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The Joker

World War III is not a joke.

The comedian, Zelensky, must have mentioned this to Putin.

But Putin took this as a threat,

and sent nuclear capable jets straight towards Sweden,

not as a joke,

because he sent them in anger.

Now, whatever positive hints of a ceasefire in Ukraine

are just not possible because of one arrogant posture

of Zelensky.

I was right, the Ukrainian army tells him what to say.

Pity now Mariupol.

It will be razed after the civilians are evacuated.

No more peace talks in the future.



De-scaling Activity In Kiev

Putin promised to de-scale activity in Kiev

but he he did not promise to STOP activity in Kiev.

So Russia can still send four missiles only

instead of eight.


Ukraine has not done anything positive to prove that

it will do something as per negotiations.

For one thing,

Ukraine keeps admitting in weapons from Nato.

if Ukraine stops, Russia will stop.

It is a give and take,

As per negotiations.

At any rate, the Western World has proven again

that it cannot sling correctly their own language.

Moreover, it is Russia who has Ukraine on the ropes.

Now why would Russia stop hitting Ukraine

if Ukraine still does not cry Uncle.

Go, boy, go!

Biden Resorts To Name calling

Either Biden is losing the war

or he is losing it.

Makes one ask the question–

is he the best that the Americans can offer?

Putin ignores him.

Because he actually is elated that somehow

he is getting under Biden’s skin.

Biden also ignores the pleas of Zelensky

to have a talk with Putin.

Zelensky does not control the Ukrainian Army.

The Ukrainian Army controls him.

It is that obvious.

But most probably the words that will make

Putin stand up  and listen are:

“Unconditional Surrender”.

But of course, the Ukrainian Army seems to have

a mind of its own, particularly some groups 

that sport swastika flags.

Putin also wants to stop the war.

Too many death and destruction.

But he still has to get the white whale.

It might be in Mariupol.

Besides, this war is turning to be field tests

for new weapons of war from both sides.



Probability of WW III continuaremos

(whatever that means)

Going back to the Korean War….

MacArthur had the North Koreans up against the wall,

which happened to be the border

between North Korea and China.

Suddenly, the North Koreans piloting Migs 

attacked the Army from right across the Yalu River.

They had bases in China across the Yalu River.

So MacArthur ordered the bases to be bombed.

This brought out a huge bugle-blaring Chinese Army

charging across the border.

This caused the Americans to retreat South up to the

38th Parallel where the new border between North and

South Korea now stands.

This also caused MacArthur to lose his command

because his decision to bomb the bases in China

could cause another World War.

Now, imagine that some overly patriotic Ukrainians

came across flying Nato jets from Poland

or even tanks for that matter,

would it not cause the Russians to react

as if the air is not within their control anymore?

The first wave of jets coming through from Poland

caused the Russians to be on the alert and prepare

for countermeasures.

The second wave of Nato jets coming through

would have started a reaction that would escalate to


Needless to say that Nato may not have

anything to do with this.

But that would not matter by that time.

The conflagration has started.

Poland air bases is now under attack.

Your question should be…..

why and how did the Ukrainians did it?

(This post is for you guys to consider

how to prevent the event from happening)

USD Again Devalues

(I am still on the guessing side

as to how  many waves it would take for

the Russian response….

and I will decide the probability of WW III 

on next post after this). 

Meantime the country of Poland has now started

to buckle under the weight of caring for the millions

of unproductive Ukrainian refugees.

This is Biden’s problem,

and he has to put money where his mouth is.

This will cost him.

And more money has to be printed

by the Federal Reserve.

This further reduces the value

of the US Dollar.

And so, without even lifting a finger,

Putin has unwittingly dropped a sanction

over Biden’s head.

Of course, it has been a long time

since the Federal Reserve has provided information

about the real value of the US Dollar.

Is World War III Probable?


And Ukrainians will start it.

Not unless Nato prevents them from doing this.

What will they do?

Wait till I finish this post.

Maybe till after tonight…


(oh am I or am I not that devilish?)


Photo Op

And so Biden and the members of the G20

met for a photo shoot.

As if coming in for a party,

it shows in one photo that they are together.

But it still does not show that they are united.

As for Zelensky,

he should take a Dale Carnegie course in

How to Win Friends And Influence People.

With all the applause he’s been getting

he knows how to win friends, alright.

He just does not know how to influence them.



The Siege of Kijev(Kiev)

I did say that Putin is on a pause

to start to  lay the siege of Kiev.

Using the siege, he does not have to order

land attacks on the city which would be risky

for the Russian soldiers.

Putin will just have to wait for the time

that starvation creeps in.

After which the Uke Army will be compelled

to come out and raise the siege.

Even now Nato will be  beefing up the

Western Ukraine with four battle groups.

These military formations may not cross the border

to attack the Russians but their equipment can.

So the Russian Army should make sure that the

Western border of Ukraine is sealed off.

Better still, a complete army camp should be installed 

somewhere near Odessa to protect the blockade.

This siege will force the Uke Army to give up.

BTW, if we must recall the fiasco at Dien Bien Phu,

the French Army built this camp on a site below the hills.

And when the French failed, the Americans took over the camp.

So the Viet Cong just continued the steady shelling of the camp.

The Viet Cong was resupplied by a convoy of people with

poor transportation, sometimes lugging the shells

up the mountain bodily.

The Americans lost that war.

 The route of the supply convoy

was named the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

As for the lull in the Ukraine War,

this is just a pause in the Russian attacks

to see when the starvation in the city

takes its toll.


No More Mr. Nice Guy

Putin declared,

in quite an obtuse manner,

that he will accept only rubles

as payment for Russian oil and gas.

This caused a raucus amongst the

Western banks including the Swiss banks

which have been discovered lately

to stand on shaky grounds

as regards their neutrality. 

No More Mr. Nice Guy!


The Luck of the Ukrainians

The Ukrainians are lucky.

Putin has not ordered the use of his longe range bombers.

Remember what the American B-52 bombers accomplished

when they laid down carpet bombings in Vietnam?

After the bombings, nothing was left crawling,

not even a mouse.


Putin on Ukraine

Putin: Russia does not want to go back to language of

Kalashnikov rifle

Putin: Russia does not want to go back to language of Kalashnikov rifle. 52829.jpeg

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not plan to impose restrictions on the use of the Internet. The restrictions, he added, may touch only the propaganda of suicide and pedophilia.
“We do not have any limitations associated with the self-expression of a human being, related to the use of modern technologies for one’s own development, or for development of one’s own business,” Putin said at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum.
“The restrictions have been introduced, but what are they about? They are about the prohibition of the propaganda of pedophilia, child pornography, and the propaganda of methods of suicide. Excuse me, but legal systems of other countries are full of such restrictions, and this applies to Europe and the United States,” said Putin. Moreover, he said, such restrictions in those countries are much more stringent than in the Russian legislation.
Equating some bloggers to mass media complies with global trends in this area, and Russia simply closes loopholes in the law in this case, Putin said.

“This practice is used in European countries, in the UK and in Germany, the United States, and there is nothing unusual at this point. This is just a gap in our legislation that we are closing, and the application of these rules does not come contrary to world trends. Here, all is within the common trends,” Putin said, answering questions at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
Russia has no plans to impose restrictions on the use of social networks, nor does it intend to criticize those who do it, Putin said. “First, we are not going to close anything. Secondly, we do not believe we have the right to criticize those who do it. In each case, there is a unique national aspect, and it is not up to us to judge what others do and how,” the Russian president said, answering the question whether Russia could indeed ban Facebook, Twitter and their Russian analogues.
“We plan to develop modern means of communication. And I hope that we will never return to the time when the primary means of communication was a Kalashnikov rifle,” said the president of the Russian Federation.
During the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Putin made it clear to all present that Russia was tired of the debate with NATO about the deployment of the missile defense system of the alliance in dangerous proximity to Russian strategic objects.
“We are tired of this form of debate – there’s no discussion,” Putin said.
The head of state pointed out that those, who committed a coup in Ukraine, do not want to talk to Russia. “Here are our thoughts. The next step is Ukraine in NATO. They never ask us about it, nor do they conduct a dialogue with us. As experience of the past two decades shows – there’s no dialogue, they only say – “none of your business, it doesn’t concern you,” Putin said.
According to him, the West can only assure Russia that the approach of NATO infrastructure to the  Russian borders was not directed against Russia.
“Tomorrow, Ukraine may join NATO, and in the next few days, elements of U.S. missile defense system may appear in Ukraine. No one ever talks to us on this subject,” concluded the president.
Vladimir Putin said that he had no idea about how the fate of Edward Snowden may evolve. He assured that the ex-CIA officer had not told anything to Russian security services.
“I do not even know. He is a young guy, I don’t know how he is going to live. I’m saying this without any jokes or irony. For the time being, he is here, but then what?” Putin said, answering questions at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
“We only gave him shelter and that’s all. He is not our agent, he has not exposed any secrets to us. Bad guy, he could have shared something. We still gave him shelter, but he says nothing. He reveals his information through the channels that he knows, when he deems it necessary to publish something,” said Putin.
Putin added that if U.S. intelligence agencies had acted professionally, Edward Snowden would have been in prison a long time ago. “Why did they frighten the whole world? They frightened all countries. Snowden arrived at our transit zone, and then it turned out that nobody wanted to take him. If they hadn’t scared anyone, he would have flown somewhere, and they would have caught him on the way to another country. He’d be steaming in prison for a long time,” said Putin.
Putin continued: “They frightened everyone, he stayed with us in the transit area, and what do we do? Russia is not the country that delivers human rights defenders.”
According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, what happened in the Ukraine was a coup that led to chaos and civil war.
“Whatever you call it – a revolution, not a revolution – this is a coup, with the use of force and militants,” Putin said.
According to the president, one should be as accurate as possible when it comes to the institutions of emerging countries. “Otherwise, there will be chaos. And we can see it now in Ukraine,” he said.
“Why was it necessary to do all that, if Yanukovych agreed to everything?” Putin said.
“One should have gone to the polls, and the people, whom they have in power now,  would come to power, only legally. We, like idiots, would be paying 15 billion that we promised, keep low gas prices and continue to subsidize the economy of Ukraine further on,” said the president.
Putin said that Moscow was ready to work with the government formed after the presidential election in Ukraine.
“We are still working with the people, who control the power today, but after the election, we will certainly work with the newly elected bodies,” said the head of state, speaking at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
Putin said Moscow would like to see peace in Ukraine. “We are interested in seeing peace, order and tranquility in our – I mean no irony here – brotherly country of Ukraine,” said the president.
Putin also said that Russia would respect the results of the presidential election in Ukraine. “We understand and see that the people in Ukraine want the country to come out of this protracted crisis. We also want, in the end, solace, and we will respect the choice of the Ukrainian people,” said Putin.

(Re-posted from May 23, 2014

The Nations Realign

After the splintering comes the realignment.

This time more consideration is given to

national needs than politics.

Oil is one important factor.

Trade is another.

And still another factor is

the immunization from the American sanctions.

Much is said about China, Turkey, Russia, India, Belarus, etc.

No focus is made on the Nippongo-speaking


the Land of the Rising Sun.

People would be amazed to find out

how this country will do

in its rise from this Ukrainian turmoil.

(will explain later in the next post,

or posts,

if I can finish it)


The Russian Harbor

Something is afoot.

There appears to be a determined push

by the Russians to run roughshod 

over the Ukrainian positions.

As if there is the need to capture ground

to hold as a bargaining chip.

If I am not able to read Putin’s mind now,

then let it be so that he reads my mind.

The more important ground to hold

is not the capital of Kiev

but Mariupol and Odessa.


That territory within that which is occupied

by Odessa, Crimea, Mariupol, Donetz, and Lugansk

will form solid port cities that could provide

the umbrella over that harbor controlling the Black sea.

Moreover, Kiev is historical for Russia

and should be preserved not razed.

This is in case that there would be negotiations

in Poland.

Palki Sharma

Palki Sharma Upadhyay

Executive Editor WION

Extensive research

Comprehensive Analyses

Logical Conclusions

on a huge variety of subjects

broad intelligence

second only to mine


On The Way To The Forum

A funny thing happened 

on the way to the forum.
A mayor in Ukraine was kidnapped

in broad daylight with a bag over his head.

Soon afterwards, Russia announced that

180 foreign soldiers were killed

and their equipment depot was destroyed.

And a new mayor was appointed by the Russians.

By the Russians?

That was not the funny part.

What is funny is a second mayor was kidnapped.

And soon after, a large scale assault was launched

as if Putin sees the White Whale before his grasp.

This could be the final assault.

He believes that all the citizens have already evacuated.

And the buildings can all be turned to rubble.

It also appears that the city of Kiev is not that anymore

important for it to be part of Eastern Ukraine.

He is bucking for a split of Ukraine into East and West,

the Eastern part to be independently Russian.

If so, he may decide to demolish Kiev entirely

(Heaven forbid!)


The World Splinters

It has started.

The world splinters.

Russia renounces membership to The EU Council.

(whatever this unknown organization stands for)

Apart from this,

the International Court of Justice,

becomes a laughingstock when,

as if acting as its own police force,

orders Russia to stop its Ukrainian Special Op.

This Court is an advisory to the United Nations.

And how would this court enforce its decision?

This decision was done without the attendance

of its Russian members.

It will be ignored by a large portion

of the members of the UN.

This is one of the UN organizations

which is being considered by Russia

as removing its membership.

Russia may eventually move out of the UN,

for the reason that the members 

are ganging up on Russia

at the same time ignoring

the Rape of Donbas.

This will ultimately break up the UN,

which is irrelevant, anyway.

Oil’s Well

Biden is scooting all over the place

trying unabashedly to drum up oil

from people whom he drummed out before.

Maduro, Bin Salman, Ayatollah,—now he begs them.

This is after he banned oil imports from Russia.

Well, well!

But we in Canada has never forgotten

that the first thing he did when he got into power

is stop the Keystone Pipeline from entering the US

so that he can import oil from Russia.

This keystone pipeline

comes from the oil wells of Alberta.

It is now too late to provide Biden with oil from Canada.

Serves him right!

Ah, well,

Oil is well

that ends well.

Battle For The Information

So now the battle goes for access

to both information and disinformation.

And streaming video is used as a weapon.

How do you tell if the host is telling a fib?

The info is delivered as if it was practiced,

and the speaker is usually of the female gender,

who is all smiles.

Don’t trust males.

who can’t tell lies about their overtime work.

and speaks with a lower voice.

Air Bases

Putin may be needing at least one airbase

to plaster West Ukraine to a pulp

which the EU may never use.

Now where was I?

Biochemical Warfare?

NAH! The Americans,

and the Western World,

deny that the Ukes have these 16 labs.

But they claim that these chemicals

will not be used by the Ukes against

the Donbass residents.

But I am guessing that these chemical agents

will be needing Donbass Guinea Pigs.

For why else would these be constructed 

close to Don bass.

Ah, but maybe these labs are for expeimenting

on the new pizza pie topping.

Suing For Peace?

Zelensky now wants to have a meeting with Putin.

I do not believe that he is going to sue for peace.

Remember the meeting between FM Lavrov

and FM Kuleba?

This Uke FM just ranted that the country

will not surrender.

As if his Uke government actually controls

the Uke Army.

Z & V

One Russian army unit advancing to Kiev(Kyiv)

is painted with a “Z” all over.

A later unit came in with a “V’ painted all over.

I guess there now is a competition

as to who gets him first.

Nato Divided?

Is Nato Divided?

This may be news for you.

It has never been United.

It works under the leadership

of a few “influential” heads of state,

America for one.

A  bunch of back-benchers make up

the service side of Nato.

By service side, I mean those that just

follow the “major” members and take the cue.

It would be a matter of toeing-the-line

if these lackeys were to receive

further the foreign aid

and other pecuniary benefits.

They may work together

but they are never united.

Because this time, 

the more important needs

take priority in following the cue.

This time

the need for oil takes precedence

over the sanction against Russian oil.

And thus is dramatized–

the disunity in Nato.

And as I keep saying,

Nato is irrelevant.

So is the UN.

Sudden Realization

Z-elensky finally realized

that he’s been had.

And that he was used as a lackey

by the United Sanctions of America,

while his country has been used

as a cannon fodder.

Now he sues for peace

fighting against that time

when his cities are reduced to rubble.

Will he agree to splitting the country into two?

Will the Uke Army lay down its arms

when Z-elensky says so?

(watch stations Wion, Republic tv, Rt. com)

Pile Of Debris

The Quagmire of Expenses

that is Ukraine

is fast becoming a pile of scorched debris.

If the Uke Army does not sue for peace soon,

the country will not be worth the EU expense.

The Russian humanitarian aid

that the citizens fell in line for

has set them apart from the armed nationalists

and thereby the Russian Army can now shell

the nationalists indiscriminately.

And thus go the Special Operation,

with the Russian Army choking the supply lines

of the mercenaries sympathetic to Ukraine.

President Z. Flees


Both Russian Intel and Uke lawmakers verify

that Zelensky is in Poland

talking to the Americans.

How could he have sneaked out of Ukraine?

Wearing similar clothes as the Ukrainian negotiators,

he stole in across the Poland Belarus border.

Curiously enough,

one of the negotiators was tagged as a traitor,

and was killed afterwards.

The broadcasts of Zelensky is now done

indoors without the backdrop

of the Ukrainian buildings.

He has acquired Biden’s trick

of getting others to fight for him

while he pigs up.