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CANCER, what have we missed?

The human body is a perfect machine.

Well. almost!

It can protect itself, defend itself, grow by itself, and even repair itself.

All this in relation to external sources and threats.

Not when the threat source comes from inside it.

And as I said before

the human body will fall from within.

Cancer is the threat from within itself.

And this being so

there is no cure for it

at least none if it comes from external means.

The cure, if any, will have to come from within.

The posts that follow after this

may explain what we have missed in

the “cure” for cancer.

Don’t MISS these posts.

I assure you these posts will be

in easy to understand terms with

no rocket science in them.


Breaking Up


Breaking Up.mp4

Charmed, I’m Sure


While the Republican National Convention

bristled with brawn and bravado,

the Democratic National Convention

 crackled with children and charm.

Eric Trump

Eric Trump,

son of Donald trump,

speaks at the Republican National Convention

and boy,

he probably outdid his Dad

this time around.


Eric Trump.mp4

Trump, Trump, Trump

Trump. Trump, Trump along the highway

Trump, Trump, Trump along the seas….

(Wupps, Nelson Riddle already said that

I am plagiarizing!)

The Fighting Infantry!


This could probably mean using other people’s words.

No big deal.

I use some other people’s words, too.

And they use my words, too.

Frankly I am greatly complimented every time they use my words.

Particularly if thety are Very Important people,

such as Heads of State.

It is all in the matter of having the same thought.

Afterwards words may come out similarly.

Canada Day


Canada Day.mp4

My Canada Is….



My Canada 2.mp4

My Canada 3.mp4

My Canada.mp4

His Canada.mp4

149th Birthday


149th Birthday.mp4