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Chino Y Nacho

Venezuelan guys Chino Y Nacho

sing “Sin Ti”

Chino Y Nacho.mpg

Russian Tunnel

Russian Tunnel.mpg

The Lonely Sheperd

ZAMFIR himself plays “Lonely Sheperd” in concert.

The Lonely Sheperd.mpg


The band Conquistador

plays “Argentina.”


AG Jody Winston-Raybould

Jody speaks

and for almost four hours thereafter

she stood her ground to answer all questions.

AG Jody Winston-Raybould.mpg

From what she relates

we can deduce that the government

attempted to sway her away from

her decision to stick

to the rule of law.

In the case involving the SNC-Lavalin

and its employees, this sort of actions by the

government is not unusual.


the effort that they made was coming short of an

abusive harangue to the Attorney general.

They dug at her heels in a manner that resulted

into something short of harassment.

Worse, they moved her out of her position,

the act of which just about publicized

their interference and brought about

this dilemma.

If you ask me,

the cabinet members should have stopped

while the stopping was still good.

(The solution to SNC-Lavalin is simple:

Canada will buy out the Directors of the company

and assign its own Directors

while keeping the employee roll intact)




The US prepares to invade Venezuela.

With the regime change project grinding to a halt

the US will now resort to invasion of Venezuela

from Colombia without the sanction of the

UN Security Council.

Abrams has failed to spirit weapons

through the barricades.

He has grown older and more inept.

The US also offers money to the other

Latin American countries if they agree

to the invasion.

The money amounts to a meager $56 million

because the US cannot afford $5 billion as

was allocated to the Ukraine project.

The IMF also will not provide a loan.

The US cannot even provide for a border wall

for its own country!

The US has also started to burn its own trucks

and build its own barricades to portray

that they were Maduro’s doing.

What a shame!



Sin Ti (Without You)

These songs are dedicated

to those latinos who remain true to form

and not assume that of half-baked Americans.


Without You.mpg

La Paloma

La Paloma.mpg

Llorando (Crying)


ASF Latina Dancers



ASF Latina.mpg

Trudeau Dares Jody

And here we go!

What Jody Winston-Raybould was giving

as the excuse for her not speaking up

has been removed.

The Solicitor-Client privilege has been waived

and the Trudeau government raises the ante.

Now, Jody asks for a 30-minute talk first before

questions are asked of her.

(This now reminds me of ye olde serial filmo

about Wonder Girl in 10 chapters.)

Well, if she has to relate a novel about

how she came to the conclusion that her decision

was unduly influenced, she should.

Nobody should influence her decision to talk

for 30 minutes now.

If you ask me, I believe that she misinterpreted

as direct orders, the information about 

the pros and cons as regards

proceeding with the case.

It was actually, still her decision

to proceed or not to proceed.



Regime Changers Cry For Help

With their untoward project

of ousting President Maduro

grinding to a halt,

the United States and company

sends for help to the UN

Security Council to look into

the Venezuelan crisis

that the US started.

It gives the impression

that the US is actually giving up.

But what else is new.

the Americans are known to give up

on just about anything that they do not comprehend.

They bite more than they can chew.

For hereafter, they have to answer the question

what would the Venezuelans need that

Maduro cannot provide aside from

nail clippers and hair restorers?

They have also to prove that Maduro

is not a democratic President.

Funny it is that Maduro actually

wants the UN to come in and intervene

since nobody appears to accept the dialogues

that he offers.

Viva Latinos!



Rappler’s CEO, Maria Ressa,

dissects social media

and elaborates on what she concludes

upon a conference in France.

The power of social media is so much

so that it influences political decisions

with the simple process of social communication.

Maria Ressa.mpg

Budget Breakers

Oh my God….

Two jobs just won’t be enough for these.

Undue Pressure on Jody?

I did say I was to post again about this witch hunt.

And I also said that the former Justice minister is

shrewd and cunning.

She has actually kept everybody off-balanced

simply by keeping them guessing.

What really happened in the meetings?

What I am going to post now is pure guesswork.

You can either believe it or not.

Note that this is in its entirety,

a calculated guess.

Mind you, though, that I do not use math

to calculate my guesses.

I do not have to.

I have my crystal ball, this is why.

What everybody may believe is undue pressure

exerted upon Jody for the impending case

against SNC-Lavalin,

a veritably huge Quebec company

which the PM and co. exposed  much due affinity

for its continued success as a prestigious Canadian enterprise,

is in reality a casual reminder

or a hint that the country will

suffer should a case against the company proceed.

And thereafter, in a more intimate conversation,

the PM’s Grand Vizier, Gerald Butts did mention something

like a punishment for the company

in the form of a deferred fine

the said amount of which will then be donated

as another aid for the indigenous peoples of Canada

with Jody getting the credit

of handing it over.

With Jody failing to respond in a timely manner

towards this plan,

the events that happened afterwards had to happen.

The furor that the Globe and Mail caused

affected much of Jody’s exhibited indecision.

Consequently, she made her decision.

And that is, to keep everybody guessing

in her effort to out-maneuver

the true powers that be.

It is my crystal ball’s guess that

unless she gets what she wants,

she will still be undecided.

In truth, there is no reason for her

to be bound by solicitor-client-whatever

because there is no crime

and that nobody is being prosecuted.



Humanitarian Aid

Russian planes delivered aid right inside Venezuela.

This was allowed by Maduro

since Red Cross validates this as genuine humanitarian aid.

I agree.

But where the heck is the vodka?

Witch Hunt?

Jody Wilson-Raybould,

and the events which herself did not start,

is now the main protagonist as witness, defendant, prosecutor, and victim.

And rightly so since she was the former Minister of Justice

and Attorney General for Canada.

She has to know these functions.

Smart as she is, she is also shrewd and cunning,

having to bring down Gerald Butts to sit on his butt.

I have to pick up from this point sometime later

after I put things together in my mind.

Right now my crystal ball is somewhat restless

about the whole distracting kaboodle.

Shaking and humming and vibrating,

it does this whenever there is something afoot

which is not supposed to be afoot.

What I can discern from it is that what seems to be

a witch hunt going on

would be most probably be realigned

by making it a hunt-for-a witch instead.

As I said,

Jody is a woman, indigenous, smart, shrewd and cunning.

She may be true to power

but she should also realize

that there is such a thing

as the power of truth.

And as we progress about this deflecting case of

interference with justice by the PM,

we will have realized that we have everything wrong.

And we Canadians would be better of

going back to where we were

before this wrecking-ball run.

(I will have to explain later.)



Rhythm And Beat

Feel the Rhythm…..

Feel the Beat….

The combination mesmerizes

Rhythm and Beat.mpg

More Concertos?

If you want to watch and listen to more concertos

type “concerto” in the search box to your upper right hand corner.

If I find out that more of you like good music

I will add some more .

The Wall Obssession.

And so, President Trump continues to doggedly pursue

the building of the border wall that may in time carry his name.

Most probably he will divert funds from military projects to add

to what he needs for the wall.

He should be warned, though, that if he so much as divert funds

from the construction of the next aircraft carrier, he may end up

without his name on it.

By the way, the amount he asked for is now much greater than

$5.4 billion. What is the increase for?

Aid for Venezuela!

We can read the American Intelligence like a book, eh?

Gagging Jody

The Canadian public is not naïve.

By preventing the former Justice Minister to speak publicly,

the Federal government has something to hide.

What the Liberals are trying to portray in public is a farce

and the people can see through it like a looking glass.

The Liberals have been collecting nails for their coffins lately

and this one just may be the last they will collect.

Note that the former Justice Minister

is just aching to say what she wants to say.

Carbon Tax

And now the Federal government of Canada

propose that it can reduce the effects of climate change

simply by increasing the revenues from a tax on carbon.

The provinces made a loud outcry, of course,

since this will  just fad the coffers of the treasury.

This is unconstitutional, cries the provinces in the law courts,

adding that the provinces should decide on this.

This is to solve a national problem, declares the government,

and therefore this is a federal solution.

A compromise may come, however, if the provinces will agree on

that the federal government may declare a tax on carbon emissions

if the provinces may keep all the tax that is generated.

Come to think of it,

if fossilized fuel  causes the global warming,

and considering the recent cold attacks of the weather,

it may be better to use more fossilized fuel

to better fight the cold!

Dragon Dance


Dragon Dance

There Goes Another Rubber treaty

OOPS there goes another rubber treaty

OOPS there goes another rubber treaty–


Trump breaks another treaty.

This time the INF treaty.

Or that one that watches over nuclear missiles and such.

The act was probably meant to divert attention

from the Venezuela demolition project at hand.

Little does he realize that he has again publicized

that Russia is well ahead on missile development

and that the US missiles lie rotting in their silos.

Liquid propellants do lose volatility and may need “sweetening up”.

Solid propellants do dry up and may need restoration.

Sad it is to know that Russian short range missiles

may have bracketed the NATO countries

that  bear shorter

distances from Russia,

At any rate, missiles are of less concern now

than cargo planes

(or even converted passenger planes)

should there be an improvised  Caracas Airlift.


Van Cliburn At Moscow


Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 in C Minor

Rachmaninoff Concerto No.2 .mpg