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Comes now a topic where people get confused,

and still some take advantage of.

Let me explain.

This post will emphasize

that there is no such thing as pro-abortion

nor such a thing as pro-life when used as a rule.

But there is such a thing as morality.

Abortion is killing,

no argument on this.

It is a free choice,

still no argument on this.

But it shall remain a free choice of the

woman concerned. 

She may ask the doctor for advice

but it is still remains her choice.

Notice that I did not mention

religion nor politics

as factors concerning her choice.

What I am trying to say is that

this is an individual matter 

requiring an individual choice

and should not concern the public.

It should be noted that it is immoral

to have an abortion for the sake of having one,

or for covering up a mistake.

It is not immoral if the the process will save

the mother’s life.

In this case, abortion is now pro-life.

The terms pro-life and pro-abortion

should not be used for political purposes.

These are mentioned merely to profit

from somebody else’s mistake

and should not be used as a general rule.

The South

There was that time when the South

was the breadbasket of America.

It produced most of the food for the North.

So much so that the failure of the Southern crops

spell depression for the whole of the country.

And then there came that time when the South

needed more labor to man the fields

and so they got this labor from Africa.

And so started that time when America

fell into a sad story.

It was merry at first,

what with riverboats on the ol’ man river,

and fences to be painted white,

frogs jumping in the long hot summer,

romance was in the southern air.

The South held the American enterprise

while the North held its conscience.

The cabin of Uncle Tom held African slaves

that provided unpaid labor 

for the Colonels of the South.

Comes now the conscience of the North

in the person of Abe Lincoln,

himself a Southerner with an emancipating heart.

In this situation comes General Grant who ceased

hauling wood in buckboards to re-enlist

and win battles for the North

including the final one.

After this the enterprise of the South

went with the wind to end up with the North.

The South now becomes the conscience of America,

smarting with its loss

and grumbling with heavy hearts,

and skinned heads and pointed hats.

In time, this nationalistic pride turned to 

a Southern pride under the guise of white supremacist.

Presently, as the West becomes more profitable

and the East becomes more powerful

the South looms as one mutinous force that could

be sparked by one single rabble-rouser

who could trumpet the rude realization

that Uncle Tom could actually

vote in an American President.

(And here we go)

Impeachment Statute?

It looks like the GOP of the South

seek to prevent the second impeachment of Trump

for the sole reason that his term of office has expired

and he is now a private citizen.


The term of office is no statute for impeachment

as long as the articles have been approved

before Trump became a private citizen and

that the articles contain

a charge of fomenting rebellion

against a separate branch of government,

plus the petition to disqualify Trump from serving

as a government employee.

But frankly, I believe that whatever  happens

in this trial, it would not matter.

The damage is done.

Deep pride has risen from all points

of the country which may again repeat Lincoln’s

“Four scores and seven years ago,

our forefathers ended it with

a trial by combat”

(Heaven forbid...)



i will throw you a curv-ini

hope you can catch it.

It will be in multi-linguini

and some of it is tabingi.

Some presidente I forget who,

is deadly-determinado to prove

le electione is kaput because he knows

it was rigged so he would win.

El vittorio bandera is supposed to be his

nada con duda,

Bringing to mind some certain Navalny,

despues being wined and dined en allemagna

but presently under le carabinieri for being

drunk with something ala morphini.

El peboretissimo amigo of both el presidente 

and Navalny whose name is Giuliani,

a name to ring Paganini’s La campanella

little bells on Three Kings Day of Enero,

the day of Combat,

comes out stronger than espresso

to sabe andale, andale a kapitolyo.

I do not know whether you can make heads or tails

of this script I just scribbled under the influence.

If it did, boy, you’re good!


The American South

That region known in American history

as the South

goes to a serious meditation,

a more serious meditation today.

The Confederate flag flashes into the picture.

The recent events have added fire to

the smoldering  pride of the region.

And the calls for unification are being ignored.

The rest of the Union should take serious note

that Abe Lincoln,

greatest of the great Americans,

did not completely unify the country.

He failed to put out the Southern fire.

One keeps wondering why the Washington Capitol,

erstwhile the impregnable fortress of Democracy,

was breached by the same people

whose blood was shed to protect it.

Hell, NO, is heard,

we won’t go!

Rites of The Church

The question now arises

from the adherents of the Catholic Church

in that some beliefs like transubstantiation

in the Holy Eucharist, baptism, sacraments,

and etc., be included in the Credo.

Those that I mentioned are literally rites

of the Church and these belong to 

its catechism.

These are actually included in the

“belief in the Holy Catholic Church.”

When one believes in the Holy Catholic Church

one also believes in its rites, liturgies, and sacraments.

This belief is as sweeping

as the Holy Catholic Church is.

No need to include the specifics.

When one buys a Big Mac

no need to specify the beef.


Islam Indefensible

It appears that from the relentless battering

by its opponents in the internet,

Islam has become indefensible.

The constant critiques against the Qu’ran

and the prophet Mohammed is doing its toll.

The points against the Muslim religion

remain unanswered by any of its proponents.

It seems that the constant information

aired in the media effectively re-educates the

adherents of this religion

most specially those with weak faith.

If no Muslim scholar will debate in public

to counter the internet assault,

this religion, or whatever it is called now,

will end up in stagnation

till all its Imams die away.


Outside The Wire


Outside The Wire.mp4

Outside The Wire.mpg

The Apostle’s Creed

Every religion, or faith,

worships a god; or a chief god,

if there are lesser ones.

Different faiths have different gods,

described as unseen, untouched,

omnipotent and hungry for adoration.

All these different gods may be treated

as one and the same for all religions and all faiths.

Otherwise, with all the power attributed to them,

they would most certainly fight among each other,

if only to have more people to worship them.

This may mean that there is only one and the same god.

(the others are false or imaginary)

And this god does not mind what liturgy, or prayers,

or ceremony and practices the people use

as long as they pray to him.

Under this arrangement, there is discipline, and order,

and control of the peoples in this world.

One thing though, if on Judgement day,

and if this god decides

that the way some souls worship him

is not to his liking,

“Oh Shucks!”

would be the favorite (and last) expression

of these souls for that day.


What follows is the Apostle’s Creed,


of the universal Roman Catholic Church, 

and which is commonly called,

the “I believe…”


Apostle’s Creed

I believe in God,
the Father Almighty,
Creator of heaven and earth,
and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died and was buried;
He descended into hell;
on the third day He rose again from the dead;
He ascended into heaven,
and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
from there He will come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the Holy Catholic Church,
the communion of Saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and life everlasting.


Every religion or faith,

valid, original, pagan, false, copied or for profit

should have its own credo,

otherwise the group is simply a crowd,


Quo Vadis Republicans

Your party is sinking,


where do you go from here?

You have been duped.

You are made to believe that

the election was stolen

and you are not even told how?

Your inalienable ties with Trump

and the Aryan Supremacists

have stifled your tongues

and you look bewildered.

You have yet to realize that whatever

 vote you make 

on this second impeachment trial

will not change anything.

The important vote was in the

first impeachment trial

the result of which started the demise

of your party.

You should have your party renamed 

the Banana Republican Party

or more descriptively

the Nationalist Republican Party.


Can Trump Pardon Himself?

Referring to his upcoming

second impeachment trial,

Trump can pardon only a person who is guilty.

(by common sense)

Now, if he is found guilty by this trial,

he is impeached

and therefore he loses the presidency

and consequently his powers to pardon.

Get it?

The Word

The Word

In the Beginning was The Word
And The Word was with God
And the Word was God.

Three verses
the meaning of which would be the same
if these are read in any order.
The three items of significance are
Beginning, Word, and God.
OF these, much confusion is focused
on the word WORD.
WORD, by definition, means EXPRESSION.
An expression by God and of God is divine
since God is divine.
And since there is only one divine item
which is God,
the WORD therefore is also God.
Now the Word of God,
which is also God,
refers to Jesus,
the Son of God,
the Expression of God.

No doubt!

Going Bananas

The Republican Party

may now be officially called

the Banana Republican Party.

Poor Losers

Rabble rousers

ugly Americans

make America  great

in riots and street protests.

Freedom of Expression

is their weapon.

Brown Shirts

is their uniform.

They have so much time on their hands.

They should work to harvest bananas

in July.



The Exorcist

The Devil did not make you do it.

He does it himself.

If he gets in you.

God does not destroy.

HE does not kill.

Mother Nature does.

And so does man.

Unless God interferes.

But HE does not have to.

Man is shielded even before 

there is the need to exorcize.

Find out how.


The Exorcist.mp4

The Exorcist.mpg

The Fallen Angels

The Fallen Angels

The term “Fallen” might be a misnomer,
because they did not actually fall from
God’s grace the same way that happened
to Adam and Eve after Lucifer’s temptation.
They were most probably disgruntled that
God would preoccupy most of HIS time
to the care of Adam and Eve.
So much was this jealousy that their aim
was to prove to God that that Adam and Eve
could  not be faithful to God due to their weak
human nature.
They still do their angelic functions, though,
but not as diligent as before the Banishment.
This disgruntlement turned to mutiny when
God actually instilled in the Virgin Mary the
makings of what would be the baby Jesus.
However, these mutinous angels came around
after God declared that this Jesus is HIS Son
in whom HE is well pleased.
Realizing that Jesus is GOD HIMSELF in human form,
they went back to the diligent service with God.
And LO, they were actually given the assignment
of guarding each and every human
one angel to each,
for the whole lifetime of each.
And thus was started the guardianship of man
by a multitude of angels.
There are angels who did not recover from
the Mutiny, and are still afflicted with tremendous
jealousy from what is their unrequited love for God.
Evil is now on their minds.
They are now to be called devils, not angels.
And their chosen weapon against man—
—-Possession of the Human Body.
And thus is devised a counter-weapon,

(And so goes the love story of Jesus.)

The X Commandment

And therefore i give you

another commandment

The X Commandment—-

There is no Allah

but GOD!



City of Angels

If you happen to talk to an angel

hey, you may have been one of them.

City of Angels.mp4

City of Angels.mpg


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Sam Shamoun

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America The Beautiful


America, The Beautiful

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

O beautiful for pilgrim feet,
Whose stern, impassioned stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness!
America! America!
God mend thine every flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law!


I have yet to find in this hymn

the contribution that the American people

give to the beauty of America. 

Cal and Aaron

Cal and Aaron

might as well have been titled
Cain and Abel.
But this story is not about Good and Evil.
It is about Good and Bad
and the changes that goes in between.
While it is true that God does not destroy
and HE does not kill there is that possibility
that HE may not even punish.
For why would he maim or hurt those which
are the created images of HIMSELF?
More so, if HE is truly the God of Mercy,
HE will shower boundless forgiveness unto Man.
I am guessing that God is still bewildered by
the unpredictability of Man with his free will.
Sometimes Man is good, most times he is bad.
God knows that Man is not evil, though, and
HE knows that Man will come around
given time and the right amount of love.
Love changes everything
and because of this, God may postpone,
or may even altogether forego
HIS Day of Judgement.

This story depicts the interplay between Good and Bad
and the Love that changes everything.



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