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The First Press Conference

The Vice-president of Obama

and now President of the US

makes his first meeting with the Press

and it appears that he has everything under control.

He shines this time,

and if he continues to ignore

the childish actions

of the Republican Party,

he may even start to sparkle.

The thing is not to get unnerved.

For one thing—the country falls behind him now.

Seemingly unnoticed,

the minorities now become

the majority in registered voters,

so much so that the Chicken party resorts to

preventing them to cast their ballots.

When this plot is realized,

this country called

the Home of the Brave

becomes great again—

the great laughing stock of the world

and the Republican Party  will go about

carrying mud on their noggins



Split Or Sink

I did mention this SOS.

The Republican Party must split or sink.

One part will be chickens.

The other part,

believe it or not,

will neither be called chickens,

nor turkeys.

In fact there is this great possibility

that the next President will be a Republican

who will carry the Democratic flag.

If this condition is not met

then the next President

will still be a Democrat

who is still a Democrat.

(we still have four years to figure out what this means)


Six million Jews were eliminated

under this project.

Pardon the spelling.

But if this is an error,

it is not typographical.

Neither is it geographical.

The Jews were subservient.

And united  under health and wealth.

They were considered a virus

eating up the country.

Before them were the Africans.

Also were they subservient

and considered property

to be bought and sold as slaves.

Next come the Asians.

These are not subservient

but considered smart 

and sans a spendthrift lifestyle.

They are tops in class, independent

and family-oriented.

They are not considered as slaves

nor a danger to the country

nor a virus

although the Virus triggered this

hollow-cause against them.

This cause is now called hate.

And this is not triggered by color

and social standing.

This is triggered by,

among other things,


And initiated by the same class–


Or whom we now call


(again I say to the minorities–arm yourselves)

500 years with Christ

Filipinos get 500 treats from the Vatican

as Pope Francis celebrates Holy mass

for the community.

500th Anniv.mp4


It was promised

that millions of Filipinos

will pray for Pope Francis.

And a whole lot of these people

have actually witnessed

the power of prayer.

The Ugly American



The Ugly American.mp4

The Ugly American.mpg

American History X

American History X,mp4

American History X,mpg

The Quiet Man

The Duke

would rather say it

with his dukes.

Quiet Man.mpg

Quiet Man.mp4

Trip To Iraq

The trip of Pope Francis to Iraq

was very successful.

The Iraqis are enchanting people.

Their music, entrancing.

Stalled Reaction

The US Senate investigates why the deployment

of the National Guard to protect the Capitol was delayed.

In my opinion, those in command are Trump appointees

and one would expect them to refrain from stopping a crowd

which was induced by Trump to march towards the capitol.

I would suggest an independent security for the capitol

for the same reason as having the independent security 

for the White House.

Sink Holes

If you enter the term “climate change”

in the search box above,

this site will open into several posts

regarding greenhouse effect.

I still agree on the carbon dioxide theory 

of climate change but I still say this is not

the only thing that affects the weather.

Now, again consider this :

Even if the consumption of fossilized fuel

has been drastically reduced as a consequence of

this pandemic,

the climate still changes drastically.

And I say again the earth has wobbled on its axis.

So much oil has been pumped out from the earth

that its center of gravity,

or to be more specific,

its center of rotation

has shifted.

The wobble has now become more pronounced.

Even if the sea water sips in to occupy the space vacated

its specific gravity will be different than that of oil.

And the wobble will continue.

As a result, the ice cap melts when it comes closer to the sun.

Warmer temperatures will be experienced in the Polar regions.

Floods will come and snow will fall in areas where it should not.

In some particular regions where underground water

reservoir empties towards the vacated oil spots,

underground caverns will result,

and sink holes will occur in a seemingly impossible event.

Fracking vacates more earth space than can be imagined.

Think about it.


The V-Shot

Got my vaccine shot this Sunday.


I was with a whole bunch of old people.

And I pride myself as belonging to the youth!


Anyway, the arm hurt for a while,

could not raise it so I took Advil gelcap.

It worked.

But remember, the vaccine contains the covid-19 virus

but only in a weakened state that is guaranteed

for the human body to kill it and at the same time

develop immunity against any of the virus coming in.

The body just learns to prepare its defense.

So the body feels the pain first as it counteracts the virus.