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Rittenhouse Verdict : American Democracy III

Another item to emphasize my thoughts

about American Democracy;

Comes another controversy involving color.

Now, if an American setting is caught by a snapshot

in black and white,

the color black will be ignored

but the color white will be prominent

even if the color black is more dominant

in the picture.

This will be so even if the snapshot were in color.

There will be black, white, yellow, red , and brown;

all the colors in the spectrum.

This time ask yourself, not me,

which of these two has NO COLOR in your eyes,

black, or white?


American Democracy II

I am not so sure about the format

I can render this topic with.

However, I can give you a hint

of what i would say.

THAT “all men” (not one man);

“for the people” (not for one man);

 are phrases that refer to the plural;

to a multitude,

and not to an individual.

American Democracy

Sorry for the long respite.

But this topic, Democracy in America,

is still in the works.

and its completion is being hampered

by arthritis of the toes,

(as if I type with my toes).

Remember that the Jan 6th riot

became the most watched show in town

and in all towns.

Now this show has become a comedy

and it is getting funnier every day.

What the hey!

I am finding out that this democracy,

practiced by the Champion of Democracy,

may not be called Democracy,

in the stricter sense of the word,

and that American Democracy 

is captioned wrongly.

(stay tuned, 5-g’s allowed)




Four Brothers

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Female Suicide Bombers

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Pork Chop Hill

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