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Congregational FIFA Girl

Confraternal FIFA Girl



Convent Trained

Convent Expelled

Collusion Prevention

Trump and Putin are trying a new method

of avoiding suspicions of collusion.

They threw out of the country

a whole bunch of diplomats

so that not one of each 

can talk to the diplomats of the other.

Neat, eh?

Of course they can still talk to each other

over the phone!



The Secret Weapon—

this will be your secret weapon—

the referendum.

When California and other states in America

defy the Federal laws and Presidential Decrees,

a referendum could be made

in lieu of a census,

to ask the people of a region

what their choice is regarding a specific controversy.

The result of this referendum is binding over all.

it will overrule the decisions of the state,

Federal government, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

In fact the result of a referendum

will even overrule the Constitution,

if the referendum was nation-wide.

A referendum will require all the residents

of a region who are of voting age,

(16 and over),

and who may have resided in the region

for a specific period of time.

This would include all citizens, immigrants,

and illegal immigrants.

If the American people actually call you

“one of us”,

then you have nothing to worry about

if you ask for a referendum to be made

by Congress.

American Citzenship

A lot of dreamers would wish to live in America.

But a lot of these dreamers refuse to become citizens of America.

What is wrong with American citizenship?

Do some immigrants refuse to belong?

Or they just refuse to pay taxes?

State taxes?

Or Federal taxes?

Permit To Carry

Permit To Carry

is another restriction to Gun Ownership

which both sides of gun Control may agree on.

Licenses to buy, own and register a gun

are already in place.

But this Permit To Carry may save lives.

it works this way:

If a person is seen carrying a gun,

either on his personage

or in his car,

he may be arrested if he cannot present

a permit to carry license

which authorizes him to bring the gun

out of the house.

The one responsible for the gun

is the registered owner

and he may be the one to be charged.

People may be allowed to own guns

but this will be for their home defense only.

Bringing the gun out of the house

will require him to have a permit to carry.

He will also have to explain the reasons

why he needs a permit to carry.

Like carrying money, living in unruly neighborhood,

bodyguarding, etc.

Hunters will definitely be required

a permit to carry license.

Good, eh?

Green Screen

On second thought

it is not the difference in speeds that caused

the complexion of the images

to be green.

It was my video card.

So you do not have anything to worry about.

just keep watching the Vagina Monologues.

Green Videos

If your screen comes up in green and/or purple

this is because you are running

a 64-bit video program

on a 32-bit environment.

Hold on,

I will convert some of the videos here

to 32-bit.

Sorry, these were done on a gaming computer!

Vagina Monologues


talks about nothing but vaginas,

a boon to the ME-TOOS,

amusing to the HE-TOOS,

or vice-versa.

This hour long vagina talk

is suggested to be downloaded

and watched on your screen or laptop


with the hubby.

Vagina Monologues.mp4

The Last Samurai

Last Samurai.mp4

Security Advice by Guesswork


Bolton becomes the National Security Adviser.


Him that makes conclusions by guesswork!

The National Security should not be trusted

on analyses made thru the Ouija board.

Regarding however Bolton performs as NSA,

your guess is as good as mine.

No Money for the Wall?

If there be not enough money for the wall,

then increase the Border Patrollers.

Use the military

call out the National Guard!

Bernadette Sembrano

Rhea Santos

Shannon Bream

Trump Congratulatimng Putin?

Of Course.

Trump is just following

the rules of diplomacy!

FISA Judges

There would not have been any more

discussions as regards the firing of Mueller

if the FISA judges simply withdrew

their signatures on the FISA warrant.

This would also erase and negate

the mandate of Mueller as Special Counsel.

As for Mueller, his hiring of Clinton

and Democrat-leaning investigators is actually

his prayer to be rid of this assignment.

He never liked it

but wants to be fired instead of quit.

Being fired is more of a face saver.

Give Mueller what he wants.


Buckling Down


That was the worst attack yet!

It targeted my webhosting servers.

It also took me 36 hours with little sleep

and more hours for the CanadianWebhosting techs

to fix what appears to be a scrambling of the files.

The CIA must have hired some Chinese hackers to do this.

It is not unusual for the CIA to hire private

mercenaries to do the job.

But I know that there will be more attacks coming.

I shall be prepared for them.

Bring them on!

But first I am buckling down for safety.

Ye Olde Chemo Trickee

The UK again unabashedly announced

that Russia was responsible for the poisoning

of former double spies mother and daughter.

No proof was presented, of course,

not even the effort to find one.

This chemical attack is used as a ploy

by the English to create diversion

and to drum up political support.

It’s been used against Hussein

and Assad.

It’s a stale ploy

and  it had its laughs already.

Better for Theresa may

to stick to the

Ye Olde Tea Shoppe sip.

This has a more elegant ring to it!

The Foreign Legion Lands

The Russian Foreign Ministry has voiced concerns over the buildup of Ukrainian forces and US mercenaries in the southeastern part of the country, calling on Kiev to immediately cease military preparations which could lead to a civil war.
As parts of Ukraine push for greater autonomy – with Donetsk and Kharkov declaring independence on Monday – the self-imposed government in Kiev is  reportedly dispatching additional forces in turbulent regions to  avoid potential disobedience by local law enforcements.
“We are particularly concerned that the operation involves  some 150 American mercenaries from a private company Greystone  Ltd., dressed in the uniform of the [Ukrainian] special task  police unit Sokol,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a  statement. “Organizers and participants of such incitement  are assuming a huge responsibility for threatening upon the  rights, freedoms and lives of Ukrainian citizens as well as the  stability of Ukraine.”

Foreign Legion.mpg

Ukraine’s acting interior minister, Arsen Avakov, confirmed that  additional police special forces units have arrived in southern  and eastern parts of Ukraine from other regions.
“These special forces are ready to solve operational problems  without the regard to local peculiarities,” Ukraine’s  Interior Ministry quoted Avakov as saying. “I urge all the  hotheads now to defer from criticism and panic, and help the  police keep the situation under control.”
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, special forces backed  by militants from the Right Sector are being tasked with  suppressing protests in the southeastern regions of Ukraine,  which for weeks have been calling for a referendums on the  regions’ statuses within Ukraine. Moscow called on the government  in Kiev to refrain from actions that could spark a civil war in  Ukraine.
“We urge [Kiev] to immediately stop all military preparations  which could lead to a civil war,” the statement reads.
On Monday, a source in the Interior Ministry of Ukraine told Ria  Novosti that three special forces units have been redeployed to  the Donetsk and Lugansk regions to suppress anti-government  protests. The source claims that they consist of Interior Forces  units, the newly-formed National Guard, Right Sector radicals,  and Blackwater (Greystone) mercenaries and Falcon units. LifeNews  also reported seeing armed Titan special forces units in Donetsk.


(originally posted April 8, 2014)

John Brennan, Top Mercenary

Fox News has been tops in my book

and I keep my tv tuned to this site all day long

for as long as it reports news inside America.

When it does get some people to comment on foreign news

I quit watching Fox news.

The people that they put up to make these comments

are merely guessing and they sound absurd most of the time.

What I do is mostly guess, too,

but I do not sound ridiculous,

simply because I make my guesses plausible enough

for your consideration.

What follows is my effort to strip down

the aura of “holiness” and untouchability

that is John Brennan,

heretofore I shall call as

the top American Mercenary.

John Brennan caught my imagination in Afghanistan,

when the effective 10th Mountain Division was pulled out

to be replaced by American “private security forces”

purposely to  guard oil trucks hauling their cargo.

Soon comes Porosshenko, the chocolatier,

who openly telegraphed his wishes

to join the European Union.

And thereafter Poroshenko gained power over Ukraine by a coup.

Very soon afterwards, the IMF comes in to lend money to Ukraine.

And very, very soon comes the United States with $5 Billion

to spend over the quagmire of expenses that is Ukraine.

Curiously enough, the one who is going to administer this $5 Billion

is none other than CIA Director John Brennan,

originator of the American Foreign Legion,

the Soldiers of Fortune, 

Mercenaries of Afghanistan, Ukraine and Syria.

They have done a lot of collateral damages,

all of which the United States, and John Brennan,

will not have to account for!