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The Eddy Duchin Story

So you are also in to tearjerkers.

Well this one is an old one.

A true story

The Eddy Duchin Story.mp4

Magnificent Obsession

No action here.


The story is captivating, though.

And the acting, magnificent.

A heart-jerker.

Magnificent Obsession.mp4



King of the Khyber Rifles

King of the Khyber Rifles.mp4

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Sex, Lies and Videotape.mp4

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Brotherhood of the Wolf.mp4

More Goofs

My next reply to WHC ticket—


“You are solving the problem piece by piece. You still do not know what the problem is.
What is good for WHC.CA is still not good for
I really do not need that much speed.”


Another Goof!

I have already told you readers

that this web host has mangled my site so many times.

Well this is another of those.

And still it appears thatr they do not kbow what is wrong

or how they did it.

The last post that you see was done using another method.

but what seems to be the failure of these techs

is that they do not understand how ftp accounts work.

Also the manner by which files are backed up and restored.

But right now they are following my instructions of not

to back up nor touch my files unless I asked them to.

But they did manipulate their servers (again) in such a way

that everything was turned topsy-turvy.

This site has been down ever since the last WHC maintenance.

And they call themselves the number one webhosting company.

The good thing about this is that

they will not be capable of developing ransomwares

and are therefore not in any way will they be blamed

for these nefarious acts.

(What follows is a copy of my latest reply

to the support ticket. I did promise to publish this)

“It appears that one of us does not know what he or she is talking about.
Ftp accounts when clicked are actually converted to url’s,

and a shortcut appears with the caption “Index of ftp”
For example :
when clicked opens up the index of the ftp shrapnel
and further lists down the files within the ftp.
This has been the way it works ever since June of 2009.
You guys mangled the site again.
if I did prove to you that your last maintenance changed something,

I would have told you people up there that one of us is stupid.
No offense meant.
Now get on with it.

And don’t prove what you say by quoting that system before the maintenance work that you did.”

Enemy At The Gates



Enemy At The Gates.mp4

Missed Numbers

The lottomax July  7 draw hit

10 14 25 26 38 41 50 49B


From my last post, it can be seen

that the number 14 may come out

so I made this my power number

and as a result all my combinations had number 14.

I dismissed numbers

3,5,7,37,16,9,17,43,6,46,45, 11  and 10, 50,40

So I hit 14,25,26,38,41,and 49

But only 5 of these came together.

Even if I had a 5-number plus bonus win

lottomax does not award a prize for this anyway.

(Correction: lottomax has an award for the 5 plus B hit

and this is about 10 times more money than the 5-number hit.

but the lotto 649 awards 10 times more money

than the lottomax 5+B award.)

All the more reason to switch to 649

which awards the second biggest prize

for the 5 plus B win.

Which now comes a bigger question—

what prize will one get

if he hits 6 plus B numbers

in a 7-number combination?

So we’ll go for that next and we’ll find out after.

I always hit the bonus number, anyway.


(note that it is much easier to win a prize

in the Philippine lotteries)

Choosing Lotto Numbers

Listen closely now, fellas,

or read if you can’t hear me.

remember this ;

It is easier to choose a losing number

than a winner.

So the secret of the game,

if it is a secret at all,

is select the numbers you want

and go for other numbers,

Sounds crazy, no?

If you think a number is popular

and is coming out often gives you a reason to bet on it,

think twice,

the odds are now 50% against its being drawn again.

Also, do not ask me why

the lottomax numbers have a tendency to repeat.

But a number that has hit more than 4 times in a row

means something is definitely wrong.

And this is not your wits that is awry.

But all kidding aside,

as if I were kidding,

Now, imagine that you are in charge of 8-buildings.

Each one houses 50 people who are individually

wearing marks of 1 to 50 on their foreheads.

the barracks are numbered left to right with the

letters A to H when you face them.

Now each position, or bed, is permanently tagged

as numbers 1 to 50, number 1 being always at the

front of the building.

these bed numbers change, but not the occupants,

who may be chosen to come up in front in the manner

by which their rankings are determined.

If number 37 of barrack H is chosen to occupy bed No. 1,

then he is the highest ranking occupant of barrack H.

He is also the one who had accumulated the most number

of hits as related to the lottomax configuration.

Changes in rankings are made after every lottomax draw

and therefore there are movements of the occupants.

Imagine therefore that the barracks configuration

as of July 6 is ;

7  33  27  14  9  31 36  18

representing highest ranks of

barracks  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H.


and 6  14  35  37 40  43  46  19

as per COMPANION  Numbers

corn-fusing isn’t it.

More corn to come



Switching Programs

I hit 5 numbers for the Lottomax.

Actually 6-numbers including the bonus number.

This bonus number did not come in to make a six-number hit

I wheeled 21 numbers with the number 14 as the power number.

I had two 4-number wins before this plus the last 3-numbers of the Extra.

it looks like I have to choose a better wheeling program

so the bonus number may be included.

Probably a switch to 649 would do.

But first I have to retrace my steps and find out exactly

how I came up with a 5-number hit plus the bonus number

from an array of 21 potential lottomax numbers.

Betting money will of course be another factor in this enterprise.

Even if the $143-win is added to the bet.

But never mind, I am extremely glad that some big prizes are now

being won by Edmontonians.

Hey keep it up guys.

Remember though, don’t put up the bread money for this.

(see what I mean if I do not publish my numbers?)

Random Numbers

Guess what.

I finished my combi selections for the Lotto max.

but I wuill not publish them for today.

This is why I opened up this post with a

guess what.

But donya worry. I will publish them here AFTER the draw.

In case some particular people are watching.

I am finishing up my post on Random number Generators

and maybe follow it up with some lotto strategies

which are unbeknownst 

and not yet thought of

by the generality

because of its novelty.

(how’s that go for slinging the English language?)

The Putin Deal

It appears that this guy

Vladimir Putin

is getting more air time nowadays.

Topping his interviews is the impreession

that he actually is succeeding

in making Russia great again.

And this in spite of bad press reviews.

At any rate, his successes are in the realm

of democratic free enterprise.

It is a different kind of government he is running.

And this is definitely not among the lines of communism.

It is more like a democratic authoritarianism.

Perhaps closer to the Chinese authoritarianism 

but a little bit more on the


More of this policy can be revealed

should the Western ignoramus heads-of-state

would allow commercial trade with Russia.

Just beware of the Russian women.

They do wither on the vine.

Unlike the Chinese women

who work like ants.

No offense meant.