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Oriental Psychology

I’ve already mentioned oriental psychology in this blog several times.

This has not been applied with, more specifically,

North Korea.

Just think—-North Korea’s neighbors, China and South Korea

are not afraid of any NK nuclear capabilities.

Why? These people are orientals and they well know

exactly how to deal with North Korea.

The way the West is going about it

it is worsening the situation.

One does not reply to saber rattling with saber rattling.

Next thing you know, it won’t be saber rattling only.

It’s a learning process!

Ask General MacArthur, if you can!


The Big Quacker

The big quacker that’s what Donald Trump has

the big quacker.

He quacks from the hip

if there is such a thing as quacking from the hip.

And for the kind of media that tends to paraphrase

and blow up every word that he says

this is disastrous for him.

He should remember that he is not speaking in a board meeting.

The public he is speaking to  will have

different interpretations of what he says.

His campaign advisors should be blamed for this Trump persona.

But then again what advice has he taken seriously to date?

He should go up on the media

to explain and elaborate on the controversial things that he said.

Perhaps even apologize for his mistakes.

Checkers In The Sky

Yesterday saw some jet planes in a seemingly playful mood.

Several were seen painting the sky in checker patterns

with their vapor trails.

They must be training the pilots.

Or they are testing the jet fighter planes.

or they are testing the radar.

They are twin-engined, though,

so they are not F-35’s.

More like CF-18’s.

If they ask me I would rather have

one jet engine installed especially for its VTOL capabilities

and another stationary engine used just for horizontal speed.

This way one engine can get the plane over the snow on the runway

and the other engine can speed the plane to its destination

simultaneously, like a jet helicopter

The Perfect Machine

The Human Body is the Perfect Machine.

It repairs itself, it replicates. it refurbishes, recreates, regenerates, protects itself, feeds itself, discards and manages its own waste.

Yet it does not possess any means to stop itself from killing itself.  It is not the perfect machine, after all. It has a defect. It has an affinity to indulge itself by overextension, by over-replication.

Let me put it this way, replication creates a human body. Replication maintains it and keeps it young. Too much of replication kills it.

To explain: consider yourself as one of a long line of people who would like to enter a coliseum or such. Your group must possess a pass to get inside the coliseum. The guard at the door says your pass is simply that “you must be one of them”. Remember this phrase. This will eventually be changed to one very significant word somewhere in the course of this topic.

Your line then moves forward to walk beside another line that goes the opposite direction.  Your line then starts to compare yourselves to those walking in the opposite direction, just like looking for that one who has the other part of the torn paper heart that you have. The comparison must be precise,–gender to gender, age to age, height to height, color to color, etc.,. etc., etc.And when the exact copy of your line has been complete, your group is marked and now goes to the opposite direction to become the new template to choose other groups. This is replication. Your group is an exact copy. You are therefore “one of them”. You are DNA.

But then again, if you are DNA, you would be part of those responsible for building this body. Why then would you be thought of as killing the same body that you built?

(now, if this were a novel that I am writing, I would cut it and title it as Chapter 1. But this is not a novel, so I will just say, “next post”)


When I say No Comments Allowed


and Trackbacks, too.

Comments actually prevent hits by other ip addresses.

King of Kings

king of kings233

King of Kings.mp4

Last Supper.mp4

What IS Cancer?

“Cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all types of cancer, some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues.”

This is from the National Cancer Institute []

Keep on reading the items on this site. This might prepare you for what is to be read next on this site. Notice the way CANCER is defined.

Muslim Income

How can Muslims pay for their apartment

if they do not have an income?

How can they have an income

if they are not employed?


Advanced Schedule

If these Brussels bombers were working on an advanced schedule,

Were they supposed to have the bombs loaded on a plane

via baggage handlers if they work on their correct timetable?

Were they actually trying to board a plane that day

and they were found out?

Were the baggage checkers killed also?

On the right timetable,

how many planes were targeted to be brought down by bombs?

Brussels Bombing Suspects


The one on the right wearing a hat and light clothes is still at large. The other two wearing black and suspicious identical left-hand gloves probably are dead by suicide bombing. 

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders,

not a far-sounding voice

not even charm,

reeks with logic,

and a disarming common sense.

Bernie Sanders229

Bernie Sanders.mp4

The Nature of Suzuki

David Suzuki


with ominous foresight.


Nature of Things.mp4


double helix 122

This is a configuration of a double helix.


Cut at the right ends, it forms part of your DNA.

It contains all that is in you,

in fact, all that is you.

Such a part will be able to start another you.

If something goes wrong in the structure of this

you are liable to get cancer.

What is cancer?

Why can we not find a cure for it?

Perhaps the answer is in  simplifying the problem

plus thinking up of something

that has not been thought of before.

I may give this to you slowly,

little by little,

poco a poco,

whatever that means.

But first, let me compile what they think

is cancer and how it can be beat.


Merrick Garland

President Obama nominates Merrick Garland

to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The American Primaries

The campaigns of the candidates for the Presidential election

are in conflict as regards their arguments.

It all boils down to rhetoric.

In their respective speeches on stage,

and even on the televised debates,

each of them failed to define the terms in question.

For instance, immigrants is a term that is

misused to mean illegal immigrants.

Immigrants is a general term to refer to a group,

while illegal immigrants is a specific group

which being illegal, does not have the right to enjoy

American benefits.

Health Care is another term,

and so is citizenship and temporary ban.

If everybody defines these terms the way these should be

they will realize that they mean the same thing

and are not in conflict after all.


Russia Withdraws

Everybody tries to figure out what Vladimir Putin is thinking

when he ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops

and planes from Syria.

No surprise to me, though.

In fact I would describe this move as a master stroke

in international politics.

Russia withdraws

Why did he do this?

Firstly, it would give the UN the opportunity

to exercise the mandate as authorized by international agreements.

Secondly, it will provide the Syrians to exercise their choice

as regards the political configuration of Syria.

Thirdly, Russia is being blamed for every bad thing

that happens anywhere in the world; and that this time

Russia will not be blamed for the results of

the Syrian peace negotiations.

Fourthly, Russia is washing its hands off any

effort done by other countries  as regards Syria.

Russia is helping Assad fight the terrorists,

but he is not actually backing Assad’s regime.

Fifthly, Russia will not be portrayed as the villain

in Syrian bombings and civilian deaths

and will therefore be free of damage claims.

Sixthly, Russian intelligence may have learned that

there is now new supplies of weapons provided the terrorists,

specifically weapons that can down jet planes.

Putin does not want a repeat of Afghanistan

under the battles with the mujahedin.

Smart savvy by Putin!


You have stealth when you don’t get noticed

while entering one’s property,

shouting on your bullhorn,

“Disisda  police.

You in there,

We’ve got you surrounded.

Come out with your hands up.

Or we’ll get in and tie your hands up!”

All kidding aside now,

stealth has something to do with being

surretpi, sureppti, surpereptiti,

being sneaky.


The F-35 is not only a stealth fighter,

it is a dream fighting machine.

It incorporates everything that a pilot

would wish for in a fighter plane.

It is so much of a dream that the price of

developing one has also  been a dream.

And yet, this could have been completed

and commissioned  at a much lower cost

had the stealth feature been dropped.

What for you need stealth?

Everything now depends on which pilot

sees the enemy first.

The F-35, I say, still can be seen as it approaches.

It uses lots of fuel if it goes high to escape radar.

It is very noisy if it flies at treetop height to escape radar.

The one feature that this may be useful in winter regions

is the Vertical Takeoff and Landing.

But since this procedure requires the lifting force

directly from the engine and not from the wings,

the plane consumes a whole lot of fuel

even from a single-engine plane.

The Canadian pilots will still insist

on flying twin-engine fighters.

Bombardier will have to modify the F-35 jets

to suit Canadian specifications.

When done, Bombardier might be able

to sell the modified F-35

for all intents and purposes.

Alberta’s Lament

Listen to the lamentations

of Alberta’s breadwinners.

The lament is directed to the ungrateful recipients

of the Energy Sharing Act.

well, well


Alberta’s Lament

Never ye fret, me boyos

something will turn up.

Alberta is landlocked.

It is shut off from the East,

and from the West, and from the South.

It has to, and will go and breakout up North

towards the Hudson bay.

Alberta does not need a handout.

It needs a breakout

towards a new trading partner.

It might take the whole population

to think up of something.

But it will, eventually,

and independently do it.

Woe to the rest of the country

if it succeeds in breaking out,



Susan Rice


Susan Rice.mp4

Sally Bundock?


The Morrisons





John Kerry Luncheon




Kerry Luncheon.mp4

Methane Gas Emissions

Obama and Trudeau have agreed on reducing methane gas emissions.

Can you imagine a President of the United States

and a Prime Minister of Canada

talking about FARTS?!

(just kidding, just kiddiiiing…)


(they should watch what they eat tonight)

$CAD Improves Against $USD

Yup! The Canadian dollar is exchanging better against the US dollar!

Was it something I said about LIBOR?

NAH! Maybe not!

I believe the credit goes to that one

Canadian Commercial Bank!

Not me!