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NFL Mea Culpas


The NFL, composed incidentally by blacks mostly,

has been caught with their logic askew.

The NFL players did want to make a statement against police brutalities.

But they chose the wrong venue to do it.

Instead of standing for the National Anthem as all

nations do for respect they kneel.

There are other venues to do it

but why malign the symbol of a nation to do it.

They now say that it was not their intention to spite the American Flag.

But only now do they say so after they realize that they

incurred the wrath of the Americans.

 They do not want to be called Africans.

But now they do not want to be Americans.

If they say it was not their intention to spite the American Flag,

they sure have a clear expression of their intention

when they kneel for the National Anthem.

And now, as usual, they complain against racism

when they earn millions from American labor.

Ingrates, the blacks are, and maybe soon enough

the people will start scrutinizing the amount of money

that they receive from sports

and discriminate some more against them.

Trump’s statements, the blacks claim, is divisive.

IF SO, the blacks started it!





The intention may not be to disrespect

the American Flag,

but it is clear that the result is

the disrespect to the American Flag.

THE Five Fox News

I posted a question to The Five’s Facebook

before they moved to the 5 O’Clock spot.

I have not heard anything or spotted anything

from the Five Facebook about my question.

I guess the question was too much for them to answer.

So I have to answer it for them.

I guess Canadians are not to their liking.

My next post will answer this question.


White Man’s Beef

The Flag-Kneeling ceremony—-

see what I mean?

The blacks consider Trump’s message as racism,

when in fact Trump is against anybody

who disrespects the American flag.

AGAIN, I say, what the blacks consider as racism

is merely the white men’s beef

that blacks do not follow rules.

They are undisciplined

and lack proper parenting.

If the blacks continue on this venue,

they will suffer the worst of the white man’s discrimination

for the simple reason that the blacks are declaring

that they are not Americans.


Healthcare Holdouts

Now that Rand Paul explains why he is holding out on his vote

I believe he is right in doing this.

It is not difficult to give in to what his conditions are.

In fact I would have done the same thing had I been a Senator,

which is not going to happen, eh?

Senator-hero McCain, who bears the name of my favorite

frozen fried potatoes, should be heard.

He only wants to clear some details

so that the law will not run into problems later on.

Typical military logical planning.

The other two lady Senators, I imagine,

also have their constituents in mind.

They might not be mentioning it—

but if their constituents ran into debt trying to pay

last year’s health care, they need extra funds to

defray the expenses of last year.

I am only guessing.

But the bottom line is:

they need MORE MONEY


Four People–

They do not represent the

Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

In fact, they know better.

So give in, eh.

If you do this, I am sure that

they are not going to take you for a ride!



Too Big For Helmets

The NFL and its players mostly blacks

have become too big for their helmets.

Too big even to disrespect their own flag

and even their President.


Now the whole world is getting a glimpse

of America’s true colors.

And it is mostly black

whose religion appears to be the First Amendment.

flag raising

To Die For

Nokor FM Adresses UN

The North Korean Foreign Minister addresses the UN General Assembly.


This one is an academic

addressing the UN General Assembly

with sane logic and sound reasoning

with much reference to history

and world conflicts.

No saber-ratling from this guy

but his words  soft but sharp

and to the point,

the sharp point.

He vividly projected to the General Assembly

the North Korean side of the coin,

and he decried the illegal utilization of sanctions

that destroyed Cuba’s progressiveness

and which may now be used against Venezuela.

He pointed out that his President,

Kim Jong Un,  plans to use

the Hydrogen bomb only for national defense.

No sabre-rattling from him,

just saber-pointing.


Rocket Man Fires Back

Kim Jong Un, not to be outdone by rhetoric, fires back

and calls Trump a mentally deranged dotard,

which is actually a senile, overaged,

useless grandpa who is dutifully kept in the house.

Now this is progress!

The missile-rattling relationship between these two

has now been UPgraded

to the name-calling basis.

Watch now for the ensuing English-sparring sessions

Webster style, from now till whenever.

Remember that North Korea has now been effectively under siege.

Yet allow the South Koreans to send in food and stuff.

They are kin to the North Koreans.

In fact, the best diplomatic envoy that could be sent

to Kim Jong Un would be the

South Korean President.

Just for a look-see, OK?


Black Beef

Why is it

that every time an African American

comes to talk on tv

the tone is a complaint

against racism?

What they think is racism

is actually a white man’s beef

that black people should learn

how to follow rules

made for both black and white.


Undocumented Dreamers : One Solution

This is another of my suggested solutions.

I have oodles of them in this blog of mine.

Some suggestions get picked up.

Some get put to the stotage.

Some are modified.

Some are adapted the opposite way.

Still, my glee is that these are considered

for adoption and not for corruption.

I suggest that the DACA be put into law by next year.

Meantime the undocumented Dreamers,

if they really want to stay in America,

should apply for citizenship.

This citizenship approval may come down next year,

prior to the next election so that they can vote.

To get their citizenship papers, the Dreamers must show


for 2017.

They only have to file their income tax returns, that’s it.


Somebody should sponsor them such as Postmasters, Bank Managers,

Policemen, government employees, neighbors who are professionals,

employers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.


if they become citizens of the US,

they will enjoy security, health care, rights, and freedom

enjoyed by all Americans,

including the Right To Vote.

Check your immigration lawyers for the new

Merit System to qualify.

Otherwise, the Law is the Law,

Undocumented Dreamers are in reality

Uninvited Guests!


Rocket Man

A bunch of Americans

(whom we can instantly name)

have called Trump’s

reference to  Kim Jong Un

as Rocket man, as un-Presidemtial

and rude and will cause more problems.

They (whom we can instantly name)

are never more mistaken.

Kim Jong Un does not resent an American President

calling him with a special name.

After all, Kim Jong Un has not only gained

the attention of the world by Trump’s reference,

he has now attained recognition.

He is relishing the name, Rocket Man, who is

for the info of those whom we can name instantly,

a superhero who flies around with the use

of a jetpack strapped around his body.

Trump’s Rocket Man name will do lots

to ease the tension on North Korea.

Now, do I sense the feeling that Trump has started

to understand Asian psychology?


Single Payer Health Care

The new Republican Health Care Bill

puts the onus of management

on the states.

This is still a single-payer system, though,

not a 50-state payer system

for the simple reason that

the Federal Government still foots the bill.

An expense amount is deposited to the States’ coffers

and this will disburse for the health expenses

of the people in the states.

The Federal Government replenishes these deposits

as they are expended.

A unique id system will produce cards registered

on a centralized system,

and which would also reflect for which state it was issued.

Such an id no. will connect the subject to

the Social security System id no.

And better still, to his driver’s License No.

This allows for cross-state insurance coverage.

All transaction will be recorded on the State system

and naturally on the centralized system.

This would require a good amount of accounting, auditing,

and banking work.

I tagged the time to be 100% working in two years

after initialization,

by which time all glicks shoud have been fixed.

This system is guaranteed to work

and also reduce instantly the amount

of premiums for both employers and employees.

The Health Department will have to expand its nationwide duties

to include a Data Recording Department

to equal that of any Intelligence Department

and will have to be more confidential.sunny


Trump Speaks to The World

UN Speech125

UN General Assembly Speech.mp4

US President Doald Trump

tells the world

what the world stands for

what the US has given

What the US stands for

and what the US expects the world

to stand for.

This is one impressive speech.

Forty minutes long

no notes

as usual.


American Quandary

From the quagmire that was Ukraine

the Americans now moved to a quandary

that is North Korea.

I could even tell them in a  “I-told-ya-so” manner

that they are aggravating the situation.

Too late for diplomatic intrusions now.

Not when the diplomacy is initiated by Americans,

or anything associated with Americans.

When the North Koreans rattled their sabers,

the Americans unstacked their rifles.

Bad move,

I told you so.

It is a mistake to declare the situation

as an international problem

and which can be solved by the UN.

Well surprise, surprise—

I say again this is a problem between North Korea and the US.

The world has nothing to do with it.

It had been the customary solution for the Americans

to enter the territory of a sovereign country

without asking for UN sanctions.

Why don’t the Americans land troops to North Korea now?


But I do admit there are still some other diplomatic moves

 that could succeed.

But these should not include any American

nor any UN efforts.

And get this—-

Kim Jong Un may actually be thinking

that he is doing the world a good turn!


Republican Renovation

The Republican Congressmen have all but forsaken Donald Trump.

Not much help was provided The President

on his campaign.

Now the Congressmen have all but

remained complacent amidst Trump’s


The American people noticed this

and have now began to consider replacing

the GOP Congressmen in part

or as a whole.

This all depends upon the Democrats

coming to the aid of the President

in his projects for the people.

The people will elect in 2018

a replacement Republican candidate

or a Democrat altogether.

This is the one chance for the Democrats

to become the majority party again.

All because the Republicans ignored

their President.

Pity the President

who does unrequited work

for the Republicans.



And now we come to the ticklish situation :

children who are in the United States

in whatever manner they came

and which were not born in the United States

are, by legal terms, illegal immigrants,

unless they were born from American citizen/s,

in which case they have to file for naturalization

before they can be considered as American citizens.

If they do not possess any factor by which their

naturalization  is not possible

then the government decides what to do with them.

This government action is now the dispute within

the government of the United States.

To deport or not to deport.

The American tolerance and humane affinities

are now dramatized.

Deporting them will be hard to handle.

The American complacency and excessive compassion

are now to blame.

Wait a minute,

wait a effing minute,

why deport them?

A compromise can be made.

If they have resided long enough

and obeyed the rules diligently enough

in the United States,

they have now acquired some qualifying traits to be


This is something next to citizenship,

but they are not allowed to vote.

They have yet to apply for citizenship

having qualified now as permanent immigrants.

This is not an amnesty but a legal stay.

They must apply for citizenship

under the category of sponsored-immigrant.

Of course some American professionals should

stand by him in court for sponsorship.

It is a wonder how the United States arrived

at this dire DACA situation.

Immigrants, legal or illegal, do increase

the purchasing power for consumer goods,

using cheap, sturdy, steady, and reliable labor.


(this, however will produce a useless law if there is nothing

to stop the illegal immigrants from coming through again!))

Man of Few Words

Vladimir Putin, man of few Russian words.

07/09/2017, 1:28:43 PM: Ramesh: Vladimir Putin’s speech – SHORTEST SPEECH EVER.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

“In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

“Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland, and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

“When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.”

The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

Battle of Marawi City

Filipino Muslims are not ordinarily extremists.

It is the Muslim visitors that are extremists

and terrorists as the name implies.

Filipino Muslims also do not ask for the ShariahLaw to be installed.

It is the Muslim visitors that demand

that the Shariah Law be installed.

What the Heck,

and so goes the battle.

Marawi battle123

Battle for Marawi City.mp4

Children of Undocumented Immigrants

 This is a Holey Moley predicament.

There are so much Holes in the laws that restrict immigration.

And the moles only have to dig small holes to tunnel through.

The consequence of complacency has now come up to the fore.

What is there to do now

with the large number of undocumented children?

The Americans are now side-swiping the problem

when it can be solved mostly by following only one rule.

And that is :  Children born in the United States,

or territory or lands belonging to the United States,

of whatever mother or woman they come from

will fall under the category of Natural-Born individuals,

and will have the right to claim American citizenship.

No ifs and buts in this rule.

Furthermore, if, after they are formalized as citizens

by naturalization procedures,

their parents can also claim American citizenship

because their sibling is an American citizen already.


The Ugly American

Some writer wrote a book with this tittle.

Only recently did I understand what the writer had to say.

And that is habitual arrogance

born of the false heritage of what somebody else

termed as the Aryan race.

It is too late now for a diplomatic solution

to the North Korean threat.

I told you so.

Now Kim Jong Un has got the US more scared

than a rabbit in his deepest hole..

Decidedly so, because a hydrogen bomb

is nothing like the July fireworks

that I mentioned.

See what I mean by Oriental psychology?

And how some particular person can be egged on by

taunts and tempts.

If they had used that particular diplomatic move

that I suggested, it would never have come to this point.

Now both the US and North Korea acts like children

using lines on the sand and

middle fingers at each other.

Now it is too late.

The whole North Korean people,

brainwashed as they are,

would rather give what they have

to support Kim Jong Un’s intimidations.

The Americans should be blamed for this situation

not the rest of the world.

This has become a matter between Kim Jong Un

and the Americans.

Let them fix it by themselves.

It is not the world that is under tension.

It is the North Korean people.

Remember also that Kim Jong Un

has no grudge against the world,

only against America.

Gold and the US Public Debt

The US is up to here in public debt.

That is not a problem

not if they can help it.

 And they can by the usual method.

The destruction brought about by Harvey

has made this problem more acute.

The US can, however, print more money

as a remedy.

Doing so, however, devalues the American currency’

This is probably good also because the Us dollars

that China holds also devalues.

This is no good if only to consider

that the international currencies revalues

relative to the US dollar.

Another method to fix the public debt problem

is to raise the value of gold.

This would also increase the total value of the

 Federal Gold Reserve

thus they can print more money comfortably.

But this would now start a run to buy gold

today when the price is still low.

Harvey did cause a lot more problems

than we realize.

BTW, Texas contractors will now hanker for much

building materials, one of which

is lumber.

And softwood lumber is the best choice.

So now, whiter thou goest, NAFTA?


Russian Diplomatic properties Trespassed

The US State Department conducted

warrantless searches of Russian Diplomatic Missions

and Russian private residences.

Shades of KGB,

the US have now started trespassing into

foreign properties, and countries,  all over the world

with impunity.

So now who needs a wall against whom?

I wonder if they have already planted evidence

of Russian-American collusion

in any and all of the places they searched.

Ah, but Mueller’s search

have started to be desperate.

It will next be frustrated.

Till then,

Merry Christmas!



America In A Mess


the Land of the Free

the Home of the Brave

is now in a turmoil

simply bcause it is now

the home of the brave

and the land of the free

that crowned Brotherhood

as Good.