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Clinton’s Emails


If there is one thing that will give Russia

a respite from the media bash

is the discovery of the rest of Hillary`s emails

which may have been forwarded

or sent as copies to another device.


I think Putin

has something to do with this!


It must have been his device

where Clinton`s emails landed!

The Children of Aleppo

The obsession of the Western countries

to bring down the legitimate government of Syria

has now started to claim the children of Aleppo as casualties.


RT Oct 16 2016.mp4

More so the western countries turn a blind eye on the

rebel shelling of Aleppo.

This is the way that the rebels prove to those who  supplied their arms

that they are actually using these arms for the intended purpose.

But bombing the children of Aleppo is one juicy pointer

for the Human Rights Commission to step in

and stop the shelling.

But no, the HRC just do not follow the rules.

They just follow what they are told to follow.

After all, they must also receive wages to survive.

At any rate, the Western world has never justified

their reasons to change the regime of Assad

and to malign Russia as a state and a nation.

The Western World should realize by now

that Assad will not be toppled

and Russia will finally be understood.

White Helmets Not So White


Crosstalk Oct 7

(this will be the next Nobel Peace Prize mistake)

Riling Up The Americans

Jokingly, he said that the more the Americans are riled up

the more money they leave behind.


RT Oct 5 2016

Star Trek Beyond


Star Trek Beyond.mp4

(suggest you download this movie on disk or usb then play it on tv)

Now You See Me 2


Now You See Me 2.mp4

(suggest you download to disk or usb then play it on tv)

The Vice-Presidential Debate

It now comes to the fore the campaign strategies of the Candidates—

the Republicans concentrate on what Hillary did

but are still not proved.

The Democrats concentrate on what Trump said

but are misinterpreted.

The debate sometimes turn to campaign speeches!

Their points do not meet!

(This debate might rest on the candidates’ demeanors.)

Al-Nusra Weapons


RT Oct 2 2016.mp4

Capital Gains and Losses

Yup! We have this item also in Canada as income tax entries.

Capital losses, particularly in business transactions,

are legitimate tax deductions.

If this amount totals to more than the amount

of your capital gains for that year,

this can entered as a tax deduction.

Moreover, you can carry this tax deduction over

to the next year as the amount deducted

is in a decreasing balances.

If you lose a billion dollars this year,

you can elect to enter as much amount in tax deduction

or you can run this deduction for several years

as long as the capital losses balances exist.

I hear that you can run this tax deduction for 18 years

for some particular person that we know.

I suppose he needed the revenue people to agree with this.

But the main this is that there is nothing wrong with not paying

your income tax if doing so is legitimate.

Now, regarding the media’s concerted effort to discredit some person we know,

maybe they should try to throw the kitchen sink at him next.

I hear that he has not used the kitchen sink for that long a time now

for washing dishes.

The important question is why the media concerned

are in a desperate program to bring him down.

Are these media afraid that he would win this election?