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Nafta Is Scuttled

Nafta was doomed.

This was what I posted on May 9.

It was already decided before the negotiations started.

Canadians should have expected to receive

demands which will be impossible to agree on

without sacrificing much from their side.


But never fret—

Canada will not have a trade surplus against

America if America does not need Canadian products

that much to import them at a larger scale.

Your best retaliatory action would be

to slow down on the shipment of exports 

to America and then see what happens.

If I may again guess right—

Trump’s target is actually the Canadian Uranium.

This effort is set to bring down the price

of this yellow powder that is refined from

U238 to U235 to Plutonium.

Trump intends to restore the American

Uranium processing facility

and he needs lots of Uranium,

or that mineral that Clinton sold abroad.

Trump wants a better price on this mineral

and also a free access to it.

North Korea may be forced to give away its uranium

but certainly not to America.

Unless America makes North Korea rich

by buying the refined uranium.

Remember that America’s fissionable materiel

loaded on its missiles need refreshing

as regards the half-life.

In a nutshell,

Cremating NAFTA will be the

death of American foreign trade.

(today, thanks to the scuttling of Nafta, this man popularly called Justin Trudeau,

stood taller to lead his country as its Prime Minister. Bravissimo, Sir.)

The Al-Assad Interview

A must video clip to watch.

The mainstream,

and the least stream,


have one thing in common—-

fake news on foreign events.

This interview should hit them

with a huge yogurt splash 

on their faces.

Bashar Al-Assad

talks about Iran troops,

Israeli panic,

chemical attacks,

Russian support,

and the U.S. foolishness.

He should  address the UN General assembly

after this interview

if only to correct

a whole lot of misconceptions about Syria.


Graham Greene

Graham Greene.mp4

He attempted to define PTSD.

He is right when he said that it is not a disorder.

I personally would go on further

to add the PTSD is  actually

a veteran’s longing for the cameraderie

and oneness he experienced with 

his military buddies.

It is that feeling that make soldiers

feel safe and protected,

and moving always with a mission

or a purpose.

PTSD is an obsession to go back

to the best experience man had

in his life.

It is not a disorder.

It is an adopted habit.

Kim-Trump Summit

This is a fence-straddler.

It may proceed if,

in the long run,

 Trump’s brown-shirted

advisory brigade

will refrain from giving the hint

as to who blinked.

(Kim may wink, but he never blinks)

The Ottawa Solution

To solve the conflict between BC and Alberta

regarding the upgrade to the Kinder Morgan pipeline

towards the Bc coast,

the Federal Government of Canada prepares to buy out

the pipeline project and continue it

under federal jurisdiction.

That negates any decision from both BC and

Alberta so that the upgrade will continue,

unless some other private interests

decide to buy out the project

for themselves.

In the long run,

the project will end up being sold

to the public as Ottawa intends to do

after the project is completed.

BC will therefore not get its piece of the action

as was intended in its efforts to blackmail

Alberta using the safety of the environment

as an excuse.

Tough luck.

There will be no advance payments for any spills

that BC claims would happen.

And Vancouver will be turned into an oil port

instead of a port for Chinese

Chop Suey imports.

DPRK-South Korea Talks

DPRK and South Korea will hold

high level talks on JUNE 1.

Before June 12?

The SPIEF Spoofs the Bludgeoning Sanctions

Delegates from Russia, France, China, Japan, and the IMF

meet in a forum called

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

wherein was discussed a broader understanding of

worldwide economy as regards the

effect on their respective countries.

Very interesting,

particularly when politics are seen

tightly interwoven with economics.

The “bludgeoning sanctions”

was discussed wherein

Putin himself said

that he will guarantee security.

If I heard him right

then I sense that some particular

parts of the world is starting

some form of realignment

both economically and politically.

Bulgoki Continues

Kim Jong Un proceeds with Plan B.

“B” for Bulgoki

a savory Korean dish.

Ain’t no mistaking what these hugs are fer—

I guess the Summit will proceed

with or without Trump

who may have just canceled himself

out of it!!

Putin’s Girlfriend?

Holy Smokes!

Where do they get these specimens?

Trump does Another About Face

Trump cancels the Summit on June 12 again

with the excuse that there is so much “hostility”.

Again he hogs the spotlight

the way comedians do.

I will have to cancel a big order

of this commemorative coin.

Too bad.

I could have made a fortune

re-selling this!

(curses, foiled again!)

Mona Lisa Reports on The White Helmets

Mona Lisa.mp4

A Matter of Interpretation

Again the English language of the Orientals

has been misinterpreted.


should be interpreted as

“unethical, undiplomatic, and uncalled for”

if said by a foreign representative.

Clearly a person who has not undergone formal schooling

in Foreign Service Subjects would act as

“ignorant, stupid, uneducated, and illiterate”

which would be the literal translation

by a Korean.

In my opinion, 

Trump’s advisory brigade has been over-bearing

and discourteous to a head of state.

The Americans may consider Kim Jong Un as a head of state.

The North Koreans consider him as HEAD.

I do not think Kim will ever talk to Trump


But there is a great possibility

that Kim will ask Moon Jae-In

to cross again and have


with, maybe, Pres. Xi?

(forget the summit, focus on Hawaii, the last country you will occupy)

Kim Jong Un Goes to Plan B

With Trump’s anticipated and much-publicized

cancellation of the June 12 Summit

immediately after Kim’s destruction of all facilities

that can make missiles and bombs

Kim goes to Plan B,

“B” referring to BULGOKI.

“Once you learned how to make Bulgoki,

you can throw away the pots and pans

and utensils to make Bulgoki.

You can get them later.”

Denuclearization will still proceed for North Korea,

(with that one person-we-know disqualified for the Prize)

and a peace treaty will be between North Korea

and South Korea afterwhich the

reason for the American occupation

of South Korea will have to be justified,

 or else!

With Trump’s disinviting China to the

Pacific Rim exercises,

China will decide to completely ignore any sanction

that the Americans will put on China

for the latter’s continued resupply of North Korea thru the Yalu R.

Japan will have to follow suit in order

to join the electronic trade

between  China, Korea, and Russia.

Japan also went to War because of the oil sanctions

that the US put on it before WW II.

Geographically, North Korea has been

securing China’s territory as has Tibet,

and will now attempt to produce the needs

of China in agriculture as it converts

from ordnance production to farm work.

The Panmunjom border will remain as is for a time

and for as long as the Americans are in South Korea.

Kim Jong Un knows that the assassin/s that will go after him

will have to cross this border to enter North Korea.

(how’s that for a non-sadistic analysis of an American tantrum)

Trump Fights Back

Trump fights back,


against the anti-Trump

high-level elements

with investigative authority

using the guise of intelligence agents.


he calls it,

and rightly so.

Although I would agree more if he had

described the methods used

as another shade of J. Edgar Hoover.

This is another way to describe

how J. Edgar worked

to keep himself in power.

Dossiers is the weapon

and intimidation is its trigger.

Clearly, the intelligence community

is overstaffed and its budget


so much so that they become sadists.

Kim Jong Un Says Again

My next guess is that

unlike the condescending Americans,

Kim Jong Un “suggests”

that the US Base may remain

with at most 10,000 service personnel,

while 12,000 will initially

be evacuated in 5 days,

the choice of leaving the equipment

for the use of South Koreans is theirs.

No more than one squadron of spy drones

will be left and carrying no ordnance.

All bombers will be removed,

including fighter bombers,

defensive fighter jets may remain

but their flights will be limited

to 38th parallel.

Any nuclear bomb storage will be moved out.

In return there will be no nuclear facilities,

missiles, activated bombs, remaining in

North Korean  territories.

First and foremost,

Kim suggests that

there will be no restraint nor sanctions on the

relationship between China and North Korea,

South Korea, Japan and Russia,

either in trade, communication, development,

banking, transportation, and movements.

The initial test would be the increase in

unrestricted trade over the Yalu River.

Also, North Korea may agree to accompany

the US and South Korean Diplomats

to any impending invitation

for an Independence Day Celebration

somewhere around the zone

on June 12.

New Jihadist Movement?

I sense a huge motivation to form

a new jihadist group.

As usual the motivation springs from hatred.

I can sense also a name:


Most probably to signify

Yemen and Qatar.

But another military segment comes with it.

Similar to Iraq and Libya


The wait time to come out in the open

has been extended

to that time the outfit is very well equipped,

which may signify the time

when they get planes.


They must intend to go to war.

They do learn fast, don’t they?

But they are still thinking about it!

No Trade Changes

This meeting with the Chinese Trade Delegation

produced no decisive results.

It looks like Trump does not win today.

Let me guess what was discussed.

Trump is desperately after the repatriation

of the US greenbacks that China has


He also wants,

and declares publicly,

that the China-US trade is lopsided

and has produced a huge deficit on the US.

He also argues that China steals US secrets,

a fact which he cannot sadly produce positive proof.

Tariffs on Chinese exports to the US was discussed

for which the Chinese replied that tariffs would also

be imposed on American goods.

Since America buys more than vice versa,

the Americans will tend to spend more

plus the prices will be higher as the

tariffs will have to be added to the

market price.

The Americans would have insisted that

the Chinese pay in USD

for which the Chinese would have insisted that

the Americans pay in Yuan

but the Americans have less Yuan

than the Chinese have USD.

Besides the Yuan is less in value than the USD.

The Americans would have insisted that the Chinese make up

their deficit by buying $200 billion more in

American goods for which the Chinese agreed

if and only if the American goods are cheaper

or at least have the same price as other

international sellers.

So the cornered Americans can only say

that they will have to put this trade discussions

for sometime in the future.

Making a deal is an art.

making a winning trade deal

takes more brains than art!

(curses, foiled again!)

Laws of Economics Debunked

The Laws of Economics,

crammed unto me in school;

such as Supply and Demand,

Let-Alone Policy,

Competition, and the like;

are now debunked,

and is treated as hogwash,

by none other than me,



 I give you new terms to ponder

and consider before I render

and elaborate on the logic

as to why I do this.

The terms are:






Examples for my reasoning

are now being experienced by all of us.

If you can relate these events to the

four terms that I have mentioned,

then you have the potential of being 

the exceptional, very intelligent,

genius of a human being,

same as somebody

we (Ahem) know today!

The Birth Of The Dragon

Whom we all know that “dragon”

refers to Bruce Lee

Birth of The Dragon.mp4

What Does Kim Really Want?

Every writer, newspaperman, journalist

answered this question wrongly.

What Kim really wants

is what his father before him wanted

which is exactly what his grandfather before him wanted.

If you still cannot figure this out

then you have no business

analyzing the man.

Just leave him be.

He is oriental.

He will survive.

With head unbowed.

North Calls South `Incompetent`

North Korea calls South Korea ignorant and incompetent.

Those words are not probably the correct translation.

What is being communicated is that

South Korea is incognizant of

what North Korea is trying to say

and that Moon is spineless

and does not have the courage to respond.

What North Korea is trying to say in needless words

is that Moon is President of South Korea,

yet he still is dependent and afraid to ask the US

to move its troops out of his country.

Europe Braces Up Against Sanctions

The European Union braces up

for the announced American sanctions,

even activating their

“blocking statute” for the first time.

Bracing up.mp4

It is now clear that the attitude of the

United Sanctions of America

is very similar to that


and as so should be spanked

after he exhausts his tantrums.

The “or else” dogma

will actually disband the

United Nations,

a quasi organization upon

which the USA imposes its will.

With friends like this

who needs enemies.

Quote, unquote.

Peter Alan Cayetano

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs,

Republic of the Philippines,

Peter Alan Cayetano,

is interviewed by Oksana Boiko.


Peter Alan hits the head on the nail,

I mean, nail on the head!

Remember This Day

This day should be remembered

as that day that Hamas

forgot to distribute weapons

to the protesters!


Rubbing It In

The American media continues to gloat

over the stupidity of Kim Jong Un

by giving up weapons that can destroy

the United States

in exchange for nothing.


If I were Kim Jong Un,

I would ask for

the firing of Bolton,

withdrawal of US forces from South Korea,

and the lifting of any sanction against North Korea.

In turn I will destoy all the rockets that have been built

and the installations and manufacturing

facilities to build rockets.

I will keep my nuclear bombs

as guarantee for my own life

and my government.

The summit will of course be at Panmunjom,

if ever I decide to go.

Otherwise there should be more talks 

before any summit will take place.

(But of course, I am not Kim Jong Un)

(I would also fire another missile for nuclear drill)