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“D” And “A”

Within the topics related to cancer

the word “mutation” crops up every now and then.

And rightly so because cancer comes out from

mutated genes,

which are basically from mutated DNA.

It should be noted also that mutation is the main

cause of evolution,

from whence come to mind Darwin’s

Theory of Evolution.

Nothing contradicts Darwin and his “D” and “A”

or that which is Darwin and After Darwin.

Excepting, of course, the fact that

there has not been any proof or data

about the “Missing Link”.

What is the Missing Link?

That which would show the connection between Man and Apes.

You see, we humans are thought of to evolve from the apes.

If this be true then we should see some proof of this

by finding remnants of a species which are half-man and half-ape.

Otherwise Darwin and After Darwin remains a theory.

But then  again another theory arose,

in fact this is not merely a theory,

it is a belief

or more specifically, it is a FAITH.

It says that in the evolution of Man

Something, or Somebody, decided to hurry things up,

and made a huffity Adam and a puffity Eve,

all in one breath.

And so there is still the ape

and then there still is man, but not Darwin and After.

Now going back to DNA and the mutated DNA.

Is it true that man is evolving?

Heck no!

The mutations in our DNA tend to kill, not form new strands!

Besides, even Darwin will tell you that evolution

did not result in the instant death of the original copy.

Evolution takes eons to complete,

what with natural selection, adaptation, survival of the fittest, and etc.

Man will never evolve, not from mutated DNA, anyhow.

It would be in some other form


(maybe in some form amalgamated with cell phones) smileface99

Illegal Immigrant Still Misunderstood

Thanks to the media, Trump’s definition of illegal immigrant

is still misinterpreted.

Perhaps I could help everybody if I explained it this way—-(ehem)

An illegal immigrant is a person who does not have

the legal right to stay in the country.

The government may force him to leave the country,

and there is nothing to stop the government from doing this.

Trump tried to explain this in that way and this way.

It appears that he is flip-flopping.

Now let me do it this way–

If a person enters the country under a temporary visa,

he is still not considered a citizen of the country.

Thus, he will not pay taxes and he cannot claim benefits.

If he wants to convert his status to permanent resident,

he has to go back to his own country to file for a permanent visa.

Either that, or the government, under compassionate terms,

will allow him to file for a visa inside the country.

He does not have to go back to his country of origin.

However, this visa must be processed in conjunction with

the documentation provided by his country of origin.

This has to do with the security as provided by

the Bureaus of Investigation of both countries.

The problem now is that there are a whole lot of illegal immigrants

in the country.

Giving these people instant amnesty, and a citizenship

to go with it, just about does away with security for the country.

Remember what Europe is experiencing now?

This is because there has been no formal procedures

for documenting an immigrant, whether they be refugees or not!

Screen the immigrants before they are made legal citizens.

More immigrants to work on the field is good for the country.

But one can never be sure.

And hey!

One of the reasons why Israel is safe today

is because they built a solid wall the first time around.

Trump is not a racist,

he is just paranoid!

What’s more, he speaks more of the language of the middle class

than those of the high brow.

Now I am not saying that Trump is the better choice.

I am merely pointing out that I can see where he is coming from.


(trump may be willing to facilitate  the documentation of illegal immigrants, but they must make some effort to apply for permanent visas, otherwise they cannot be choosers!)

Inutile United Nations

This is the most sensible and logical statement

I have heard from Rodrigo Duterte,

President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Think about it—-

what have the United Nations done to date

aside from inspiring wars and conflicts?

This organization is one-sided

and one-tracked!


inutile UN.mp4

(mind your own business, scratch your own galis)

The Four Genders

Going deeper into DNA,

There are four elements to pair with;

namely G, C, A, and T.

G is paired with C.

C is paired with G.

A is paired with T.

And T is paired with A.

Any pairings outside of these configurations

is a mutation.

The human DNA is composed of and is sequenced with

any and all of these four pairings.

If any of these mutation arise, it is possible to cause cancer.

Only when these mutated pairs replicate uncontrollably will there be cancer.

Remember that when a mutated cell succeeds in connecting to a blood vessel

will there be sustenance for the uncontrolled replication.

But let us go even further to the inception of the DNA.

Well, actually its inception is after its conception.

After fertilization the cells divide thru pairings of the four genders.

Soon enough, the DNA, which actually swims in a pool of protein, are “differentiated”,

or rather, they are specialized, and are told where to go by

a traffic cop called a “promoter”.

So therefore skin cells go to form skins, hair cells go to form hair, and etc.

These nacent cells are called stem cells and may exist mostly

inside the bone marrow.

These stem cells are the raw material to create “differentiated” cells.

One way to slow down the growth of mutated cells

is to replace them with stem cells.

But then you may ask why mutated pairs are possible

when pairings are followed by a process called “proofreading”.

Could there be a failure of the proofreading process?

Why must there be four genders instead of two?

Correct pairings of the genders will ensure

a cancer-free body, no?


Sicario is Mexican for “hitman”

This movie is the best I have watched so far.

Download it completely first then watch it.



What Then Is Cancer?

What then is cancer?

Some say it is a disease.

There has not been found a foreign organism to start it.

And therefore, also, it cannot be an infection.

Even if it spreads.

It is not a sickness.

Although it initiates a lot of them.

A malady, perhaps, or a pain, an annoyance,

or lack of something?

What then is cancer?

If you ask me,

and I know you wouldn’t,

I would say it is a human body defect,

or even a misfire of its body processes,

or even a mistake in the duplication of dna templates,

or you can call it whatever you like,

as long as you do not blame it on anybody else but.

(next we go deeper and deal with D and A)

Cancer Treatments

What then can we bring to bear against cancer?

We can use chemotherapy

or drugs to kill the mutated cells, and some normal cells.

We can use radiotherapy wherein

the cancerous tumors are bombarded with rays

to shrink them.

Replacing the mutated stem cells with new

or repaired stem cells.

Or a combination of any which ones.

And again the problem of the side effects from these treatments

becomes the biggest concern,

particularly the loss of appetite and the nausea.

At about this point, the patients needs food to replace

the normal cells that have been destroyed as part

of the treatment.

The main problem is how the patient can retain the food

that is ingested or eaten.

Comes now the reason why cancer specialists

prefer to treat patients who are physically strong.

These patients should have a bigger reserve of protein

and thereby provide a faster replacement of destroyed normal cells.

By the way, the theory of successful cancer treatments rests on the principle

that the body would replace the destroyed normal cells

faster than it would replace the destroyed cancerous cells.

Otherwise, what’s the use of the treatment?

Survival Rate

If a drug or treatment professes to be a cure

but alerts the patient with a disclaiming survival rate,

then this drug or treatment is not a cure,

but merely an attempt to cure.

In cases involving cancer or mutated cells,

this rate is more specifically termed

as survivor rate.

Or simply the ratio of the number of patients that survived

as against the number of patients initially treated.

Dreadful, isn’t it?

But this is true.

Even if the patient survives the treatment

he or she is still not cured.

What then have we missed?

Not much.

All the scientists and medical researchers all over the world

know what the targets are and even have these bracketed,

still they miss, why?

Because they must formulate the cures that fight against the human body!

The body processes that are designed to replenish and prolong

life are the very means that threaten t0 kill the body.

The rogue cells that have been subdued, suppressed, and inhibited to grow

have at any one time been let loose and cause havoc

thru simple uncontrolled replication.

These cells are those that are mutated.

By analogy, these are the cars that come out of the assembly line

and have been allowed to go through by mistake

even if it had only three wheels.

If more copies of this three-wheeled cars are made

then it becomes a cancerous model.

The biggest problem in getting rid of this model

is that some cars, maybe of the same color,

will have to be destroyed, too.

With cancer patients under treatment,

the normal cells will have to be destroyed also

at the same time that the cancerous cells are destroyed.

And thereon comes the statement

that the patients suffer not from the cancer

but from the cure,

meaning the side effects of the cure.