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A Piece Of The Action

Finally, somebody says the key words to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Donald Trump says he will allow the keystone pipeline to get through

if he gets a piece of the profit.

I presume that this piece of the profit will go to the US Government,

and not to himself.

These words will energize that particular energy sector.

And may even be a good base for the TPP negotiations.

I am not able to speak for TransCanada,

but Donald Trump should talk some more about this.

I would suggest, though, that instead of asking for a piece of the profit,

he should ask for a piece of the action.

In this way, American labor is factored in,

together with a guaranteed oil supply.

Partnership with Canada is more profitable

than rental fees, right?

Clinton’s Email Server

In fairness to Hillary Clinton,

even if the State Department slammed her

for using her email server for both

official and personal messages.

there is nothing that can be pinned on her.

Firstly, the State Department has to prove that

State official secrets have been compromised by Hillary,

and secondly, the State Department has to prove

that this act had done damage to America.

If the State Department has nothing on hand

because they believe that the data was erased,


Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants in America should not be in America.

This is true for all countries of the world.

Illegal means illegal and not legal!

So why do the world disagree with Trump

and say that he does not understand how the world works.

Perhaps people should understand how the G7 works–

the G7 works only for themselves!

Illegal immigrants in America are being given the chance to file for a visa.

They don’t have to walk the streets in protest to ask for it.

Trump Misinterpreted

I have said that Trump’s words are being used against him.


Trump said,

“Until we can figure out what is going on

we will ban all muslims from entering the country.”

His opponents interpret these words as if he said

that Muslims will be banned from entering the country.

This represents only half of what he said.

It is being used against him intentionally.

But he gets a very large following from those

who understood what he said.

Clearly what Trump means is that

when they can determine which are terrorists and which are not.

Muslims will be temporarily banned from entering the country.

Of course the media gets into the act

and blows this up to bring Trump down.

I am not siding with anybody in the American Presidential elections.

But I do believe that everybody has the right

to get things righted whenever they need be.

It is not fair for the American media to be


And it professes to be the model for fairness.

The fairest press as of today

is the Philippine press.

Unbiased is the byword for them.

Take it from me.

I’ve been fair in my judgement of this!


Raptors Win Game 4

Toronto Raptors win over Cleveland Cavaliers to make the NBA series even.

Bimack Biyombo discovers how to block shots

using his height and arms.


Raptors Game 4.mp4


Firing Up Putin

The illustrious Department of Justice,

United States of America,

has now made it a priority undertaking

to investigate Russian doping.

No this won’t do to rile up Putin.

No prize for this.

Not even a cigar.

Maybe if the secret service could infiltrate

Putin’s office to slide a large

Bunsen burner under his seat,

this might fire him up.

Really now, the world must have realized by now,

that Russia is not the villain.

And NATO is not now relevant no more!

Give peace a chance, eh.

Not everybody lives the same way as the Americans.


(whatever that means)

Scam Alert–Area Code 613

You may receive phone calls from area code 613

asking you to call back.

Don’t fall for it!

This is a scam and either info or money is what they want.

Search the internet for the topic “Area code 613”

And be informed.


Bomb On Plane?

The first suspicion that the authorities make on the 804 crash

is a bomb on the plane.

If it was a bomb, then  my suggestions for security

would be similar to my suggestions on the 370 crash.

Rotate the baggage handlers.

Assign seats at the last moment.

Shield the computer from wi-fi signals.

But then again, consider this:

A pigment of my imagination it might be

so therefore do not believe me when I say this.

Just consider this;

some particular controller of a drone from somewhere

is unwittingly controlling two birds in flight—

one is a military-style drone,

and the other, this flight 804.

What gave him away is a 360 degree turn,

and a drop in altitude.

Only drones doing a surveillance will do this.

Never passenger planes.

Egyptair MS804 Crashed

Another passenger plane crash!

What is common to this crash with the Malaysian 370 crash?


Occurred over water?

Difference in radar equipment between airports?

Remote controlled crash?

Software tampering?

Cabin pressure lost?

Communication problems?


Oriental Psychology

I‘ve been mentioning this subject lots of times

in the course of this blog

particularly when the topic is about North Korea.

Now Donald Trump,

the pre-supposed successful Republican nominee,

has declared that he will talk to Kim Jong Un,

initiating vitriolic oppositions from the

American intelligentsia

in yet another blatant display of snobbery.

And so comes to mine the chief reason

why the American characterization is preceded

by the words “ugly”, “arrogant”,

and finalized with a spit on the ground.

And finally too, there comes forward Donald Trump,

the next American after general Douglas MacArthur,

who understands Oriental psychology—–

that one conquers not by force alone.

Sometimes, blunt words like what Trump is wont to say

make the most disarming diplomatic ploy,

especially when they are uttered in an unguarded way,

like a new-fangled chess opening!

Berns Sembrano







Firefighting Equipment

Still to be seen in Alberta’s arsenal of firefighting equipment

are bulldozers to isolate the fire

and planes to seed cumulus clouds to induce rain.

US OIL Supply Short

The US oil reserves have gone critically short because

the Fort Mac’s output was down to a million barrels a day!

I was waiting for this news since a couple of days before.

This will prove that the US depends on Alberta oil,

not on Saudi oil.

So what the heck was the excuse for the concerted effort

to block the Keystone Pipeline to the US?

Dirty oil?

Economic domination?

Time to increase export prices, eh?


Rejoinder to Colin Palmer

(Of course I have to send in a follow-up reply to a follow up reply from myself.

It can probably be concluded now that the OSFI,

and most certainly the Central Bank,

do not actually examine the banks.

If they do, the replies of Colin Palmer,

or any member of the OSFI for this matter,

could have mentioned the magic word:

External Audit.

It is also possible that the Central Bank

do not have a Department of Supervision and Examination.

Now, how trustworthy can any Canadian Bank get?)


My follow-up reply to a follow-up reply:

Yes, I have already given up getting some info from your office
and perhaps from some other government offices. The circular
about the information from government offices being monitored
even going against the freedom of information act is duly noted.
Strike one, of course, is not against me but against the government.
Again I say thank you, your reply has been very helpful in the planning
of my next moves. If my info is gathered from sources outside of the government,
then it shall not be covered by the freedom of information act and any censorship.

Follow-up Reply from Colin Palmer

From: Information

Sent: Monday, May 16, 2016 7:31 AM


Subject: 022304-2_Supervision and Examination of Banks


Good morning,


Thank you for your follow-up email of May 8, 2016.


The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) monitors the activities of federally regulated financial institutions (FRFIs), which are all of the banks in Canada, and all federally incorporated or registered trust and loan companies, insurance companies, cooperative credit associations, fraternal benefit societies and private pension plans.


As OSFI is required by legislation to keep supervisory information confidential, I cannot be of further assistance in this matter.


Colin Palmer

Communications Officer / Agent des communications

Communications and Consultations / Communications et consultations

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions / Bureau du surintendant des institutions financières

255 Albert St. Ottawa ON  K1A 0H2 / 255, rue Albert, Ottawa (Ontario)  K1A 0H2

Telephone / Téléphone 1-800-385-8647

Facsimile / Télécopieur 613-990-5591

Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada


Trumps’s Tax Returns

And so, the American media redoubles and triples the effort

to show the bad side of Trump.

As if media is scared Trump would win the presidency

and gets back at them in anger!

Trump’s income  tax returns?

The worst one would see in his returns as filed

would be his failed attempts to reduce the amount of tax

that he would pay.

Doesn’t everybody try to reduce the amount of tax that they have to pay?

If there is an item that should be there but  is not there,

then by all means, he pays the tax for it as assessed.

What good would it be for Trump to say he will not release his income tax returns?

Why, everybody is hell-engrossed in this tax item

that they forget other items to attack Trump with!

Get it!

(smart campaign advisers!)

Dutts Cleanser

The people of the Republic of the Philippines

voted in as President

Rodrigo Duterte.

he was reported to have criminals eliminated

via death squads

in the City of Davao,

same country.


is democracy in action!

I mean his election.

Rhea Santos

Thru the looking glass….


The Light In The Middle of the Tunnel

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,

a Republican,

meets with Donald Trump,

the upcoming Republican nominee

for President of the United States.

Paul Ryan knows full well the accomplishments

of Donald Trump and what these can do

for the Republican Party.


Trump has the votes while Ryan has the logic.

Both agree that to unify the Republican Party

there must be a common ground by which they can agree.

Trump is a mutated Republican.

He has steamrolled past the others by straddling

the fringes of the Republican conservatism.

And rightly so, because he has now become the voice

of the people who are displeased with how the

country is proceeding.

He also is a businessman,

and being so he would have that quality

of tempering his moves to get to what he wants.

He will not get what he want if Ryan is against him in the House.

But he will settle down if he knows that he will still be on track

if Paul Ryan is not against him.

It is a learning process

and all he has to do is temper his moves

to compromise with Paul Ryan.

He will finally get what he wants,

and what his followers want,

using the Republican way,

the compromised Republican way.

And so will be turned on

the light before the tunnel ends

fueled with just a simple agreement.

It’s a learning process for everybody.

As for Donald Trump,

what makes the Republican liderato displeased with him

is that he uses the wrong choice of words

which make him vulnerable to attacks

based on semantics.

 (this would be expected for a neophyte politician)

Government Communications


Don’t look now!

But it just came out the new ruling

that says all government communications

will be monitored and regulated.

This may mean that my inquiries

about bank supervision and examination

will be stumped.

All I wanted to know is info about what happens

when the bank does not balance its accounts for the day

or the month, or even in the year.

Or why the bank is allowed to increase interest rates on a loan midstream.

Or why a bank is permitted to convert a student loan to a personal loan

without informing the student first.

Or why a bank can charge interest on a post dated check

which has yet to expire.

Or why a bank is allowed to charge fees a year after the service was done.

Or why a bank is unable to explain why a savings deposit disappeared.

I guess I have to investigate this myself.

Now let’s see, the next entity to write to would be

the Central Bank of Canada, eh?

I wonder how the transparency rules could help me here.

The Test of Battle

She never imagined that the largest Alberta wildfire

would be her Baptism of Fire.


The newest Premier of Alberta,

Rachel Notley,

is now battle tested.

A beautiful performance!


Canadian Electoral Reforms

The Liberal Party has started a committee-level study

to reform the electoral system in Canada?

Now what are they afraid of?

Do they need security in numbers?


The Panama Papers

Panama Papers is more popular than Cayman Papers

simply because it sounds better

and sounds more leisurely.

Wealthy people stash their money in offshore accounts

in this country for obvious reasons.

If this procedure is legal

then it is perfectly understandable why

wealthy people will deposit money in Panama.

It is also perfectly understandable

why I can’t find my name on the published list

of people with offshore accounts in Panama.

 Obviously I don’t make the grade.

(this item did not do much to reduce Putin’s popularity, try again)

Reply to Colin Palmer of OSFI

To : Colin Palmer
        OSFI Communications Officer
Thank you very much for your reply.
That was the most prompt reply I ever had from any big office.
What you have written, however, is common knowledge about what your office does.
It is no different from any of the offices from the rest of the world.
The info you told me is also in the OSFI website, particularly the fact that OSFI supervises
the banks and other financial institutions at a distance of more than an arms length
and certainly very much more than the length of a ten-foot pole.
I must, however, tell you that writing to you about the subject was going to be a mistake,
and that I am only doing what the last office I contacted told me to do.
In other words, some other office referred me to you.
But since I have said that I am going thru channels, I emailed your office.
And hey, I must admit, that you did respond nicely.
Thanks again,
Now if you will only give me the address of that specific office that do actively
supervise and examine banks in a more hands-on manner, I would be extremely grateful.