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Chapter 6 The Divine Plan

The Divine Plan

God’s Plan for the Redemption
was conceived after the Fall from Grace
of Adam and Eve which removed
the Providential Protection from Paradise.
However, with Man’s unpredictable nature
and his tendency to corrupt himself,
this Divine Plan needed modifications.
Firstly, the whole kaboodle must be cleansed.
The Great Water Deluge slooshed in to Paradise
and Noah had to save the rest of the creatures.
God instructed him to select pairs of the moving creatures
to save in his Ark, distinctly emphasizing PAIRS.
They have to be in pairs so that when two are gathered
in the midst of them would be God, and not Lucifer.
Ultimately, the Ark settled in a place called Eden
where God planned to propagate the world with
Abraham’s brood.

(Notice that this story is out of whack
when it comes to chronology.
This is told in God’s viewpoint, and as so,
time is not under strict consideration
since it does have no bearing
where God is concerned.
After all, wasn’t HE the one that said
“I  AM even before Abraham”
Also, this is not gospel, because I will not be able
to go back that far in time to start one.)

Now where were we?
Oh yes, Abraham.
He is the one who begot a son with Hagar,
the maid servant of his wife, Sarah.
He named this one Ishmael,
and he was sired with Sarah’s consent.
This would make Ishmael legitimate.
But not in God’s eyes.
HE has emphatically  pointed out that
those selected in the Ark would be in PAIRS.
Ishmael, therefore, is a bastard son.
So HE sent Ishmael and Hagar away to
East of Eden
where illicit sex and overpowering lust abound
specifically within Sodom and Gomorrah.
And then Abraham now had a son called Isaac.
God then put Abraham to another test of obedience.
He has to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to God,
a sacrifice which God aborted in time.
So now Abraham’s brood propagated in the land
West of Eden where God again subjected it
under HIS Providential Protection.
HIS Divine Plan continues to unfold to where it
culminates in HIS going down to West of Eden
to personally teach them how to obey HIM
and mostly to worship HIM and to love HIM.
But the lingering thought comes now
that these people failed to worship HIM because
they do not understand what would happen if they
do not worship HIM.
They still do not know why they should worship HIM.
Lucifer was right, these people are being pampered.
HE has provided them with everything they need
West of Eden, and in Paradise, too.
They have taken things for granted.
So HE decided to show the unfortunate things
that would befall them should they forget about HIM
and the good things that would bring them
should they show HIM their supplication.
Consequently, harm and good came to them
in events as told in the Old Testament wherein God
exhibited powers and miracles and communicated
with his chosen Prophets.
These Prophets will actually advise God how to make the
ultimate Redemption of mankind and the idea of Jesus.
But first will come the ultimate Prophet,
or he who will present what Jesus will teach—-
The Ten Commandments.
Lately included in these commandments is the one that reads
“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife”
which is reminiscent of Ishmael.


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The BURQA, To Wear Or Not To Wear

The Burqa, To Wear Or Not To Wear

To the Muslim women
to make less of their whining —
wearing the Burqa is simply
not a major decision
were it not to involve your family
nor your religion.
To wear or not to wear the Burqa
involves arguments brought about by
human rights, religious requirements,
social implications and government laws.
Oftentimes, these arguments do not matter
and may be ignored as a basis for the decision.
Now, consider these :
The Burqa may be worn in public
in countries wherein the state religion is Islam,
but not in countries which do not recognize Islam
as a state religion, or even those countries without
any state religion.
Human Rights and the Freedom of Expression
do not apply in countries where majority rules to ban it.
The Burqa may be worn in social functions of
Muslims, and also in religious functions and rites
of Islam, but only in such exclusive functions.
Wearing the Burqa under the visible public annoyance
is simply forcing the recognition of the religion that it
stands for.
Wearing this may not invoke the right of
the freedom of religion,
the freedom of expression,
nor the person’s human rights.
It merely represent the forcible imposition to the public
of a rule that is recognized only in separate religious circles.
Islam is a religion,
not a Political Institution.
The Burqa is an Islam Article
not a Constitution Article.
if there be any whining from Muslim women
let them be heard in the mosques
not in the courts.
Anyway, what grievous harm would it do
to the Women of Islam
if the Burqa is forsaken?
An Islamic lashing for being a disbeliever?
Divorce? Abducted children?


(Render unto Islam what is under Islam, render unto France what is under France)


The Land Called Canaan

The Hebrews, now called the Jews,
starred in the Christian Holy Bible,
particularly and exclusively
in the Old Testament.
They starred in those pages
being called the Chosen people of God.
That is, until the Messiah came
in the form if Jesus.
Naturally, which Jew would agree that
the Messiah has come to supplant Judaism.
Anyhow, they became wanderers.
To Egypt first which was a very bad experience.
Thence to the Land of Milk and Honey
where manna from Heaven just floats down
to sustain them.
Somehow, from one flaw or another
the manna stopped coming down
and God cuts off further communication with them.
So they were forced to move out again
in search of manna,
now colloquially termed as money.
This land was vacated and was taken over by
people now called Palestinians.
After another bad experience in Europe,
the compassionate peoples of the world gathered them
and formed an exodus back to the land
of olives and oranges called Israel.
At the same time expelling the Palestinians
from their homes and lands from the land called Israel.
the Wandering Jews are now there to stay.
But a lot has happened–
one particular place is held holy
by other religions.
This place is called Jerusalem
and the people that establishes this place as its capital
will have all the rights to build an army around it
and hold all political authority of the lands
adjacent to it.
And thus now you know the root cause
of the conflict in the land called Israel.

Behold now the sad plight of the world
in this land called Israel
caused by the Jews’ incessant greed
for that manna
that made them desert this place called Israel.
Another lesson from God’s Divine Plan.


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Chapter 5 The Trinity

The Trinity

As the name implies, it is a trio
or three persons, which gives it
the controversy among religious circles,
particularly among the adversarial groups
that seek to bring down Christianity.
The ensuing debates usually involve verses
in the Bible, inviting interplay of semantics.
Impassioned exchanges of opinion usually
are seen that oftentimes do not result in
decisive conclusions.
Simple laymen’s terms could have explained
the doctrine of the Trinity better.
Now try this.
the customary explanation for the the Trinity
is Three Persons in one.
This invites more arguments as it still implies
three people, or, to be more specific,
three individuals, or something that would refer to
Pedro, Pablo, and Juan living inside Jose,.
If, instead of referring to the Trinity
as Three Persons in One, try defining the Trinity
as three FUNCTIONS of one person.
The Holy Spirit, and God the Son, are all Functions
of God the Father.
If God the Father will disseminate Knowledge,
He will use His Function of the Holy Spirit.
The Function of God the Son He will use
in HIS Grand Plan to save the world.
Notice that in this principle, Mother Nature
now qualifies to be the Fourth Person of God,
excepting that her Function is birth and death,
not creation, which is the Function of God the Father
who holds dominion over all.
A simpler explanation of the Trinity would be a parable,
I mean, an example.
If I am the father of a household, I will be called the Cook
were I to cook the meals.
Cook is one of my functions.
I will be called a driver if I drive them to work.
Driver is another of my functions.
I am a cook, a driver, and a father,
all in one person, three different functions.
You will not see me as three different individuals.
Notice that in the Bible, the Three Persons
are not seen together doing the same Function?
There is only one of them.
Only in that event when God the Father
announces that Jesus is the Son in whom
HE is well pleased is there the instance when
these two are referred to in one scene.
But this is when Jesus was being baptized
and is yet to become the Son of Man.
By the way, when I say that God the Father does not destroy,
I meant that God the Father does not obliterate.
God did not destroy the Walls of Jericho,
HE brought it down.
God does not destroy hosts and armies,
HE prevails over them.
And one other thing—
my father named me Emmanuel.
The doctor who delivered me added
a second name, Salvador.
It has been excessively difficult to live up
to the first name.
It will be impossible to do the second one.

Chapter 4 The Chosen People

The Chosen People

So many botched offerings to HIM
has invoked the idea that there would be
a particular group of people that would be
adaptable to follow the cardinal rule
of obedience to HIS commandments.
Then HE saw this group and he liked what HE saw.
They are closely-knit within the family
and with the neighbors.
What is more, they are persevering, industrious,
uncomplaining, obedient, give much adoration
to the father and to the mother, and give gratitude
to whatever entity provided the food on the table.
But what is most—-these people grow their own food
and not raid from others;
even accomplishing what was impossible to do :
make the desert bloom.
Truly amazed is God and Mother Nature.
It is good to communicate with this people, say God,
and HE may even talk to them personally, as one of them.
But this is getting ahead of our story.
Anyway, at present day, even after the changes in liturgy,
the Jews are still HIS Chosen People;
notwithstanding the fact that this people were the ones
that had HIM crucified
and then abandoned the Promised Land.
After all HE has said lovingly,
“They do not know what they are doing.”


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Jesus, A Love Story Chapter 3 The Lucifer Test

Chapter 3 The Lucifer test

All three, Lucifer, Adam and Eve
would have been destroyed
but God needed them further.
Besides, God does not destroy.
Mother Nature does destroy what she births.
Unless God interferes.
Mother nature should have been called
the Fourth Person of God, the reasons for which
should require another chapter
maybe even another topic.
God, however, punishes all those who disobeys
and all three were given their just deserts
for what is now called sin against God.
Eve mothered Abel and Cain who, in their effort
to please God thru sacrifice offerings screwed it up
and ended up with brother killing brother.
God now realizes that by instituting free will to all
Man and Angels, He has no way of knowing what
these would do in the future.
For instance, if HE had not stopped Abraham in time,
he would have sacrificed his own son to pass HIS test..
So HE allowed Lucifer to tempt Man.
If Man does what Lucifer entices him to do
then man fails the test and Man falls from His grace.
This is God’s Lucifer Test.
At times, however, Lucifer gets carried away
and enters Man’s body to possess his soul.
In this case, Man gets to sin so bad that his body
deserves this satanic possession.

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Jesus, A Love Story Chapter 2 The Image

Chapter 2 The Image

God now proceeds to fashion an image of Himself
or a creation which feelings he can feel
which words he can understand
which can reason out the way He can.
Male or female?
He cannot give birth
He can create.
He needs to feel the love between mother and child.
Creating a mother would result to giving this mother
the power to create, or that of a father.
He must therefore create a father, or a male.
And from this male he will create, not give birth,
a female mother.
And so, gathering clay, he spits on it and breathes on
it the life of a father,
the spitting image of Himself,
only the spitting image of Himself
sans the power to create.
From this image comes a rib
which He now fashions to be a mother.
Created now are people
whom we name as Adam and Eve and,
as he fashioned, look exactly like His angels
and being so he expects them to worship and
obey Him just like His angels do.
Adam and Eve inhabit the blue planet but under His
Providential Protection
exactly in that locality known as Paradise.
He laid down the first rule, one of obedience to his rule,
the first of which is not to touch the Tree of Life,
or that Tree which gives birth.
The second rule is to worship Him and to love Him
without compulsion, them now having given free choice.
But one of his angels named Lucifer,
himself being granted free will,
has now become jealous of the new creations
getting more attention from Him.
Lucifer enticed Adam and Eve to exercise their own free will
and savor the Tree of Life.
God was furious,
and He removed His Providential Protection from them
and thereafter they had to do work to sustain their lives.
This event is what we call the Fall From Grace
and is where the love story of Jesus actually begins.

Jesus, A love Story chapter 1

Jesus, A Love Srory
Chapter 1 The Beginning

Before the Beginning was the Void.
Empty as it seems it contains the Heavens
and the Firmament, which moved faster than
the speed of light that rendered them invisible
until God points a finger to one of the particles
and this slowed it down to visibility
bringing with it the rest of what is left.
And thusly did matter materialized
into one big bang.
And then there was light.
God saw this was a better sight
glancing even to one attractive blue planet
which seem to be restless with creatures that quiver
ever so restlessly.
And God proceeded to calm them down,
providing some with gills and fins and snouts,
others with beaks and wings,
others with fangs and furs,
still others with hands and feet.
Better still, to continue this work,
He provided them with a caretaker
who would provide all these things continuously
according to their needs.
He called this entity, Mother Nature, and hencforth
all things that give birth will be called Mother and,
in this case, will be responsible for evolution;
unless God comes in to speed things up.
And this He did when, returning eons later
after completing His Grand Design of
comets, and galaxies, and planets elsewhere,
one activity in this Blue Planet caught His Divine Eye
—-one haired creature nursing a smaller one
and looking at it with tender, caring eyes
and the smaller one touching her cheek
while looking at her eyes so trustingly.
For all the infinite instances of being God,
He has never witnessed anything like this
much less feel what it is like to be loved.
He has all the Angels to care for His needs
or even love Him, but they never can love Him
this way without compulsion.
The Angels are all compelled to love Him because
they are His creations.
He thought it must be more Godly to be loved
by something which is not compelled to do so.
In one Heavenly, impossible instant, God desires
to learn something from His Creation,
but not from something which does not have a choice.
From this desire to learn and be loved without compulsion
comes His one great decree—-

the Granting of Free Will to His Creations.

After which the Light shone even brighter than before.

Simplifying God

We still don’t get it.

With all the scholars, philosophers, scientists

and brilliant thinkers that we fielded on  the problem,

we still don’t get it.

We never should have started on it—

deciphering God.

From all these debates and seminars dealing with God

we have proven that the more we analyze God

the more we fall short.

It has been so, and God made it so,

because he has created us only as an image of Himself

not a carbon copy of Himself.

Doing so would have Him face billions

of strange Gods before Him,

having unlimited thinking capacity

like Him.

We do not realize

that God has revealed Himself to us

in simple words

or words that we can understand.

Foolish as we are these words we translate

in complex verses.

We can understand Him better

if we use simple terms,

layman’s terms.

Let us start with Jesus,

Himself is God’s Word,

meaning God’s Expression.

Now an expression of God which is Divine

would also be divine.

But if we are to continue with Jesus in simple terms

we would realize that the story of Jesus

is actually a love story

told by God communicating to us

in words that we understand.

Let us therefore tell the story of Jesus again

this time in simple words.



Reluctant Saint

No read no write Joseph of Cupertino

provides the simplest explanation for the Trinity.





Depicted here are miracles,


and exorcism.

The Holy Books

Compared to the Quran

the Bible is more complicated

and lots more difficult to manipulate,

if you know what I mean.

The Bible is more arguable being based 

on validated facts.

Validating Quran, however,

 requires more excuses than arguments.

being dictated by a single person

who possess second-hand information from Allah

who has to have an intermediary to relay messages

to Mohammed.

The Quran, 

written by scribes not Mohammed,

is therefore a third-hand information from Allah.

Worse thing to consider

is that Mohammed does not seem to have

the privilege of having an audience with Allah

who refused to talk to him directly.

He now can denigrate himself to what he describes

as the lowliest creature on earth.

He may not even have the license

to speak for Allah.

But I am not a messenger of God,

so these words of mine

cannot be considered as gospel.



Muslim Crowd Dispersal

There is no more unruly a crowd than a Muslim crowd.

Their minds are washed

then filled with tunneled ideas.

No logic there, no sane reasoning,

just temper.

How does one control an unruly crowd?

An unruly Muslim crowd?

Spray them with a mixture of pork oil and water.

See how fast they disperse.

They may actually break up the protest.

Just make sure that the Muslims have been forewarned

before you start spraying.

It would be unholy for you not to warn them first.

In fact, to deter terrorist acts,

splash pork oil mixture on their dead bodies

and publicize what has been done.

The ultimate deterrent

is to wrap them in pork skin.

But this item is hard to find

since pork skin is processed to a delicacy called


(or use pork fat, even pork bouillon cubes)