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Venezuela’s Oil

The American oil companies now makes a beeline

for Venezuela’s very large oil reserves.

To get control pf this, however,

requires a regime change,

which is actually as ripe as the Americans could.

The foreign trade and commerce of Venezuela

has been blocked for years. resulting in

a much broken economy, so much so that

the starving Venezuelans could do no less

but cry for change.

Comes now the Americans with their scripted

regime change procedure which should include

Maidan-like snipers to accentuate the turmoil.

The purpose allegedly is to bring the country

back to Democracy.

Needless to say Venezuela IS A DEMOCRACY.

It has an elected National Assembly, a Supreme Court,

and a legitimately elected President.

Much more it has all freedom guaranteed.

Even freedom to protest.

Venezuela has a democratic government,

or more specifically,

a strangled democratic government.

Regime Change

The American squad,

using the scripted procedure for regime change,

should take their filthy hands off Venezuela.

Yellow Vests

These Yellow Vest protests have dragged on.

Ridiculously, they ask for neither Liberty,

Equality, Nor fraternity.

Ridiculously French, these

Yellow Vests

McCallum Fired

And so a good Canadian Diplomat

with that ability to make good and friendly negotiations

by deftly parrying hostile remarks

is fired by an overbearing Prime Minister.

McCallum was talking to a Chinese audience,

and as such, he talks in the language that they

understand and are susceptible to.

That is, he calmed them down by going 

to the other side of the fence.

By now the Chinese are susceptible, softened

 to what he is going to say.

After making such good incursions to the Chinese

McCallum was set to go to China,

a trip which the PM considered bad for Canada.

and he was fired.

As a consequence,

there will be more Canadians detained in China.

And this,

for the simple reason that Canada is unmoving

and worse,

Canada is adversarial to Chinese diplomacy.

Even if Meng Wangzhou is not extradited,

and she goes back to China,

China will not release any of the detained Canadians,

before Canada changes its tune in the talks with China.

(it should start singing la donna e mobile*)

649 Results

January 26, 2019 649 numbers :


Now this is odd (according to my programs)

The number 7 is a no show.

Numbers 3 and 14 is turned down

from 4 out of 6 stats programs.

And Number 10—-HAH!

Something was wrong in Denmark when

it came out in 4 successive draws.

This is now the fifth draw that it came out,

implying that the gravediggers

are  deader’n  Yorick.

Lotto balls that come out three times in succession

are checked for shape, weight and diameter.

it should be smoothly spherical

and not coarse in texture

and have no ridges

 to effect a golf-ball flying property.

I cannot accuse the gravediggers

for rigging, not just yet.

But maybe they themselves should prove that

the Canadian National 649 lottery is not rigged.

But I really would not approve of them

being able to read all the bets made

in all the terminals listed

before the draw is made.

For this end, I would suggest that the draws

be made in different cities at different times.

From all this, that lottery called POWERBALL

would have more affinity with my software.

The 69 numbers would have more vacant spaces

which my programs which I call AFTERNUMBERS,

Companion Numbers, Hit and Miss, and all the such

would be more applicable to pinpoint no-show numbers.

the problem is that there is still no agency in Canada

that accept powerball bets.


Choosing lottery Numbers

This post will blow your mind.

Consider this as tips in choosing lottery numbers.

Some tips you may have read are concerned

about picking the winning numbers.

This post will give you tips on picking the losing numbers.

By logic, if you know the losing numbers

you don’t have to bet on them.

The rest of the numbers will be the winning ones.

I have always quipped that

it is easier to choose a losing number than  a winning one.

You may even provide proof of this yourself

in that MOST of the numbers you chose

were losing ones.

I will then demonstrate what I am saying.

Consider the Canadian National 649 lottery

the next draw of which will be on Saturday,

January 26, 2019.

I pick as LOSING numbers these ones


How will this help you?

Ignore these numbers and choose others.

This will increase your chances

especially if you wheel your numbers.

These losing numbers are the result of the basic programs

which I created specifically for lotteries.

There are more numbers produced

but let us try these ones first for accuracy of the programs.

I might add more numbers later on as I proceed.

Remember that these numbers are for tomorrow’s

Canadian National 649 draw.

Next ; these numbers are unstable—




(50% chance)

Also, a number that is drawn three times

in five successive draws may not be drawn

on the sixth draw.

A number that is drawn in four successive draws

like the number 10

means that there is something rotten in Denmark!


Oriental Sentiment


If we, Canadians, show sentiment and concern

towards the Chinese guests in Canada,

the Chinese will show a marked preferential treatment

and care for Us Canadians.

Now we are noted to be the friendliest people on earth.

But we still are not THAT sentimental.

Instead of acting like disciplining fathers,

why don’t we act like protective mothers?

(another quotable?)

Costa Rica Leads The Way




Costa Rica

Costa Rica leads the way against Climate Change.

Cheap hydrogen is used which,

from Chem 101,

hydrogen is combined with oxygen

to produce water,

the by-product of which is electricity

which runs the motor.

This is so economical that it might even deserve

American sanctions to stop mass production.

A Tale of Two Countries


Cuba’s economy is groveling.

So is Venezuela’s.

When Cuba kicked out American casinos and hotels,

American sanctions rained down on the country.

When Venezuela planned to export its very large

oil reserves,

the country was bombarded with American sanctions

Venezuela’s economy sank.

Venezuela has money.

But it cannot import goods.

The coup de grace, Maduro’s regime has to be changed. 

BTW, Canada still fails to export its oil.

And still, Canada favors the regime change.



NOW who is interfering?

Venezuela is Venezuela’s business.

Canada has nothing to do with Venezuela.

Leave it alone.

If Venezuelans live differently from Canada

then so be it.

Not all peoples live like Canadians.

And it is not right to get Canada promote

a regime change in Venezuela

just because it lives differently.

If the Venezuelans elect a President legitimately

so let this President preside over the Venezuelans.

I am sure the world will salute Canada for meddling.

I am also sure it will cost Canadian money

to secure this salute.

But  heck, what would Canadians benefit from

meddling in the affairs of Venezuela?

A pat on the head from the Americans?

Maduro  is  President-elect  of  Venezuela.

He is Venezuela’s problem.

He has not been deposed yet.

Only American money can depose him.

But the American coffers is dry.

It cannot even pay its government employees.

America is not now able to be

the conscience of the world.

It cannot anymore make another regime change.

So therefore,

Yankee Go Home

Canuck Shut Up!



He Blinked!

He blinked!

The Great Negotiator blinked!

He cancelled his State of The Nation Address.

We never thought we would see this day!


Canadian Diplomacy


Canadian Ambassador to China,

John McCallum opines

that Meng Wangzhou has a strong case

on her extradition case.

This is just his opinion

and is not what we can call interference

with the extradition trial.

But some particular noise-makers in Canada

are up in arms calling  McCallum’s opinion

an intervention.

My gosh!

Believe you me.

It is now getting difficult not to call these people

stupid journalists.

(Ooops! Sorry. Pardon me.

Mea Culpa.

I did not mean to say “journalists”.

Slip of the pen, sorry.)


this is the first instance within this government

that I have heard something that profuses

with tact and diplomacy.

This John McCallum

is up and starting to be

the accomplished diplomat!

Go, John, damn the torpedoes

Full speed ahead.

You will  get the Canadians out of China yet.

After all

they have yet to pinpoint where

Kim’s nuclear devices were moved to.

And John’s opinion

is precisely according to mine.

Bless his soul!


The Huawei Who We?

As if Canada realized that it has been beaten in the game,

it now sounds out the trumpet to call on its big brothers.

A very unwise decision.

This will make matters worse.

What could the others do to influence China?

Impose sanctions on Huawei?

These would easily be countermanded.

Or that company be re-structured and modified.

Canada again does not realize what it is up against.

It has yet to realize

that the US is using Canada as a cannon fodder.

And that efforts to release those Canadians

under Chinese detention are useless.

There is no cause for Meng Wangzhou to be extradited.

They should have known that by now.

But there are valid reasons

why the Canadians should be detained in China.

And if my guess is right,

these reasons are related

to the complete denuclearization of Korea

as was promised by Kim Jong Un.

Perhaps the Canadian News media should stop spinning

and start listening to some other comments.

They don’t put their brains on the noise they make.

(Use Your Heads, think till it hurts)



Miss Universe 2018



Miss Universe.mpeg

Denise M. Von Kirschner

Denise  in her element.


As always.

Bank of Nova Scotia / Home Equity Bank



Below is the gist of the email I sent to the address of the President of the

Bank of Nova Scotia to remove my concerns about losing funds due to

improper posting or accounting procedures.

The allegedly missing funds were those sent to Bank of Nova Scotia by

the Home Equity Bank as part of the procedure to avail of the CHIP

Mortgage offered by the latter bank.

I am sure that the Bank of Nova Scotia will be able to prove their side

 and that my concerns are not justified after all.

Till then, I really would like to know

so that my files on this matter will be complete.



Your phone line is busy.

This is understandable, and is the consequence for this email.


Attached is a copy of my Scotia Checking Account covering date

June 16, 2016 ro June 17, 2017 as provided graciously by Nicole.

(This attachment is deleted for security purposes)


My issue is that I am presently unable to get Scotiabank departments

to certify where some amounts credited to my accounts are deposited.


They are $14,320.82 and $9000, and $119,168.51


The amounts in question are considered by your bank departments as

disbursed to Lines of Credit and payments to accounts ordered closed

by my lawyer, Hautmann Law Offfice.

My lawyer can certify that your bank received the money.

Your bank, however, is unable to certify where the money went.

Such a document as the Distribution of the money

was never sent me as required by law.


What I need now are copies of the relative account numbers

attributed to me

that shows the amounts have been ENTERED AS CREDITS

and that double entries were not  made

and that the amounts credited are exactly enough

to just close the account when ordered by my lawyer.

Any amounts  in surplus credited to the accounts s

should be reimbursed to me.

This need of mine you would understand

because they are not meager amounts.

Your bank departments in Belmont  Branch and 81st St-118 Ave

both in Edmonton NW

did give up in tracing these amounts

because their computers do not show anything

relative to the transactions on June 16, 2016.


Woeful it would be to say that my money is missing

because Scotiabank do not keep records,

or some entries were intentionally edited.


My last recorded phone conversation was with JARROT who,

as is customary for Scotiabank employees,

is in a stalling mood.

Since you are President of this bank

which I have been a client for more than 43 years,

you are able to mobilize as much manpower as you need

to cover more area as required to make

the time frame shorter for this investigation.


Please note that this email will be published

and any such reply you make to this

may or may not also be published.

You may, however, notify me to go to your branch

at Belmont, Victoria Trail,  Edmonton AB

to receive your verbal reply.

Your phone, and all the other, Scotiabank phones,

are not effective communicators.


Note also that what have been found so far regarding this case

I refrain from sending to you

so that you may start your investigation clean and unbiased.

(words are deleted from this line and downwards.)



Democrats Grounded

Under the quick order from Trump

a USAF plane bearing some Democrat members of Congress

was grounded.

It seems that no junkets are allowed

while the government is at a shutdown.

While Trump tones down his tantrums

he  starts going on a rampage.

“You no buy, you no fly”

“No pay wall, no play ball”

Huawei Still Under Test

I have already given some hints of what this test is all about.

And sad to say, Canada’s marks are sliding.

The situation is getting out of hand.

Canada’s position is untenable.

Canada’s rule of law is unenforceable in China.

China has its own rule of law.

It is enforceable because it applies to China, within China.

Chinese justice is as fast as judge Roy Bean’s.

Canada’s  lady justice procrastinates.

Blindfolded  she may be, but she lets the scale hang on a hook

because she is too lazy to hold it up.

I have provided here before

 two suggestions as to how to de-escalate the situation.

This is the third suggestion

and it may appeal to the oriental heart,

First, unshackle Meng Wanzhou of all restraints and alerts.

Next, deliver her lock, stock and barrel

to the Chinese Ambassador to Canada.

Then, return her passport and provide her with a plane ticket to Beijing.

Have the Chinese Ambassador vouch for her return to Canada

to face the extradition trial.

It will still be the responsibility of Canada

to abide by the extradition treaty with the US.

And not to worry, Meng Wanzhou will be back to face trial.

I will bet my pair*  that she will.

She is, in fact, of the wealthy class.

By the way,

the rule of War on Drugs is followed to the letter by the Chinese.

They actually went to war against opium exports to China.

Remember the Opium War?

Schellenberg’s  punishment  of 15  years  in prison

was actually too light if only to follow the Chinese rule of law

and was laid down as a boon to the country of Canada.

but now, no more boons.

(*pair of striped shorts)


National Emergency?

Declaring a national emergency

from a situation of his own making 

would be the most spectacular goof Trump would ever make.

It would be a media-cre effort to correct things.

I agree that the Border Wall is essential

but not so much as that the lack of it would be

tantamount to danger to national security.

This phrase “national security” has been used by Trump

to scare the Americans that what he dictates should be the law.

Well, it did not work when he declared that Canadians are a

risk to the national security of the United States.


Anyway, without the Border Wall, the Mexicans

and the other latinos do not constitute aggressors.

Neither is there an impending invasion.

Sneaking through the border is plain and simple TRESPASSING..

What he could have done now to remedy the situation

is to accept what the Congress offers now

on the condition that Congress considers the wall

to be essential and that he be allowed to raise more money

from somewhere else.

And then he can use his astounding ingenuity to raise money.

That is, after he reopens the government services (drat it!)

Indigenous Nuisance

In all the time I have lived in Canada

I have seen and heard about the indigenous peoples of this country

disrupt the government and business processes

by protests, roadblocks, and rallies.

These events happen with astounding regularity

and woeful consequences

so much so that the sympathy that they received

has been turned to adverse criticism of these peoples.

Now before you start ganging up on me

think of it this way—-

These Indians, bless their survivor efforts,

do spend a lot of time organizing and participating in these

disruptive events to give the implication that they

actually do not work for a living.

The more ugly implication is that they complain about something

when in truth they are asking for something else. 

The point I would like to make is that these Indians

should give something back to Canada

as gratitude for the heavy handouts that they

have received from the working peoples of Canada.

Laws, Treaties, Agreements, Constitution and all that such

do not actually apply to this situation.

Even Human Rights are negated if this is pitted by one group against another.

The rights of Indigenous Peoples is nothing

against the Rights of those

that are responsible for the existence of the country.

What we have here is a conflict between INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS .

One’s rights should be pitted against another.

And as in the case of Indigenous Peoples,

their rights as a group should not be pitted against the majority.

One’s individual  rights supersede any law, treaty or agreement.

A non-indigenous individual’s rights should therefore be pitted

against one indigenous person’s rights.

Not one group against another.

(Confusing, EH?

Not so if you think of YOUR  rights!)

The Huawei Test case Continues

And so the Meng Wanzhou case continues

with explicable consequences

like a new intelligence gathering by abductions.

Canada detains Meng without possession of

valid American extradition papers,

China detains two Canadian citizens,

and Russia enters the scene by abducting Whalen.

These abductions would be more pleasant

should they intend to use vodka, or rice wine, or cognac

instead of water for boarding; in which case the confessions

would be more sufferable and confounded merely

by a few hiccups here and there.

But all kidding aside, this is a test of

how effective the much-vaunted American sanctions can go.

now, it thus appear that American sanctions are effective only

if the countries cooperate in ganging up on the sanctioned party.

Otherwise, like in this instance, only Canada will cooperate in applying

American sanctions.

This is but natural for Canada to cooperate because this is one

country that keeps its word as regards agreements

and treaties which someone we know just breaks with a whim.

American sanctions are not punishable by detentions

and the rest of the world know this.

it is , however, open season for Canadian citizens for abductions.

Sad it is but this is true.

This country knows no enemies.

As a consequence, it has now become a whipping boy

for the rest of the world.

The ugly part of it is that Canada does not fight back.

It has even deferred itself from building

military grade weapons for its own defense.

But iof Canada really wants to end this test case

it should force the Americans to provide papers

to start the extradition trial of Meng Wangzhou.

Remember also that the more the extradition trial is delayed

the more money the lawyers concerned earn in fees

and this for just doing nothing but wait on their haunches.

How much more problems will the Justice Ministry

subject the country to?

Even the Federal Courts are troublesome!

And grandstanding, too.

I give you my first quotable quip—

You take-a my toy top,

I take-a your toy yoyo.

You give me back my toy top,

I think of giving your toy yoyo.





Saudi Arabia

This is the comedy show

that Netflix was forced to take off the air.

Saudi Arabia