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Lotto Max

Winning Numbers are;

7,18,22,40,44,46,50, 5B

Out of 30 numbers that I didn’t recommend

I missed 7, 44,46 and 5B

They hit.

The happy part for me is I did not choose

the bonus number this time. (heheheheh)

That is progress.

Or is it.

Now let me review this Lottery ware of Smart Luck

called Advantage Gold. 

Check this site next time.

The Art of the Deal

The deals that the prosecutors are making

with the witnesses against Trump,

are these deals mentioned in Trump’s 

popular book?

Jan-6 Commission

The senate delayed the decision to vote

on the formation of this bipartisan commission.

The Republicans must be waiting for Trump

to get indicted first for obvious reasons.

NO, the vote went through alright.

Only six great Republicans voted to approve

this commission.

Well, I do not really believe that the Republicans

will vote for a panel that will investigate their own party.


Russian Cyber Hackers

Blaming the Russians again?

Come on now,

these cyber hackings were done

by those who need money fast.

And I will not be surprised

if these Cyber Hackers

are actually hacking themselves.

Just check on where the

marked hundred-dollar bills float up.

The U.S. Lotteries

These lotteries are straight and simple

Random generated numbers,

No rigging.

Ask one who has dabbled with probabilities

and he will tell you that there are trends

in the numbers drawn that will prove

the improbability of the randomness.

(Whatever that means)

For instance, the number 27, or any number

which is drawn 5-times in succession

may have been rigged;

or an afternumber having similar properties as 

the companion number as regards

number of hits, median, etc. in stats

must show some instances of rigging.

But what the heck!

As long as somebody wins, its OK by me.

Also, any computer machine which is

programmed by man should not be trusted.

Ask the Republicans.

BTW, I tried some numbers for the Florida Powerball.

I hit three numbers the first time around.

But I could not get to a terminal here to buy tickets.

No tickets sold here for the American lotteries.




Winning Numbers

For Western 649


I missed 37,40,45

And again I hit the bonus number, 23

Trying this program for the Lotto Max,

I have the eff numbers as :






And the other group is ;




But don’t move yet.

I may be overdoing it.

There are still 20 numbers left.

Also, it is probably not wise

to telegraph my numbers

until the last moment

before the draw, eh?

Don’t Go For These Numbers





More on this within the hour—-

Actually there are 4 groups of numbers made.

That group is the one one that effs.

The next one is the one that sucks.

The third one is the one you have to duck.

The fourth one is the one with luck.

There were 13 numbers left.

I added another to make it 14

This group includes Numbers 2 and 27

which I hope will come out.

But since this program is new

I decline to put out these numbers.

Lotto Max

Again I hit the bonus number, 18

But I also hit 6, 11, and 46.

Using a wheel with 4 out o6 guarantee,

I won one 4-no. hit with the bonus number

for 20 Canadian dollars,

and a whole slew of 2 number hits with the bonus number

for no CDN, not even free plays.

Had the prizes included a 10-dollar award for

the 2-n0. plus the bonus no. hit I could have won

another 50 CDN.

Just my luck for selecting a bonus number every time.

As I post now I have started figuring out numbers

for the Western 649.

It has been a rare thing that the jackpot for this lottery

was won.

Well, there has been some lucky winners from Edmonton.

I will see if I can join the club.

Watch for the next post captioned, “Don’t go for these numbers”

Edison Force

Edison Force.mp4

Edison Force.mpg




The Big Country

Big Country.mp4

Big Country,mpg




The Banana Vote Song



Daylight coma and I wanna go home,

Daylight come and i wanna go home.

Come mister tally-man, tally me bananas.

Daylight come and I wanna go home.”


And so do the banana Republicans

proceed with the recount of the ballots.

They are not fooling anybody else but themselves.

Looking for bamboo fibers?

Might as well try looking for

banana peelings.

No hard feelings there, eh?


July come and you really wanna go home.


Filipino Battle Hymn

Batel Himm

Lumusong siya sa tubig at ang sakong nabasa
Lumusong siya sa tubig at ang sakong nabasa
Lumusong siya sa tubig at ang sakong nabasa
Ang sakong nabasa.


Ale, Aleng-magluluya
Ale, Aleng-magluluya
Ale, Aleng magluluya
Ang sakong nabasa

Lumusong siya sa tubig at ang tuhod nabasa
Lumusong siya sa tubig at ang tuhod nabasa
Lumusong siya sa tubig at ang tuhod nabasa
Ang tuhod nabasa.

Ale, Aleng-magluluya
Ale, Aleng-magluluya
Ale, Aleng-magluluya
Ang tuhod nabasa.

Lumusong siya sa tubig at ang….

The Battle Hymn


Mormon Tabernacle Choir.mp4

Mormon Tabernacle Choir.mpg




Hokay, try the videos now!.




Judgement At Nuremberg