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Merry Christmas

This may not have been the merriest of Chrismases for me

but I certainly wish all of you

the merriest ever!


US Cuts Down UN Budget

The United States withdrew its $285 million support

to the “inefficient” UN

The US have all the right to do so

paying for about a fourth of the total UN budget.

The US transferred its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The US have all the right to do so

transferring its embassy from one office

to another which land it owns.

The US declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

The US does not have any right to do so.

It is none of its business.


Wikileaks Disappears

Assange’s twitter site disappears.

He should check his internet providers.

Or webhosts.

Or his own vulnerability to a neutralized

“Net Neutrality”.

One Hundred Eyes


100 Eyes.mp4

Rubbing It In

rude sign

Abortion, Anyone?



where do I send in the forms?

All In

The United States is not only upping the ante.

it is calling the game by betting

it all in to the pot.

Personally, the United States can transfer

its embassy to any place it wants,

as long it does not in turn declare

that spot as the capital of the country

which does not belong to the US.

The US may be that powerful, but it still

cannot declare land as the capital

of any foreign country.


If Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,

then Israel holds sovereignty over the region,

and may enforce any law that it makes over the region.


All in.mp4

Capital Claims

Israel keeps on claiming its capital to be Jerusalem

citing proof that everybody knows this.

Fake claims.

Ever since my school days

I know for a fact that the capital of Israel

is Tel-Aviv.

Everybody knows this.

Not that I berate Israel as a pretender

I am closer to Israel than I know I am,

even if I did live in Biblical days.

All the great religions of the world

deserve to call Jerusalem as its capital.

And a Capital does not make a country.

All the countries of the world

may install their embassies in Jerusalem but

Embassies do not a capital make.




The Israelis should never have abandoned this land.

Armageddon For Grandma Pelosi

The Tax Reform of the US Congress

spells Armageddon for Grandma Pelosi.

Actually, this Tax Reform

provides for reduced taxes for everybody.

So if it does provide reduced taxes for everybody

at the expense of the government

its gotta be good.

Not for Grandma Pelosi, though.

Bullying the North Koreans

Telling the North Koreans to smarten up before

going to the negotiation table

is one great mistake that was made.

This is made under the presumption

that North Korea is already beaten

from the ensuing starving sanctions.

The Americans have another think coming.

The presumption that China will go all the way

in sanctioning North Korea is another big mistake.

China will only go that far.

The reasons are obvious.

And that Yalu River will be a big factor in this.

Plus  a long Russian railway.

North Korea will have its nuclear capability.

And while this capability was only meant

  to gain international prestige before,

it will now be trained on American cities,

ONLY American cities.

When has it ever been that the Americans

did not bully the Asians?

Treat the North Koreans as equals

if you want them to negotiate,

otherwise keep asking the whole world

to be with you when you bully them.


Fire Robert Mueller?

Goodness no!

He’s doing great

uncovering all those names.

Without him working

Hannity would never have a longer chart

of corrupt people.

Besides we need a conclusion to the investigation.

It also keeps the Democrats hoping

and the media faking the news.

It is impossible for the Russians to affect

any American election.

Fake News International

The Mainstream media of the US

is not the only one to concoct fake news.

The American Intelligence Community

is the primary group that diffuses fake news

most of which are intended for international consumption

via the United Nations.

The target has and always been Russia and its allies.

Starting with Ukraine, then Syria, and now Iran.

Oddly enough, most of these fake news are concerning

military actions pointing to Russia’s allies

as the perpetrators, and/or aggressors.

Don’t believe everything that you read

until you read the other side’s viewpoint.

Like this fake news which is countered by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian Defense Ministry has said that an F-22 got close to a pair of Su-25 jets, hampering them from escorting a humanitarian aid convoy. It dismissed reports of the Russian jets being “intercepted.”

The incident took place Wednesday in the vicinity of the Syrian town of Mayadin, when a pair of Su-25 close air support jets were escorting a humanitarian aid convoy, the Russian Defense Ministry said. A US F-22 stealth fighter came from across the Euphrates river and approached the aircraft, firing flare decoys in front of them.

A Su-35 fighter jet, which provided cover for the Russian planes, “rapidly approached” the F-22 from the rear and the US warplane left the area afterward, the ministry added.

The ministry stressed that the incident occurred above the western bank of the Euphrates River, dismissing media reports that the Russian planes were allegedly operating over the eastern bank.

Read more

Russian Su-35 chased away rogue US F-22 jet: MoD blasts US Air Force for hampering Syria op

Earlier, US military officials told media, that a F-22 fighter fired flares to warn Russian planes away from a “deconfliction line” in Syria. After the encounter, the Russian planes reportedly left the area.

“Two F-22s went too close to two Russian jets so we had to use the de-confliction channels,” a US Central Command (CENTCOM) told Sputnik on Thursday. “This is not something extraordinary… It happens sometimes several times a day.” The official has also confirmed that the militaries of the two countries have discussed the incident.

Moscow and Washington agreed on a flight safety memorandum in Syria in 2015 and established a hotline to prevent emergency situations. Using this early-warning system, the militaries of the two countries discuss the approximate locations and missions of their planes to avoid them being in the same airspace at the same time.

However, the two sides have repeatedly accused each other of disregarding the memorandum and being reluctant to use the tools at their disposal to prevent incidents. A similar incident between the Russian and US militaries was reported by Russia’s Defense Ministry last week. It said that a Russian Su-35 was forced to chase away a rogue US F-22 jet on November 23.

“The F-22 launched decoy flares and used airbrakes while constantly maneuvering [near the Russian strike jets], imitating an air fight,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said last Saturday in a statement, accusing the US military of attempts to disrupt the anti-terrorist operation and preventing Russian planes from bombing Islamic State terrorists.

Reporting what the mainstream media won’t: Follow RT’s Twitter


North Korea in Olympics

The Americans need not worry about the North Koreans

disturbing the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

How can I be sure?

these are Orientals.

This implies that they have a word of honor.

And their word is their honor.

Hence no attacks on the Olympics.

Besides, the South Koreans are their kin.

The Americans, in contrast,

made an agreement with the North Koreans

who in turn stopped firing their rockets.

But then, the Americans broke their word,

So the North Koreans went back to firing their rockets.

How many more agreements

will the Americans break now?

The NAFTA is a good example.

A lot of American goods that are included in NAFTA to

be free of import duties

are up to now being charged with import duties.

Chief of Operations

Hannity is getting close to the covert operations

designed to cover up the larceny.

Hannity may end up finding out

that the one who asked

Sessions to recuse himself

is the same one who chose Mueller’s minions.

If this is like so,

then the weakest link in the group

for grilling

is the lady with the most money.


“Minions. minions,

who’ve been eating minions.

Question Period



The Ethics Commissioner is under fire

Rosenstein Hearing


Rosenstein Hearing.mp4

(1 1/2 hours)

Out of his rosy chair

and into the Senate grilling chair

is Rosenstein,

functioning as legal overseer

for Robert Mueller.

This one is a survivor.

And he knows his way around,

even makes circles around Congressmen.

One of these days….

Doug Jones, Senator for Alabama




Sen Doug Jones.mp4

What happened?

Watch the video clip.

CNN Employees Accept 15% Pay Reduction

This is fake news,

collected mainly by me,

from multiple anonymous sources,

mainly I,

that overheard from a CNN employee,

that the CNN employees have accepted

a 15% reduction in pay

ahead of a prospective

hard times ahead.

However, they vehemently refused

the last 5%

to be paid in AIR  MILES!


The Makings of A Capital

The Presence of

Government offices and buildings

to house government departments

do not a capital make.

The US may move its embassy

to Jerusalem

but this move still does not make

Jerusalem as capital.

Doing something that the other Presidents

could not do

does not a hero make!

This is not a stupid move, no siree,

It just is untimely!

Which does not make it a any wiser!

And nobody but nobody concurs!

Fluttering Proof of Global Warming

Environmental scientists submitted this photo

as fluttering proof of global warming.

global warming


They were unable to submit another proof

for the succeeding years, however,

for obvious reasons!

No Medals for Team Russia

Russia is banned from the Olympics.

And finally,

America will be great again.

No medals for Russia!

The US Offer to Palestine

The US will try to defuse the Jerusalem situation

that they created by making an offer

that the Palestinians cannot refuse.

This offer I am guessing now

and I believe this is one offer that

cannot be refused.

This offer consist of:

  1. Conferring statehood for Palestine
  2. $10 billion in cash to build government offices and facilities on the properties that they choose
  3. Credit line with IMF to build roads and infrastructure, water supply and drainage system, schools
  4. Training for teachers, police, agriculture and etc.
  5. Neutral zone for religious worship vacated by residential homes and offices.

CAPITAL Punishment

Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem to be

the capital of Israel sparked riots

and violent protests from the Muslims

all over the world.

Such consequences of this declaration

would punish both the Muslim world

and otherworlds

in one violent strife

that is reminiscent of that which was long ago.



Capital Punishment.mp4

I did warn on my last post titled “Jerusalem”—-


Now see what happens afterwards.

A war has just started,


Shannon Bream


Molly Line