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Lady Hawke


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IL Divo London

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Clint Eastwood

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Multiplying Relatives

Lots of cousins do I have

and they multiply.

Whenever I meet someone I know

I introduce the girl that I am with

as my cousin.

My cousins, they multiply.






The Macho Mania

The slaying of Gabriel Wortman provided the RCMP

with no proof for the NS rampage because only Wortman

may say what his purpose was for the burning and the killing.

Comes again I with my out-of-this-world guesses.

Believe it or not, Wortman’s cause for derangement are CHILDREN..

Or more specifically, his inability to produce any offspring.

This provided him the mania for being macho as manifested

by his collection of RCMP-lookalike vehicles and uniform.

His shortcomings produced in him this grave frustration

and an increasing jealousy of those who are successful

in rearing children.

This was his idea of a good future for him—a good family

with good praiseworthy children.

When he was gathering his weapons, his girl friend escaped,

giving him the excuse to burn the house and the cars in anger.

The search for her brought him

to the different houses in Wentworth

where he continued his vengeful rampage.

Crossroad tale.mp4

Crossroad tale.mpg

At this point, Wortman’s thoughts are filled with guilt and

flight and doing away with those who know what his shortcoming

was, meaning those who knew that he can’t have an offspring.

These thoughts were not to be known, of course,

because he was not caught alive.

If he weren’t slain then, he would have intended to go after

the parents of the kids’ hockey team.

But what was the marked similarity between this case

and that of the Kam-Bryer?

You tell me...

(how’s that for an upstart sechoanalysis)



Four Girls



Hope and Cagney

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NS RCMP Blamed

Why blame the RCMP for the NS tragedy.

They had nothing to do with the killings.

Let them be.

They have a whole load of work to do.

Bodies have to be autopsied.

Ballistics have to be done.

Stories have to be re-examined

to make sure everything adds up.

Personally, I think that not all the stories

add up.






Vegas Divas




Four Feathers


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Heavy Metal


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Nova Scotia Shooting

Please do not believe me when I say this.

This is merely product of my swirling imagination.

I am just itching to take this off my chest.





And please do not ask me why.


Broken Lance


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Basic Instinct


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social distances….

The S.O.S

Trump suspends American funding to WHO.

With the so many excuses that was provided over the media.

It can be deciphered that he actually

is sending out an S.O.S

in the only manner he knows how.

Of course, and knowing Trump,

the world will just ignore him.

He does not have to practice isolation.

He already is isolated.

Alberta to Share PPE?

This statement will have some serious

political repercussions.

For one thing, Alberta does not have a surplus supply.

Albertans  are unable to find masks and gloves 

to buy from the pharmacists.

Even the pharmacists don’t have any for themselves.

And the Seniors’ benefits have already been reduced.

Alberta will share its surplus.


My eye,

somebody should have his eyes examined.

As I posted before, Western Canada does not need

leaders of Eastern Canadian descent.

Scheer stays!



Easter Mass


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Good Friday


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El Salon Mexico

In the movie “Fiesta”,

Ricardo Montalban wrote this piece

and upon hearing this played over the radio

he played it also in perfect synchronization

with the broadcast music.

El Salon Mexico.mp4

El Salon Mexico.mpg

This piece must have been difficult to conduct

in its entirety because it is full of syncopated rhythms..

This means that the beat falls on an unexpected timing

as is ordinary for Mexican salon music.

More difficult it must have been for the composer,

Aaron Copland, to have completed this.

Palm Sunday Mass


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Chick Point

Translation : “Beware of Chick Point”

My Take : “Only When With The Wife”


(best gimmick to stop drivers)

Tissue Cake

Here is Mon Viardo

persistently trying

to blow out the candles

of his birthday cake.

Tissue cake.mp4

Tissue Cake.mpg