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Wrath of God

I did guess that the Wrath of God is forthcoming.

But I never thought it would be this soon.

Analogous to biting the hand that has given him a refuge,

a Muslim beheaded a teacher close to the school where he teaches.

All at once the French community threw out a slew of scrutiny,

analyses, and criticism of the religion that bears him.

The negative arguments that slammed the Muslims are so variegated

and diffused such that the clerics are overwhelmed. 

As the social tirade sinks in, realization comes forth

that the Holy Book Quran is simply a sloppy imitation of the Bible

and that its prophet did not live a life of holiness,

and that the fastest growing religion that is Islam,

is actually growing fast in apostasy.

It has been said :

Beware ye of false prophets.

It is now being said:

Beware ye false prophets.

The Wrath is at hand.



The Hand of God.

he is named Emmanuel

to mean God With Us.

His name is chanted in hymns and prayers

come Christmas Day—

Rejoice, rejoice

To Thee shall come the Lord Emmanuel.

God will unshackle the women in chains!

And bind in Hell the false prophets

who by methods of deceit

seek to subjugate the world.

Unhand the women

or suffer the Wrath of God.


Liberated Muslim


Liberated Muslim.mp4

Liberated Muslim.mpg


Islam is a good religion

It is one of peace.

The problem with this is the Muslims.

They seem to live in a box

and programmed to stay in this box.

This one is liberated, educated, and reformed.

What is more, this one does not blow her top

when confronted with questions about her religion.

How to solve the terrorist problem?


Any such terrorist action 

gets them locked out from Heaven.

How can this be done?

Search the Quran

for that one huge commandment.

No St. Peter here with his key

nor a Pope with Excommunication.

Nor a Caliph that controls the Gates of Heaven

Just search, OK?

And then anybody can do this!

Prince Valiant

On Screen is Hal Foster;s Masterpiece—


Prince Valiant.mp4

Great Pretender

By being crowned Speaker

by the supposedly intelligent House Representatives

in a rogue meeting outside of  Congress,

Lord Velasco now assumes the title of

Pretender to the Speakership.

I did mention that a FULL CONGRESS

can change the Speaker,

but this is to be done in an election

WITHIN Congress.

If this same Congress has been prorogued by

Speaker Cayetano

as has been to the present, 

then Congress is deemed adjourned temporarily

and will be incapable of holding

official meetings or promulgate decisions.

Now, The President holds a Branch of Government

which is separate from the other two Branches of Government,

and it is not his business to intrude on the other two,

notwithstanding the threat of his

Anti-terrorism law.

Whether the rogue Representatives have the numbers or not,

putting its own Speaker should be done inside the premises

of Congress, within the duration of Legislative processes,

and with the required number of members in attendance.


kahiya-hiya kayo

Naturing pa naman kayong husto na sa idad!


Para kayong mga bata!


Shared Speakership Term

No such thing…

In a government of the people,


whom the people lay down,

apply to the Speaker.

The people choose the Speaker,

in effect.

And unless the people agree on any shared term

any such agreement between Congressmen

is illegal.

The Speaker’s term is fixed.

Unless a full Congress says differently.

(From top to bottom

this country will go to the dogs

if they do not stop

thinking like dogs.)