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The Last Unicorn


Fantasia 2000

Fantasia 2000.mp4

Scheer Vs. Progressives

As his own party blames him for the defeat

at the last election,

Andrew Scheer hangs on as Party Leader.

And if I might put in my million-member word,

the reason why the conservatives lost is due to

the party’s own promise of cutting back on expenses.

This about scared the voters from Eastern Canada

that if the Progressives win the equalization payments

will be cut off.

Presently, there is not one member of the Progressive Party

that can replace Andrew Scheer and still secure the support

of ALL of Alberta.

However, everybody knows that the next government

will be formed by the Progressives,

aye, and there’s the rub.

Bringing Scheer down will give Alberta back to the NDP.

Remember that Alberta did not vote for the Progressive.

Alberta voted for the pipeline.

No pipeline, no Progressive.

Rachel Notley, NDP, was not re-elected as Alberta Premier

because her own NDP party member, Singh,

refuses to allow the TMX in to BC.

Do not listen much to any Quebecer’s words against Alberta.

Quebec is going down.

Alberta now know how it bleeds Canada,

Alberta mostly.

(million members?)

US Senate : A laughingstock.

I cannot but laugh at the effort

of the very distinguished, famous, honorable,

historical, champion of liberty

called the Senate of the United States

for the attempts to make laws

to be enforced in another sovereign country

which is China.

The conception of America’s Greatness is humurously 

overrated and their silly attempts to spread this idea

is turning from ridiculous to side-splitting.

I know that the Americans have a penchant

for democratizing the whole world

but making laws for the whole world?

This is absurd.

More bats in the belfry?

The Irishman

The Irishman.mp4


From Netflix comes this 3 1/2 hour movie

about an Irishman

who have more friends who are Italian

than Irish.

Curiously, this is one Irishman

who does not know how to pray.

This is a disappointment for me as regards Scorsese.

Only the first portion of the movie

have the pick-and-shoot rubouts

which is the trademark of a Scorsese movie.

More than half the movie is a drag.

It dramatizes the life of Jimmy Hoffa

instead of relating the tale of the the Irishman.

It probably aims to reveal the mystery of Hoffa’s disappearance.

if you ask me,

Hoffa did not disappear that way.

I would guess that his body was doused with cement

in a steel drum and dumped in the sea.


it was mixed with cement to form part of cornerstone

of some large building under construction.

This would be a fitting tribute

to his astounding leadership.


try to download the movie first

then watch it separately from any large screen.

This should minimize the active server time.

Quebec Crisis

Apparently, Quebec is now in an energy crisis

in that the CN Rail strike has stopped

the delivery of natural gas.

Affected is mostly furnace heating and cooking.

Quebec may substitute electric furnace heaters.

Also portable electric heaters and burners.

The Federal Government refuses to mediate

in the CN Rail strike knowing that in all the cases

that it did

the government had to put up some money

for one way or the other.

These electric substitutes

will be good for the environment

and electricity is cheap energy,

which is socially acceptable,

provided by Quebec Hydro.

Da Ghoat

Singled out as the prominent American

in the “irregular channel” in Ukraine

is Rudy Ghouliani,

the fall guy.

Da Ghoat,

who pushed for the investigation

of Biden, father and son.

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Party Wins

In one stupendous landslide win

the pro-Democratic party wins almost all

of the District positions.

It is expected that the riots will cease as a consequence.

Also, it will now be clarified what it is

that the protesters want.

It was clear that they did not ask for a change in government.

Neither did they declare that the present government is corrupt.

The elcctions were clean, democratic, and peaceful.

Beijing did not influence the elections.

And there was no cause for foreign intervention.

All’s well that starts well!

(Now what?)

Dancing Bird


Dancing Bird.mp4




Bill Increase

The Americans increase the service charge

for keeping its troops in South Korea.

It is now a $4.7 Billion bill.

The South Koreans will have to shoulder this

as if the Americans eat this much in Bulgoki.

As I said, the amount rings a bell.

This time it rings louder.

Loud enough to scare the bats in the belfry,

proving somebody has gone batty.

One country, the Philippines,

declined to pay for the American troops

and closed both the Clark Filed airbase

and the Subic Naval base, instead.

It did not need the Americans, after all.


Marie Yovanovitch

This woman,

former Ambassador to Ukraine,

has made me alter my views

of the Foreign Service.

Diplomats are not adversarial

not antagonistic


and don’t smile much.

But they do come across.

And this is all that counts

This is the first time I am going to say this

after all 6,415 of my posts,


 Marie Y.mp4


Quebec’s Mea Culpa


The French guy Blanchet

seeks to come to Alberta to talk to Kenny.

What for? Mea Culpa?

Is he coming to refund all the oil money Quebec received from Alberta?

Is he coming to stop the Province from removing the French language

from the Alberta curriculum?

Is he coming to ask to join the Premier’s meeting?

Is he coming to ask Alberta not to defer the equalization payment?

Or is he coming for a look see at what Alberta grog tastes like?

Whatever his reason is, he should remember to speak in English!

(Maybe he just realized that somebody squealed that Quebec

had surplus budgets in all those years

that this province received equalization payments claiming

it was a have-not province.)

Impeachment Whistleblower

The Republicans in the Impeachment Inquiry

is hell-bent on finding the identity of the one

who squealed on Trump withholding the military aid

to Ukraine if Biden’s son was not investigated for corruption.

From what I can guess—

they should stop trying to find out the identity of the person

because if the Democrats decide to reveal the name

of the Whistleblower, this would initiate

the Fall of The House of Usher!

Be my guest.

Guess who?

Don Cherry’s Breaking Point

Clearly, Don Cherry was at his breaking point

when he started lambasting the immigrants with “You people….”.

What he said after this was enough to get him fired.

Sad it is, but there is some truth in what he said.

He just did not say it with tact and diplomacy.

But then again, he was at his breaking point

and there is no point in considering tact and diplomacy.

I do understand that immigrants take time in absorbing

the values of the Canadians.

But maybe they should attempt to understand the tradition of

and do also what Canadians do as a nation.

When in Canada one should do what Canadians do,

otherwise one refuses to integrate

and insists on being different.

However, breaking point or no breaking point,

I would have said it differently, like this—

My dear immigrants do not allow Canadians to call you


Canadians have afforded you the economic

and political conditions you have dreamt

for you and your family.

Please give our war veterans the satisfaction

of your generosity by wearing a 2-dollar red poppy

on Remembrance Day.

After which you can be assured that you people

will forever be remembered for your generosity.”

And if I were in front of the camera, I would have said this

with a smile.

Should Don Cherry apologize for this remark?

Certainly not on yer lives.

It should be these people who should apologize

for having to be reminded to be grateful

to the Canadian War Veterans.


The Joker

This is not a joke!

For Remembrsnce Day

You will have several hours’ opportunity

to download and watch this;

After which this will be torn down.


The Joker.mpg

The Joker.mp4

To Each His Own

The Wild Rose must remain

with the sun and the rain

or its lovely promise won’t come true.

To Each His Own

I found my own

and my own is mine.

If a flame is to grow

there must be some fuel

To open each door there’s a key

I need you I know

I can’t let you go

your oil means too much to me.

More lips must insist

that you cannot wexit,

(ah heck! you know what it’s meant).


Representation, one of the four Pillars of Democracy,

as expounded on the program on the CPAC Channel

had articulated and educated people talking on how

to encourage more voters to vote.

In that long a time provided them, the people talked

with wisdom and experience, but IMHO, they are off the mark.

Not so much, though, because one of them suggested something

that is worthwhile considering.

I would have suggested that the ballot system be changed.

Presently, the ballots ask the voters to mark only one item—the Mp.

A vote for one MP signifies a vote for his party

which then signifies a vote for the leader of the party

which then signifies a vote for the PM.

To encourage more representation, the ballots should ask

for two marks, one for the MP and another for the PM..

As a matter of choice, this encourages the candidates to

be more involved with the community and the voters.

I do not have to elaborate on all of the benefits that

can be derived from having two choices in the ballot.

We all are smart enough to figure it out.

You see, people may want to vote for the MP

but they do not want to vote for the party

nor its leader.

People may also want to vote for the Party

and its leader but do not want to vote for the MP.

If these happen, people may decide not to vote at all.


(cpac show on tv is both informative and mind unbogling)

Failing Hongkong Protests

The ongoing ever-violent protests in Hong Kong

are doomed to failure.

It would have received support from the other countries

had the protesters not invaded government offices

and destroyed private properties.

In so doing, they demonstrated thet they will not follow

the democratic principles that they want to be subjected to.

On the other hand, it is the the autonomous government

of Carrie Lam that has shown it upholds democratic principles.

Carrie Lam has allowed the freedom to protest without

stopping it with armed military forces.

The protesters are provoking the police to be violent, though,

but the police have been heroic enough to hold back.

And so does Beijing.

The effort to determine with undercover Chinese as

to who is funding the protests have failed.

Meantime, Beijing is not cutting off the food exports to Hong Kong

because this is also one way to drain the protesters of the funds

that they are sre spending for food.

Meantime, it has taken Regina Ip’s “silent majority”

too long a time before it starts a counter-protest.

Hong Kong’s  financial  success,  and Beijing’s  too,

is not democracy, but an autonomous free port for all nations.

Tourists go there to buy things at affordable prices.

Let us not listen to the young people

who have yet to be concerned about backbreaking work

of earning a living.

Like babies, they cry because they need something.

They do not know what they need exactly.

They only know that they need something.

And they cry only because they NEED something.

Worse, they cry because they WANT something

which is out of reach.


Trailer Alert

 Dan’s trailer was stolen

from his backyard  in Edmonton this morning.

The trailer looks like this.

Please be on the lookout for it.


American Convoy Fired Upon.

Turkish troops fired upon an American convoy.

The Americans are maybe making the effort

to resupply the Kurdish troops in Syria.

Or maybe that was a test patrol

for a look-see if they are still “untouchable”.

Rachel Notley

$4.7 billion  handout—

the amount rings a bell.

Something is afoot in Alberta.

I hope it is not a deferred foot.

Former Premier Rachel Notley

comments on Bills 21 and 20.

Rachel Notley.mp4

Bill 20.mp4

Rachel Notley does not literally agree

with the NDP Leader’s policies to the letter.

(makes her a good materiel for a Federal position)


The Tax On Carbon

The government imposes this tax to collect money

for, as declared, the purposes of reducing carbon emissions.

How they are going to do this reduction it fails to explain.

In other words, the government will still do some more planning

on how it will spend this tax money.

But since this tax money fills the coffers of the treasury

it could be spent on something else,

like compensation

to harassed RCMP women,

repeated payments to indigenous people

for whatever they  can think of

as government malfeasances towards them,

bailouts of banks and drowning corporations,

humanitarian aid

to those peoples who can fend for themselves,

and etc.

This government is spendthrift,

spending on just about anything

that does not benefit those who foot the bills—

referring to the taxpayers.

It should be known that these taxpayers

have nothing to do with the aforementioned malfeasances

and will not stand to benefit from this spending.

What is worse, the tax targets the heavy emitters,

like oil refineries and heavy industries.

Such an intention is coming close to stupidity.

These refineries and heavy industries will just pass the amount

of the carbon tax to the consumers,

again referring to the taxpayers.

So therefore, the tight-lipped purpose for the carbon tax

may now be declared:

that the object is to make the people exercise


Restraint from using things that would burn fossil fuels

such as passenger planes, cars, heating furnaces, stoves,

and etc.

People do not restrain themselves from doing things necessary.

And people will not pay for anything indefinite.

People will be penalized with the carbon tax.

The government will get medals for it.

Some will even get elected for it.



Encana Moves South


 A noted Canadian energy corporation

moves south

virtually turning itself into American.

This is a brilliant move.

It gets itself rid of Canadian fickle rules

and regulations and revenues.

But what is more

it can still ask the original owners of the TMX

to build another Trans-Pacific pipeline

outside Canadian soil.

This pipeline would be cheaper to build

and out of the deafening noise of climate change

and indigenous protesters.

Also, it will not have to endure the carbon tax.

Why did it change its name to Ovintiv?

It just wanted to get rid of anything Canadian.

Which brings us to the all-relevant question–

who owns the Alberta oil fields?