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Shades of J. Edgar Hoover

Of all the shades of J. Edgar Hoover,

some of which are left unturned,

this one is the darkest.

If Donald is watching

I would say that there just might have been

a conspiracy to hijack the U.S. government

by using a puppet President, maybe.

As to what to do with Mueller,

refer him to the FISC.

After all, Mueller’s mandate

comes from these judges.

If you do not read this in time,

I should blame the webhosting sites of CWH and WHC.

Boy, they sure are inept.

B.C. Premier Restricts Alberta Pipeline

No, this is not politics.

This is plain and simple demand

for rental of the real estate

under the pipeline.

B.C. must have really ran out of

softwood logs.

The next forest fires will bankrupt this province.

On that time they will not call it rental

but commission!