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Vera Cruz


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Wowowee June 2009


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For Whom The Bell Tolls

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For whom the bell tolls?

It tolls for thee.


(2 + hours, ffwd on intermission)


Asian rites and traditions

are displayed here

with sincerity and 





The Red Baron


Baron Manfred Von Ricthtofen

became the most famous  ace in WW I

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And here we go again 

with the mangle-o-mania.

Lots of gigabytes again.


Here comes the firewall again.






The Eagle

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The Warlord

He owns the village

and everybody in it.


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Culling The Human Race

Culling the human race?

I do not believe that this event has happened yet.

If it has, nobody has mentioned it.

What is culling, anyway?

I understand that culling means the elimination

of some members of a group or species so that the

remaining number will have better chances of living.

Take the open season for deer as an example.

Hunting for a limited number of deer ensures

that the others will have food available for the winter.

But culling does not necessarily mean the reduction

of the population of a group.

If so, then  the world wars can be called culling.

NOT SO, because the world wars had protagonists

that comprise a conflict. 

Culling does not require a conflict.

Wars engaged by empires may not be called culling

since the purpose is to gain territory and not to preserve lives.

Also, the killing of people for the sake of reducing their numbers

is not culling.

It is genocide.

Raids by barbaric hordes  for looting is not culling

because the purpose is merely to acquire things.

But what about the Great Deluge that involved Noah?

Now this can be argued as culling,

depending on how you look at it.

Also, the flood was not initiated by humans.

What about the Black Plague that killed thousands

from both sides of the continent?

This event may also be termed as

culling the human race.

What about the Covid-19?

It is still culling and killing millions of humans,

the old, the weak, the fat, and the disobedient.

Think about it.

By the bye,

old people say, 

that when disastrous events occur,

always can be seen in the sky,

a comet.


The Anti-Terrorism Law

This law would be ridiculous, absurd,

and would represent a complete surrender of

everything that is free.

To explain:

The word Terrorism has yet to be defined.

Its definition lays down the offense against it.

Terrorism is a frame of mind.

To make it a crime it would require a completion

of an act of public disturbance,

plus the intention to terrorize,

plus the admission of the crime, 

if there be any. 

Without any of these requisites,

the act of public disturbance can be defined simply

as a trouble-making act.

And the Anti-Terrorism Law is simply dismissed

as the Anti-Troublemaking  Law

Think of the serious consequences of this law—

It will not be the perpetration of the act itself

that would make this law ridiculous.


that is dangerous to the welfare of the people.

People can be hauled to jail for anything suspicious,

or even for anything that is harmless,

like playing with an imitation weapon or stalking.

We should bear in mind that nobody

can read the mind to discover the intentions

of would-be terrorists.

Ergo, suspicion is not proof of one’s intentions.


While the rest of the world is trying to dismantle

their police force,

this Anti-terrorism law will just initiate

a police state

where nothing rules but the police.


Lotto 649 Results

for Aug 12 2020

16, 24, 27, 43, 48, 49, B=39


And I was right about the probability

of either 31 or 43 coming out.


Well, back to the drawing board.



(but I hit 16, 24,  27—for two three-nos, and 6-freeplays)


Lily Pons




Lotto Tip 649 Aug 12

Not the Winning numbers,

the losing numbers.

After all, avoiding these numbers increases 

your chances of winning.

Don’t go for 1, 5, 11, 29, 38, 45, 6, 22

12, 17, 20, 30,

The numbers 31 and 43 are maybes.

How do I get these losing numbers?

There will be other posts for the answer.

Big Eyes

At first I thought that I had too much to drink,.

But then I realized that I don’t drink.

And after I gave her directions to where she was going

I did mention to her quietly

that before she goes out in public like this.

she should make sure that

she is wearing a mask.


A Blessed Naighbor

It is a blessed summer day,

I mused,

as I subserviently stood over the spot that marked

the physical distancing spot.

I was actually third in line to hit the register

at the Walmart Cashier’s plexiglass cubicle.

Some lady was holding up the line

because she was having some problems

paying with her credit card. 

It seems that the card was so new

that it has not been activated yet.

After much fuss, the tall burly lady in front of me

offered to pay  for what she bought.

This kindly gesture did not amaze me because

Canadians would do this act at the drop of a hat.

But I did slid to her and said that I would have enjoyed

that much privilege if she happened to be my neighbor.

The lady in trouble courteously refused the offer and

proceeded to count her cash, 

which in the end did not meet the grocery balance.

So the kindly lady in front of me ended up

paying for the balance shortage.

Before this was over, I again slid closer

and asked for her name.

She replied with that much message in her eyes—


And then I realized

that she was in truth a neighbor

and the privilege is in truth,



The Canadian Mania

This mania that afflicts Canada 

is after all not an affliction.

It is for something good, and this is actually

what Canada and the Canadians are noted for–

the desire to help people.

We Canadians may be practicing socialism

which is what that great practitioner of sanctionism

from the White House thought.

Well, this mania has put the Canadian Government

in Ottawa in trouble this third time around.

In their eagerness to help the public

by emptying the coffers of the Treasury 

to give to the people ala Robin Hood

within the fastest time possible,

the Trudeau Government

is now under fire for seemingly accepting payouts.

Whether this be true or not,

the charitable purpose is noble.

What is not good is that they did not foresee

what the public may foresee.

and that all the modes of negative opinion

were not considered.

By neglecting these factors in their decision,

the members of the Trudeau Cabinet

cannot be good Generals.

This is probably the reason why they are not in the military.