and tanks that move.

Some military modifications may be in order, though,

like a helipad, a bunker, plumbing, and etc.

To secure this radar installation,

Odessa must be captured

and the Black Sea secured.

How can the Black Sea be secured

so that Nato will be legally prevented

from entering it or from flying over it?

(On the next post, please?)

Now I wonder if that position of Military Advisor

to Putin is still available.

I should warn him that I will not accept

compensation in rubles

Pesos will do.

Also if I should be the one to establish

the exchange rate from rubles to pesos.



Kadyrov’s Reward, Part 12

This is Part 12 of the Ukrainian Rhapsody.

And boy, do I have lots of parts spinning in my mind.

But I chose to wrestle with this one

because I believe that what Kadyrov should get

is something that would not only make him great

but would also make Allah great.

It will not be be a medal nor a pat in the back,

but something unique and lasting. 


To the archipelago country in the Pacific

called the Republic of the Philippines

go the distinction of having virtually eliminated

suicide bombings and terrorist acts of all sorts.

The mode was as dramatic as its contrivance.

Being the only Catholic country in the far East,

the drama comes in the declaration of the Islamic Ramadan

as a national holiday.


A National holiday with offices and schools closed.

The Filipinos have actually given the Muslims 

the greatest respect they can for Islam,

and the most profound goodwill to its adherents.

The results were most astounding.

Antipathy was dropped.

 And Love is learned.

Space and time were provided for the Muslim Prayers.

Men started to whistle while they work.

Women’s restrictions were relaxed.

And they now do what women are most wont to do : giggle

It is a learning and copying process between peoples.

Christians, however, are not obliged to practice Islam.

Muslims are not obliged to practice Christianity.

Each religion observes its own.

Excepting that holidays are all in common.

When a Muslim commits a crime against fellow Muslims

The Shariah Law  tries him.

The punishment is administered according to the 

Philippine Penal Code.

It has been truly one augmented society now.

If, after Putin declares Ramadan a national holiday,

as a reward for Kadyrov,

and if these results that I mentioned are realized,

then Kadyrov becomes a Muslim hero,

and may even be afforded

the greatness as like

something short of Saladin’s.

Also, being recognized with

profound respect by the Christians,

Allah will be greater.

As for Putin and his reward for Kadyrov—

imagine how large an army he can form

after this national holiday?

Stinger Missiles, Part 11

Hold on!

I am getting stung again.

I must have disturbed another nest .

Wait till the hornets go to sleep.

The come back for the post.

Looks like the coast is clear.


So continuaremos tayo!

(whatever that means)


The U.S. provided the mujaheedin

of Osama Bin Laden with stinger missiles

that brought down the Russian Migs 

and helicopters in Afghanistan.

Bin Laden’s units were so good at this that

this forced Russia to abandon that country

and the recall of the U.S. 10th Mountain Division.

It looks like the Russians did not learn

from that experience.

The modified stingers

now being used in Ukraine

are still taking its toll.

The stinger is a  surface to air missile

that keeps pointed to a heat source.

So they call it a heat-seeking missile.

I can still hear them streaking thru

that open field close to my backyard

after a missile commits an error

while being tested.

It does not seek heat by temperature.

it points to that color which heat emits.

Therefore radar jamming is not effective

in disrupting this guidance system.

However, firing flares along the side

of an aircraft will cause the missile

to be diverted from its target.

These flares the Russians do not use.

So they lose aircraft every time.

Another method of fighting stingers is this :

For the the fast-and-furious type of pilots

he would do this——

dive straight towards the missile

on a collision course,

banking sharply before the moment of collision.

(about one km distance or more)

This will cause the missile to miss.

Then steer back to the source of the missile.

This will lead the missile towards the source

when the  missile steers back towards  the plane.

Then make a steep climb.

If there is one weakness that the stinger has

it will be that it finds it very difficult to steer

when it is fighting the pull of gravity.

(oh, i don’t fly planes. never did.

Fastest thing I go

is when I drive my mini cooper

50 kph


Doctor Zhivago


Doctor Zhivago.mp4

Doctor Zhivago.mpg

Sweden and Finland?, Part none

Hey, it must be excellent the feeling

of receiving billions in windfall

and armaments from the Western

part of Nato

Ukraine is now wallowing in this excessive attention.

It should be good for those running the government

to join Nato

After all, they are Aryans, too.

And at times need pampering.

Like children.


MH370 Connection, Part 10

Not surprisingly,

the MH17 post caught some attention

from the Northern Cold Countries.

They should take more notice of he fact

there is communication between the MH!7 pilot

and airport,

particularly a that time when the first mayday call

was sent.

This conversation is recorded in the black box, too.

I GUESS that this was what happened—–

Flying over  Eastern Ukraine, the MH17 pilot

noticed a sudden blip on the radar.

Looking out he saw a missile coming right a him.

Instinctively, he banked the plane right

The missile missed and exploded to the 

upper left of the plane and had not enough force

to shatter the cockpit.

The pilot was wounded, though, and instinctively he

banked the plane to the left towards he Russian border

The safety of the border was not reached because the

pilot received strafing from a fighter jet.

This brought the plane down but definitely.

Now how is this downing connected with MH370?

The pilot of the MH370 was listening to the mayday call

on his own private flight simulator

and he was using this info to 

force the Malaysian Airlines Directors

to publicize the truth.

The truth was not publicized

And down went the MH370

(pretty weird, eh? I will try writing a ghost story next time)


MH17, Part 9

I am throwing a curve at my readers now.

This is a warning that this post is a haunch,

I mean, hunch

even when you consider that haunch is actually closer

to the ass hole than  hunch.

What I mean is that this is only a guess.

Do not treat this as gospel

so that it would be easier for me to disclaim.

Up to now there has been no conclusion to the downing

of the MH17 even when the investigation and conviction 

has already been finished.

The alleged criminals are sill at large

and my guess is that they are living somewhere else

under witness protection.

NOW, consider this—

after attending the 6th BRICS Meeting in Fortaleza, Brazil

Putin was scheduled to come home on July 17, 2014.

By good fortune he did not take the MH17 to fly home

as it does not go to Russia.

Maybe he took a Russian government jet.

At any rate, MH17 was brought down supposedly by a Buk missile,

on July 17, 2014,

Who could have done it?

The Russians? NEKNEKMO!

Now Looka this——

From foreign contractors called Greystone, Ltd

or commonly called Blackwater.

They were known to be in the Eastern Part of Ukraine

since April 8, 2014.

Think about it, eh?


Blitzkrieg, Part 8

Whether Sweden and Finland actually joins Nato

as they announced,

Putin will now be concerned about threats

from two fronts; North and West.

It should be recalled that Hitler lost WW II

because he he had to contend with two fronts. 

His mistake was he did not complete the destruction

of the British Army by not continuing with the

blitzkrieg of Great Britain.

Instead he set his sights towards Russia,

or that country which has never been conquered

even by Alexander or Napoleon.

Besides, he believed that

the British also sprang from the Aryan race.

Anyway, to prevent fighting a war

from the East and from the North,

Putin must now end this war in Ukraine.

He must use a different strategy—

which is to obliterate the City of Kiev.

Without the command centers of Kiev.

the Ukrainian Army will collapse.

But Putin must use bombers

for the blitzkrieg. or carpet bombing.

So he now shifts from capturing Eastern Ukraine

to capturing the whole of Ukraine.

This should send message

to Sweden and Finland

and to Nato and to whomever else.

Another more deciduous way

is to drop a nuclear bomb of very,very low yield

(or a very large conventional bomb)

on the border between Finland and Sweden.

I do not believe Nato will react

the way they say they would!

(note that attacks on Russia are now coming from inside the Ukraine border)


Feed The Hungry, Part 7

Food is scarce in Ukraine now.

Feed the Ukrainians who are hungry.

Even if he belongs to the enemy

give him food.

That way is more Christian-like.

Besides, if he is hungry

he won’t shoot.

Ukrainian Nazi Exploits. Part 6


Who are the Ukrainian Nazis?

Ukrainian Nazi Exploits.mp4

Ukrainian Nazi Exploits.mpg

The Protagonists. Part 5

The protagonists of this war

are full of excuses.

Which makes one wonder whether this war

is actually valid enough

to deserve a threat of WW III..

Wars have two sides.

One side starts, another side picks it up.

There are only two protagonists.

The third side—the umpire—

does not count.

This Ukrainian War is unique.

One side attacks, another side cries help,

and a third side eggs him on.

Now I am not Russian

and I am not pro-Russia.

I am not Ukrainian

and I am not pro Ukraine.

I am not American

and I certainly am not pro-America.

But I side with two things :

what is true and what is morally correct.

if what is true happens to be also morally correct

then I will defend it.

but it has to be both true and morally correct.

These qualities together

is extremely hard to find in this conflict called

the Ukrainian War.

To wit, these questions come forth

in the effort to dissect

what the Ukrainian War is all about.

Firstly, did Putin have a valid reason for starting his special op?

Secondly, did Biden have a logical excuse to send weapons to Ukraine?

Thirdly, Did Zelensky have a moral reason to support the Ukrainian nazis?

To consider the answers to these by yourself,

better to have a clear mind

by ignoring destruction, deaths, hunger, fear and soforth,

After all, this is war.

and these consequences  are inherent to conflict.

Or you may ask the people mentioned by yourself

and see how they squirm as they reply.

And finally, you may find that the answers

to these questions may be the solution to the riddle

of the Ukrainian War and may form the basis of a ceasefire.


Amphibian Tanks. (part 4)

Putin has just about gained complete control

of the Black Sea.

Which has been one surprise to me

as to why he has not used the one thing

that would help him shorten the war—

Amphibian Tanks.

These should serve to ferry troops and/or supplies

to other parts accessible to the Black Sea.

Odessa. for instance, has no Ukrainian defense lines

facing the Black Sea.

So an assault using amphibian tanks

would be irresistible.

How can these be procured ?

China or North Korea may have them?

Also, Japan.

At least try the gun runners.


Zelensky Meeting Putin? (part 3)

Zelensky wants to meet Putin.

Fat chance!

Or should I say—- SHORT chance.

Zelensky must have been falsely emvboldened

by the applause from the West in all the times

he talks to them over a tv screen.

He should realize by now that the applause he is getting

is not for the jokes he tells as a comedian,

but for the fact that he himself is a joke.

He should have noticed that this applause

is accompanied with snickers.

He is President of Ukraine—-for what?

He does not control anything in Ukraine.

He does not receive any salute, any applause 

from the Ukrainian people.

In fact the Ukrainians do not even mention his name.

His ego is so bloated that he demands Putin

to withdraw to what was before the trouble started.

Would Putin agree to meet him?

Not even for a SHORT time.

But for every day that goes by now,

Ukraine is being devastated and blown to bits.

He should realize by now that he should sue for peace.

Otherwise there would be nothing left in Ukraine, 

not even people, but dogs

(if these have not been eaten yet).

Right now I would not want to be in his shoes.

But if I were, I would offer to Putin

the Ukrainian Nazi army

in handcuffs.

As a sign of good faith,

followed by a complete disarmament

of the Uke Army

and what is left of the government.


Western Media Lies, (part2)


Western Media Lies.mp4

Western Media Lies.mpg

Bucha Dead Bodies

As analyzed by Human rights worker.

Maxim Grigoriev,

the Russians could not have killed these people.


Dead Bucha Bodies.mp4

Dead Bucha Bodies.mpg


Shortly afterwards, Russia was suspended

from the Human Rights Commission.

Ukrainian War Part 1


This is genocide. alright.

But these dead people are Ukrainians

who were known to be Russian sympathizers.

We do not expect the Russian soldiers in T-72’s

to comedown and search every house

to kill people with a single shot, do we?

Furthermore. the Russians left Bucha on March 30.

The dead bodies are still not decomposed

as if they were killed on April 4.

These are atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nazis

who have vowed to eradicate Russians

and Russian sympathizers.

Also. dead people don’t talk.

After the Russians left, they were executed

for talking favorably

about their Russian “liberators”.

They were Ukrainians walking casually down the street,

not expecting fellow Ukrainians to shoot at them.

 The Demented West blame these killings on the Russians.

We should know better.

So as not be duped



Prolonging The Ukrainian Cobflict.

Something odd is going on.

Attacks are coming from unexpected sides.

I would say that this actually is not odd.

The conflict, if it were to be prolonged,

will benefit only the foreign mercenaries.

Naturally, because they are being paid by the day.

Don’t worry about them

Just keep bombing them to have them occupied.

Use mortars.