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Word is that Bulgaria is not sending any troops to aid Ukraine.

Word is that Germany sends lots of helmets to aid the Ukrainian defense.

This is a funny gesture, even mocking,

because helmets may not protect against bombs.

But they do protect against Maidan snipers.

But why the sudden interest in Ukraine?

The reason is funnier.

As we shall soon see.



where were we?


Democracy in America is a misconception of what democracy really is. In America democracy is another name for human rights. Which is why when they get into trouble they call upon the Amendments to the Constitution. Little do they realize that these Amendments, by its very name, do not constitute the primary purpose by which the Constitution was ratified. Its primary purpose was to get freedom from the British rule and the taxes by which this rule imposed. Providing for the exercise of Human rights was a secondary purpose. Which is again the reason why personal freedom is embodied in what is termed as Amendments. The very word Amendments itself designates human rights as an addition, a correction, or something to change the Constitution. Personal freedom and personal human rights, therefore, comes down from the Constitution as an eventuality and not as its purpose for being.

Freedom is not absolute. One may exercise his freedom for as long as it does not infringe upon the freedom of others. One may be free to speak but he is not free to slander another. One may have the right to life but this may be an excuse to rob, and steal and harm and kill another. What I may be trying to say is not one person may exercise freedom for his own sake. And ultimately one may not make a decision to for the rest to follow.

Abraham Lincoln said it prophetically : government for the people, by the people. By people he means more than one person, or more specifically, a populace. The logic of Socrates and Demosthenes favored the populace against a monarchy. Athens was then made up of city-states but still with a King ruling them.What they cried out is for the people to make decisions and ultimately to rule. After this came down the tenet of Democracy–

Majority rules.

Today we have elections, or simply selection by election.
Everything now is decided by vote, and the majority decides the election. Majority therefore rules.

But if so, how come there are still people opposing the results of an election in America and how come Americans refuse to follow a mandate laid down by a duly-elected government?