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Catalonian Rebellion

The referendum by the Catalan-speaking peoples of Spain

is illegitimate

and is not binding.

Any referendum that seeks to change the configuration

and/or the sovereignty of the country

will require the vote of ALL the peoples of the country.

The whole Spanish nation should have voted for the Catalan

referendum before it is binding.

If the Catalonians  insist on breaking away from the country,

this act will be considered as a rebellion.

The Catalonians should have asked for a national referendum.

What they are now doing is forcing a unilateral secession,

not a bilateral one as should be.

Recall the example of Quebec.

And the decision of the Southern American States.

Right now, Italian referenda suggest

non-binding, informative call to the whole Italian Country.

Smart moves!


Jesus Campos and Paddock

The first thing I posted about the Las Vegas massacre was

Paddock had help with his food and his baggage.

Now think about it this way—-

Jesus Campos, the Security guard,

was the last person to see Paddock alive.

Now ask the questions—-

With all the rapid-fire rifles that Paddock had

and if he shot at Jesus Campos in the hallway,

why was there no STRAY bullets found in the wall

of the hallway?

If Jesus Campos was only coming in to investigate,

how would Paddock know that Campos was

walking down the hallway when paddock was busy

inside the room?

And if Paddock was to shoot Campos to kill,

why shoot him once on the leg?

Who really shot Campos, Paddock or Campos himself?

Don’t we blame the Sheriff now because he was made to see

only what he saw.

But if he were to be smarter….


The UN Mistake

Using the United Nations to curb North Korean belligerence

is a big mistake!

Remember that North Korea is in this screwed-up state

because of the UN Security Council’s decision

to stop Nokor “aggression” against South Korea.

This action will leave Kim Jong Un

in a much unpredictable and uncontrollable state of mind.

Now, who the heck attempted to stop the United States

from testing its missiles and nuclear bombs?


The Nafta Trap

Any changes to the Nafta will only benefit the Americans.

In fact, the ensuing negotiations with the United States

seek to entrap Mexico and Canada into what I will coin

as the circle of American Sanctions.

And while the United States is retreating into a cocoon of protectionism,

as I said before,

it will need something of a steady supply of nutrition

for this country to re-energize before it

bursts out as THE prominent power

in economics and military might.

After which I can now call this country  of the good ol’ USA

as the United Sanctions of America.

This is a warning for Canada and Mexico.

These unsuspecting countries are heading into a trap.

Little do they know that recent events have created a corner

with which Trump is knowingly painting himself into

if he does not get the upper hand against all the countries

that have signed agreements with the United States.

My next post will explain the reason for the warning.

After I have tested extensively my new lottery programs.


Before I forget I must say

that against all the crises and natural calamities

that have befallen the United States,

this guy Donald Trump,

unquestionably and legitimately elected

President of the United States,

has performed compassionately and beautifully

the duties of that respectful office.

So there!

I must again say

that I have a red line

and this has been reached.

“Belay that stand down!

Stand by to fire first salvo!”

Stubborn Protests

The black NFL players inxist on disrespecting the American Flag

reiterating that they are not disrespecting the National Anthem

and that they mean only to make protests

against something else!

Well, they coulda fooled the people!

No touchdown for them.


The Catalan Coffers

The Coffers of Catalan is empty,

This region might not even have one vault

to hold its treasury,

if ever it has a treasury.

If the region does not have funds to call its own

it would be impossible to be independent of Spain.

Which is probably the reason why the proclamation

of the Catalan Independence is postponed.

The Catalonians rushed into this independence thing.

Que Mala.

whatever that means.

There will be no budget to run the Catalan government.


Harvey Wolfstein

This sex predator is only one of the den of wolves.

There are lots of them in the movie business.

And while they do not come in a pack,

they do occur normally.

What is most disconcerting is that

the public ignores them

and does nothing about them.

What enables them to prey on the women?

More fortune, more fame, more shame!

These people are predators,

and they do not need doctors!

The Paddock Mow-Down

Now don’t guess, ANALYZE!

At first notion, I thought that this

merciless butchery of concert goers

is Paddock’s Farewell To Arms.

He planned to leave and live!

Think about it.

“Bump Stock” Ban

“Bump Stock” is a modification to a firearm

to disable the option to fire by the trigger activation,

causing the gun to fire without trigger control.

This results in the gun on rapid-fire.

This option is on  all military squad weapons.

If a semi-automatic weapon, or one that reloads

the rounds automatically after eject,

is modified to prevent the weapon from firing

is to be banned, this act will be ineffective.

Firstly, because there is no way to determine whether

a model has been modified or not.

And secondly, because the weapon has been modified

after purchase.

There will be no way to enforce this law.

The modification has been done by the owner.

Thirdly, The prospective law will not dfeter

people of unsound mind

to commit murderous act.