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Who said this—


“My loyalty to my party ends

where my loyalty to my country begins”


Texas Catastrophe

Whom to blame?

It is normal for us

not to blame the weather for the natural disasters

that we experience.


Because calamities due to weather occur naturally.

We blame people instead

because people are the ones who can alleviate

or reduce the effects of these disasters to our sufferings.

The Texans have just pointed the blame to the owners of the

power company that failed to generate the emergency electricity

required to combat the cold freeze.

The power grid, or that station that distributes power

failed considerably.

Now, power generating stations produce more power than

necessary to supply its customers.

In those times when the demand is bigger than the station

can produce, it looks for another supply from another region.

This requires a power sharing agreement with the others.

This sharing is an automatic connection between power grids.

Texas has its own power grid and does not share power with

other generating stations.

So therefore there was not any other power grid to get

the emergency electricity from. 

This power sharing was not adopted because the cold freeze

of this magnitude was not expected in Texas.

Consequently, the advanced windmill generators also froze

due to lack of anti-cold synthetic oil transmission gear systems

plus automatic heaters inside the windmills.

But then again, the weather has changed its habits these days.

Warm regions are having snowfalls,

Cold regions have experienced ice melts.

There must be something else that is causing this climate change.

And I daresay it is not merely a greenhouse effect.

My next post may blow your wits off

when I suggest the other cause for this weather tantrums.



Dirt Castle

The Texas Disaster

Who or what is really to blame for this debacle?

The Power Grid?

The state government?

The green Project?

Or what else?

Whatever it is, there is no sense arguing about it.

People should shut up.

Lashing at one another will not solve the problem.

The Texans are suffering.




There goes the banana tree plant—


I did say that whatever happens to the impeachment trial

the Republican Party would be in chaos.

More so when Trump promises to proceed with

what he has in mind.

People just got more scared.

More so with the minority groups.

After all they voted down Trump.

Him and his white supremacist supporters

now look upon the minority groups with condescension

and even vengeance.

A whole lot of those senators who voted to acquit Trump.

have inalienable ties with him.

They owe him their positions in politics and would never have

secured any other line of work asides from politics,

Serves them right. 

Now the banana Republican Party will sink with 

hostilities among its members.

It will not be a surprise

if there will be 

a party within the party.

As for Trump, he may now

claim that he belongs to history.

(or what’s  left of him after the IRS)

(better for the minority groups to start arming themselves)


Congress VS. Parliament

We now witness the sad story

of Congress being attacked by a mob

incited by the Head of the Government.

This could not happen

in a Parliamentary form of government

where the head of the government,

the Prime Minister,

is actually confronted

by the opposition party

inside the Parliament.

The PM will surely not incite a mob

to attack the Parliament

where he also sits.

Two thumbs up

and a skip of the rope for Parliament.

(more ills coming up)

The Republican Quandary

And so, after going thru the motions

of defending Trump,

the defense team now faces a Senate approval

of allowing witnesses on the stand.

These witnesses that

The House Impeachment Managers will call

would be those who would declare that

Trump did not incite them

on a mere “peaceful” protest only

and not a door and glass-breaking riot.

After all, Trump is already disowning them

as a mob that he did not incite.

The quandary of the witnesses is actually

a Republican quandary,

The party is now being labeled as a white supremacist

fascist party by none other than the minority groups,

or those groups that actually voted down Trump.

As I said,

whatever happens, the damage has been done!

Unless the Republicans

 disentangle themselves

of Trump and his white supremacists,

the whole country will be thrown into a struggle

between the white supremacists

and the minorities.

Second Impeachment

The House Managers

for the impeachment of Trump

are doing A-OK.

But I say again

whatever happens

the damage has been done.

America is now in a volatile atmosphere.

In this Impeachment Trial alone

some Senators will vote from fear.

Only a few will vote from passion.

And thereafter, the Republican Party

will completely sink out of sight.

On the other hand people will come out

to praise Biden’s $1400 handout as heaven sent.







I am cancelling this announcement!

I find no need to sell this site.

There is a sudden jump of hits to this site.

76,000 viewed hits for January, 2021

as against 125,000 hits from robot browsers.

coming from Europe and the Middle East.

The email address is still open, though.

But you have to give me an offer that I cannot refuse.

Warning : There is a lot of domain names

attempting to duplicate the name “coolambo”.

{This website

Shrapnel off The Wall


may be sold to anybody or any group

if the offer is right.}

Email me at


It seems that when we get into trouble

we broadcast our rights which,

to be more specific, our rights as promulgated

by the Constitution.

From which we cry out—-AMENDMENTS.

Here is the amendment which has become controversial

and which history can say that it has saved the country.

to wit; The right to bear arms.

Of course, the thing is the government control

of private people bearing arms.

Like this one girl that looks impregnable

what with the weapon she carries.



She holds a model Z-IAR 850 RPM semi or full auto rifle

that fires .223 Remington cartridges

and is an improvement over the M249.


  (from Tactical Girls calendar Feb 2013)

The Republican Rigodon

And so, with no one sturdy shoulder to lean to,

the Republicans start a rigodon of no fixed partners.

it’s a shame.

The one leader they put up as President

messed up the country

and their pride, mostly,

when the Trump rioters went after them, too.

And now the infighting in the US Congress

has made the place more exciting to behold

than the brawling in the Japanese Diet.

The Republicans may need one clean,

sterilized somebody to raise the standard of unity.

Otherwise, a third political party may arise

from the melee.

(next : weapons)