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The God Particle

Higgs Boson is what they call it.

The God Particle is what it is described.

Immediately after the Big Bang

this particle caused to tie up together

some particles without mass.

As a result they begin to have mass.

With mass comes matter.

And matter is created from massless particles

The Higgs Boson is responsible for this

and consequently, it is termed as the God Particle.

The man who predicted the existence of this particle

is Peter Higgs after whom the boson is named

My comments will follow after you watch this video

about how the scientists of the world

arrived at a fever pitch waiting for the

results of the experiment.

Pictured below is a concept of how it looks.



It is as long as a movie

but watch it, anyway.

Waste Management

The Human body does not have a repair facility

where damaged and mutated cells are sent to be fixed.

The reason is logical.

Sending back the fixed items is impossible

knowing that it would incur tremendous problems in

proofreading the parts for the exact place they were taken.

Besides, the damaged and mutated body cells

would have been replaced by then.

Might as well dispose of these parts completely

or at least set them aside.

And so enters the lymphatic system,

the garbage disposal, or the waste management system.

I must submit that this system is not comparable

to the Waste Management of Edmonton,

arguably the most efficient in the world.

The collectors don’t make a mess,

and even if they do,

they clean it up zippity-do-dat.

But let us not get sidetracked now.

Similarly, the lymph ducts send out dump trucks

(in the form of lymph fluids)

to pick up the discards and the disposed cells

and dump these in garbage dumps called lymph nodes.

Finding no lymph nodes, the discarded cells are dumped anyway

and end up in the cavern occupied by the lungs.

And then the dump trucks go back to pick up some more

discarded cells and dump these in the thoracic region.

Worse, the lymphatic fluid eventually dumps a mutated cell

somewhere it is not supposed to be.

Now, mind you, these discarded and mutated cells

are in a huff because they were inadvertently and,

without warning, torn off unceremoniously from their perches.

So they cling to anything they can attach themselves to.

And lo, they develop a mind of their own

and send out an SOS to the blood vessels for food and nutrients.

The blood vessels then rush in to get close to the rogue cells,

which burrow and bore through the walls of the blood vessels.

Once they strengthen the attachment to the walls

of the blood vessels, they begin to divide and multiply.

The body has no way to control these cell divisions.

So a cancerous tumor now grows.

If the mutated cells do not connect to blood vessels,

they just die out, or become benign tumors.

Fortunately, the lab analyses of the cancer organizations

and institutes have come out with drugs that target

the specific types of cancer.

These treatment is called targeted treatment.

It kills only the cancerous cells and not the adjoining good cells.

Unfortunately, we become aware of cancer only after it

has started to become a serious threat to the body.

When we can already prevent cancer cells from forming

a threat, then we can safely say that we have succeeded

in finding a cure.

As of now, what have they missed?

Or let me put it this way,

In what aspect of cancer development

 should they have turned their glasses on

in search for the cure?

The Production Line

NO! I am not referring to a GM assembly plant.

I am talking about the mass production line

of DNA strings to be used as

replacement parts for the human body.

The process of mass production is similar, though,

if only to give a better image  of cell replacement parts.

Using templates for replication, the DNA strings are assembled

in lego style configuration.

I mean if one section fits the bumps and the crevices

of the template section, it is passed.

If a string does not pass, it is cut off and another string is started.

This happens inside the bone marrow where the DNA

is swimming in a pool of DNA formable  proteins.

The passed DNA is used to form the new body cell,

after it has passed through a process called “proofreading.”

This is a better term for “quality control”

Quality control simply refers to the inspection of a product

to see if it is satisfactory for use.

being satisfactory is not enough a standard for

human body use.

The product has to be an exact replica of the template

and proofreading is the term used because it denotes

checking an item line by line, word for word, and space by space.

But then, what if the template used is already defective?

What if the proofreading is also defective?

HAH! There will come out a defectively perfect human machine!

The body, therefore, tries to suppress, or excise, or to throw away

that which makes it defectively perfect,

or rather, perfectly defective.

The body tries to cure itself of its own mistake

and piles up these error in lumps called tumors.

And since these defective cells were cast away

they become rogues

and do their thing independently,


(note that this defect, or mutation as they call it and as discussed in this post is actually what happens when the defect, or mutation, is inherited)

The Starting Line

While cancer is one way whereby the human body may kill itself

this would be by no means intentional,

rather it would be by errors or misfortunes

that this may be so.

I would say more by errors than misfortunes.

More so, while science has the dogged propensity to find the cure for cancer,

it is by no means successful up to the present, perhaps because

cancer is actually the human body’s attempt to cure itself.

To find a cure for a cure  would not be inviting an endeavor

since there would be no cure for a cure.

On the other hand, if scienctists would find ways to assist the human body

repair its own mistake it would be more sensible

and more attractive as an endeavor.

I am not saying that the scientists have missed something

because their performance has been lack-lustre.

I am merely saying that they may have missed something.

This post therefore will start other posts

to expand the field of study from a non-pro’s

point of view.

Moreover, the  next posts will be cognizant of what

Edgar Allan Poe would declare as :

This house of cancer

will fall from within”

It Can Happen…

It can happen, eh?

That a medal will be struck by the international community

to be awarded to the best concept devised

to bring down Putin’s popularity.

The first prize medal will have embossed on it

a circular beef patty

fronted by two crisscrossed dill pickles.

The second prize medal will have on it

one circular beef patty.

And the Third prize medal will have on it

one dill pickle.

With this awards comes a free dinner ever month

of sheesh kebobs, dates, prune juice,

apples, breaded chicken and halal lamb.

This award is given only to Diplomats.

It can happen.

It can happen, eh?


To Drink Blood




To Drink Blood.mp4


Remember the words “you must be one of them” that I said will be replaced by one word?

The word I am referring to is “kindred

It means “of similar nature or character, closely related to, or just plain lookalike”

Think about it this way : you must have at one time some smelly, old sneakers that you would not want to dispose of because you like it. Or you must have owned an outdated jacket or handbag that you simply cannot throw away because of sentimental values. You must have a cousin with a nose so flat that you had the idea that it has been his habit to run into a lamp post on every opportunity. Or you persevere in going with your relative in parties where everybody notices that he has a sixth digit on his hand. Well, can’t get rid of them because he is related, akin to you, has your genes also.

If a body organ recognizes that one cell in his structure is defective, he shoves it out. but if, by sentimental value because he is related, this cell is not disposed of outright—just keep it out of reach and still attached to the organ. This defective cell is now a tumor. With more of his kind being shoved out, they become a bigger mass. It would be better if this outcast does not get active and remains dead because by then the tumor is benign. But if this outcast was shoved out of the organ prematurely, its tendency is to get others to join him. It is his nature and his programming to get newer cells to join him as a preparation for replenishment. This cell now becomes cancerous because it grows. The organ which shoved him out does not get involved with him anymore because he was considered as waste.

Body waste that does not get disposed of in due time will be conducive to cancer.

Due to some miscues in the normal body repairs and replenishment, cell formation goes out of control. If the cells are normal, the body will recognize it as normal and will dispose of it with normal procedures. It the cells are defective the body becomes confused. The cells may be defective, but since it is kindred and looks like a relative, they are left alone. And they grow.

From this post comes the question—-how can the human body recognize that a cell is not normal and is in reality only a kindred defective cell?qmark2




DNA The Key To Cancer


Read some more on cancer and its formation

before we talk.

Think about what the scientists could have missed.

Or still are trying to do.

DNA Explained.mp4

Cancer Formation.mp4


The Sunny Prime Minister,

Justin Trudeau,

displayed exemplary decisions on

the Syrian Refugees,

informing the world that he and his countrymen

are with humanitarian intentions,

peaceful, and at odds with no other nation.

He has performed diplomatically well

on the relations with

the United States of America.

His protocol has maintained the status of Canada

as the Number One country of choice

which people would like to live in.

Sad to say that when it comes to his performance

for his local Canadian constituency,

he  has been inclined to exhibit

more protocol

than firepower.


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