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Cancer: What Have We Missed?

Nothing much, I would admit.

Just the more important things.

With all the international researches we are doing

we have yet to find a cure for cancer.

What a mess!

And every scientist, every doctor,

and every researcher will say

that they are making progress.

I agree, but in what?

Progress is being achieved in fighting the symptoms,

symptoms of inflammation,

the pain it produces,

and eventually,

progress in comforting the dying patient.

What then have we missed?

Tune in to this blog,

or should I say, re-tune in to this blog.

We might have missed something about cancer,

but don’t miss this topic of mine.

it will be nothing you have read of or heard about.

This will be brought to you in simple,

layman’s terms, without ads nor requisites.

This write-up will not be called

the truth about cancer

(because we never missed that)

but it will be called

what have we missed

as plain as day.

This post is not an invite.

But this one you should bite.