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On the Record…

One question—-

did Wernick know the conversation

was being recorded?


In the works—

Powerball tips….

write to me if you disapprove

of this project! That is,

 if I don’t finish the P-38 first.

Canola Oil

(email sent to CBC News)


Canola Oil

Sending a diplomatic team to China to remedy the canola oil
import prohibition by China is useless.
We know why China is doing this
and I did put up a detailed suggestion as to how to
go about the Meng Wangzhou extradition irritant
in my website. The government just ignored it.
Well, Canada should suffer the consequences.
If I know the Chinese, this irritants have just started.
There will be more.
Come to think of it, we Canadians are the ones actually
suffering the consequences of what the United States
started. And for what?
So that the US would have the negotiating advantage
on just about everything.
It is now getting very difficult for me not to say
that we Canadians are downright stupid
for keeping up with appearances.
(This content will be published)

Fine-tuning The 737 max


From what I gather from the news,

the engines and equipment of the plane

were moved towards the front.

This was done most probably to balance the

baggage and passenger loads as against the

engines, thereby assigning the center of gravity

as central as possible.

This should provide easy adjustments referring

to the auto pilot functions.

The finer adjustments of the anti-stall auto pilot

were not up to the requirements so much so much so

that the interaction between the horizontal level gauge

and the rear flaps was not attained.

The anti-stall auto pilot did sense that pointing the nose

of the plane down was in order

and the flaps were thereby  activated.

However, the nose of the plane was being forced down  so much

that the plane flew below the horizontal level.

There should have been some sensor and finer adjustments

to the auto pilot in such a way that the plane should level up

and fly slightly above the horizontal.

But if sensors provide the message that engine power

is not adequate to fly the plane,

the auto pilot will keep trying

to force the nose down.

In other words, a stall was already going to happen from

a cause that is not due to steep ascent of the plane

but due to a power loss, or apparent power loss.

What could the pilots have done?

Bring the wheels down and/or bank the plane steeply.

And don’t attempt to leave the plane

while it is still flying!

Aarti Pole



Aarti  pole

Call To Prayer


Call To Prayer. mpg

Boeing 737 Faults


so they agree with what I recommended

about extra audible and visible warning lights

in the cockpit.

Also the training of the pilots.

Boeing DID NOT STRESS in their upgrade info

about the automatic anti-stall feature.

For this end I would emphasize that the Canadian and US

737’s are safe to fly.

These countries have top-notch pilot training,

first class mechanics,

and guaranteed high-grade aviation fuel.

Just in case,

if such emergencies happen again.

I would suggest that the pilot bank the plane steeply

to either left or right.

This action would somewhat negate the effects of the

auto anti-stall pilot system.

At least this would allow the plane to either descend

gradually or merely fly in circles.

Next post I might compare this 737 model

to the Lockheed P-38 Lightning to probably

analyze further what the problem is.



The Silk Road

Chinese President Xi to visit Europe,

and comes now the question

why did he choose Italy as his first stop?

He is most probably retracing the journey

of Marco Polo,

him who made the Silk Road a reality.





Osang R.


Pinky In Yellow

The Offer To Wilson-Raybould


What the Canadians would like to know is :

what was the offer that the PMO made to Jody

to change her mind about the SNC-Lavelin case?

If she accepted the offer

was it enough to make her quiet

and stay in the Liberal Party?


Beyoncé Knowles

Vatican Special

Sharpshooter’s Toilet

Communal Toilet



I do not have to put up the name/names

of who the black-emailer is.

It has been taken cared of, most probably.

I may give you hints, however,

this email was sent to my email address

using the very same email address.

Thru the wordpress comments that I received,

a url of a porno website was being pushed,

(which I subsequently ignored because of a warning

from my internet security of a “potentially harmful contents”)

and at the same time the free download  Google browser was offered,

(which I snubbed because a bad experience I had with that browser).

That wordpress comment I eventually trashed

and thusly did this black email came about.

My suspicions are strengthened when I also refused

an offer from an outfit that purportedly protects intrusions

to the webservers of webhosting companies.

The events that are now obtaining

would have confirmed my suspicions

that this matter have been taken cared of.

Funny but if I had registered to that porno url

the blackmailer would have realized that I keep

my documents in external drives and his efforts would

have been futile.

Anyway, I do not watch porno movies anymore because

these are not as good and as  instructional

as those put out before.

But yes, one could learn a lot from those techniques.

If you ask me, if some particular men that we know of

watched these movies before they went exploriating around,

they would not have been in so much legal trouble now

and that there never would have arose this Me Too Movement.

And I would still unabashedly raise the banner of



Black eMail

This blackmailing email was received purporting

that I watch porno movies.

Who, me? Watch porno movies?

Who doesn’t?

Me too, eh!

(I will tell you who the sender is on next post)

737 Forensics

The Boeing 737 upgraded to 738,

or more applicably, to Boeing 737 Max 8,

will have its forensics started immediately

after the voice recorder and black box were recovered.

According to what I know from the news,

the cause of the Ethiopian 737 crash may come

from these factors :

The Software

The Engine

The weather

The Maintenance Crew and Engineers

The Fuel

Outside Interference.

I would give a check on the Software, the Weather, and the Engine.

Also the Maintenance Crew and the Engineers.

In the environment encountered, these people are tops in my book.

The fuel…..I would most probably ask whether the aviation fuel

is of the right grade and purity.

This, and coupled with outside interference,

might prove to be of dubious suspicion.

The software might be modified to provide

visual and audible alarms of an impending stall

and options provided to disable auto takeoff.

Outside of this, the software is essential

to flight safety.

Funny but this sort of thing never came up

when I am driving my Hyundai, and even in my old

2006 Mini Cooper 2- door Sports.

This upgraded 737 Max 8 need not be grounded

just ensure that training and fuel

are within the passing grade.

Boeing 737 Crtashes

All 149 passengers were killed

in the crash of the Boeing 737 Max 8 upgraded

Ethiopian airplane.

Presumed cause is the aircraft being forced down

by a computer signal that foresaw engine stall.

Engine stalling means incorrect fuel burning

for whatever cause.

Or the right speed is not available for take-off.

If the plane stalls, it will crash with its nose up.

The computer prevents this by forcing the nose down

providing the pilots to make a landing or

a belly crash instead.

The pilots tried to correct the “nose-dive” manually

but the automatic controls have not been disabled.

I would have disabled the auto controls and fly

the plane manually.

If the auto controls cannot be disabled, I would have

brought the nose down manually and reduce speed

(or  cut off fuel completely)

to land the plane or make a belly landing.

Was there something to disable

the automatic controls for take-off?

But then again,

I drive only Hyundais

not Boeings!


To COMMENT-tators

To those who replied to specific posts,

I receive and read your comments.

I will, however, put these comments out

as a whole  if:

they are composed with the purpose of being

constructive comments,

and not merely to publicize your own site

and simply to advertise.

I am not paid to write.

And I will not pay for what you write.

Also, flattering comments about this blog

and how well it is done will not serve you well.

I know my capabilities and I have seen the results

of this site garnering more than a million readers a month.

So, put up your comments

so as not to tell me I’m good

but so that we can discuss what you say.

I will put it up even though how bad it is.

So we can talk about it in this blog.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch………

The Siege of Caracas


The Siege of Caracas


With his failure to achieve UN sentiments to depose Maduro,

Abrams called for the siege of Caracas,

By using the devilish method of fabricated black-out.

The effect just might be counter productive for him

because the blackouts also punishes the Guaido supporters.

While this siege demonstrates the impotence of Maduro’s

military to fire up the electric power stations

and throw the switches on to the transformers,

 it also proves that Guaido would be a sadistic President,

capable of punishing the population

to get something that America needs.

If these blackouts will not force the Venezuelans to capitulate,

Abrams may tamper with the water supply next.

This is one method that was not used on any siege of a city

Not even in the siege of Rome.


Abrams may call for the assassination of Guaido.

This method was used lots of times before.

Maduro may now be forced to clamp Guaido in jail

for his own protection and to prevent more riots.

And for reasons involving his calls to overthrow the government

Whatever happens, the problem now can be solved

by an airlift of oil lamps, kerosene stoves, and portable electric generators.

FYI, Japan, China, and the Southeastern Pacific countries have these.


Fierce Finnish Soldier

How can anyone pick a fight with

one who has such fierceness in her eyes?

I would gladly lay down my arms in surrender

and gleefully use my arms instead!

(Momma Mia!)