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Snow Attack

The Northeastern part of the United States

is under very heavy snowfall.

Vehicles are bogged down on the road.

It appears that the Governors and the Mayors

did set aside enough money

in the winter budget

for snow clearing operations.

Ah well, it’s a learning process.

Terrorism In The Pacific

The Pacific Region is not quiet anymore.

There are terrorist bombings there now.


Was it something I said?

The Weapons Situation

Syria needs maintenance and parts for its Russian tanks and planes.

So does Iran with its American jet fighters.

Russia has fielded its big bombers

but they do not have the huge bomb load

of the American B-52’s to make carpet bombing more effective

against the thieving oil trucks from Turkey.

Would that the Russian planes were armed

with incendiary bullets for their

20-mm. and 23-mm cannons

to strafe the columns of oil trucks

with these bullets that rend and burn.

The Syrian Army must refurbish its T-34’s

if they sill have them.

Mortars and rpg’s are absent.

So does assault en masse by armor and infantry.

If the Americans can pay for mercenaries

so can Syria from the restored income from oil.

Upping The Ante

Following the breakup of ISIS

the splintering of all existing coalitions is ensured.

Well, not all, anyway.

What remains is the tight cooperation

between Syria, Iran, and Lebanon.

It has come to pass that the players in the Arab world

have now come to up the ante

and throw in their bets on the table

that represents the dry and barren Middle East.

Curiously enough, the price of oil slides

at a rate which is now alarming to the oil producers.

It is as if the cessation of oil pilferage from Syria

has not started a bigger demand, and hence a higher price,

for Arab oil.

Raising one’s ante necessarily means

lowering its selling price of oil.

It is now a buyers market for oil.

Profit is now sacrificed in favor of a steady buyer.

Syria can now enjoy the profit from oil.

And so will Iran.

The West has now entered a more confusing state

as regards its policy in the Middle East.

Further damage control gets them into more trouble.

As a result, the West has commenced skirting

the United Nations’ rules and conventions.

The main object is to save face

and twisting the facts is one resort.

And Israel?

If it tries to ante up and join in this gaming table,

it will make the situation more explosive.

Game Changer

Going back to First Placer Dmitry Malseev.

He played Prokofiev’s Concerto No.3.

Now  I am not going to elaborate on the composer that is Prokofiev.

But I can tell you that he probably belongs to, or initiated,

the group of contemporary composers,

noted  for musical pieces that are,

or seems to be, disconnected, discordant, and sometimes syncopated.

These are actually correct in measures and beat  and

follow the norm of composition.

They do sound funny and incoherent at times

because melody is not easily discernible.

They do not belong to the romantic period.

if I might put it simply

Prokofiev’s compositions, especially this one,

would be difficult to play because

the chords seem to be incoherent and wildly diffused.


Prokofiev .mp4

(From the recent hits on this site, I can again deduce that there are

those who follow high-brow music. The comments and replies on

this site is however closed for obvious reasons. Email me

if you want to contact me.)

Natural-born American Citizens

Who can be described as natural-born American citizens?

Maybe this next question would help the Americans decide—

Whom among ALL the past American presidents

were natural-born American citizens?

Dmitry Masleev

And then of course, the First prize Piano

from the XV Tchaikovsky International Competition

comes Dmitry Masleev,

fast, furious, hyperactive,

plays the piano as if he was driving a car

running on jet fuel.

But I did say that speed plus versatility with the keyboard

compromises one’s romantic rendition of the piece being played.

Not unless the pianist is one like Franz Liszt,

who can play the “La Campanella” with  zip,

and the “Consolation No. 3” with fervor.


With comparable speed and precision to Trinfonov (2011),

he still must show, however, that he can feel the music.

But I must be asking too much  from Dmitry.

Perhaps he has yet to mature with the music.

After all, he won First Place, didn’t he?

Listen to Danse Macabre.mp4

This one was composed for the orchestra by Saint-Saens,

transcribed for the piano by Franz Liszt,

and then arranged by Horowitz.

Walt Disney made a video translation of this.


George Li

George Li

19 years old


wins second prize piano

from the XV Tchaikovsky International Competition.

This video shows he is playing the

Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

by Liszt-Rachmaninov,

and the Etude No. 3

by Paganini-Liszt

These pieces would be extra difficuilt for him.

because of the short span between his thumb and pinky.

But he has his fingering technique and adaptation to solve this.

George Li121

George Li.mp4

La Campanella.mp4

He has also succeeded in imposing

the Hungarian accent to the music

of Franz Liszt.

Yu-Chien Tseng

Yu-Chien Tseng

Second Prize

XV Tchaikovsky International Competition

plays Concerto  in D major.

It should be remembered that Peter Tchaikovsky

was a pianist by profession

and he composed this violin concerto to expound

on the technical limits of the violin,

A fast tempo from a virtuoso is required

to give justice to this piece.

Yu-Chien played this with noticeable slowness.

The effect, however, more than enhanced the sentimentality

in the music, giving this piece a notably different

but enraptured version,

just like a Hungarian Rhapsody

played ala Chopin Nocturne.

Yu-Chien played the first two movements passionately,

with less pyrotechnics, of course, but still technically correct.

The demanding Third Movement in this video did not have that

appearance of “beating the violin black and blue”

with technical prowess, but the tonal quality

more than made the violin conversational.

This probably comes from applying

gentle pressures on the strings at the precise moments.

Yu-Chien Tseng123

Violin Concerto in D.mp4

If he can make a violin like this talk

imagine what he can do with a Stradivarius!

Last Obama SOTU


Last Obama SOTU.mp4

Russian Breathalyzer

I had a friend named Yuri,

a popular Russian name

equivalent of the English name, John.

One of his jokes was about a Russian breathalyzer.

One car was seen moving erratically

bouncing up and down in tune with the driver’s hiccups.

The police stopped the car and made the driver do

the breathalyzer test.

Apparently the device did not work

because it did not register the amount of alcohol

that the driver had.

So the policeman breathed on the breathalyzer himself

to test it, and “Oh,” the policeman exclaimed,

“it works!”

Up To Bed


“No, I’m not tired–

just trying to remember

why we were going upstairs.”

Orthodox Christmas


Orthodox Christmas.mp4

Ominous and Leap Year 2016

The year 2016 came in unobtrusively with a bang,

with leaps and bangs, actually.

We see the world in strife,

with peoples in conflict with each 0ther,

with diplomats giving way to the men at arms.

With the prospect of ISIS faltering with their motives,

the Sunni and Shia muslims renew their armed conflicts

not just to air out religious differences,

but to determine once again who would rule the muslims.

The title for this person may not now be CALIPH,

 but with a more resounding and prestigious title of


I do not have to elaborate on this topic anymore.

Just type in the search box the words

“Saladin Syndrome”

and three of my posts on the subject will open up for you.

Hussein coveted the title, and so did Ghadaffi,

now the Turks, Saudis, and the Iranians do.

And when somebody does succeed in being

ruler of all rulers, then what?

It would be interesting to note that the quiet region

now is the Pacific and the Far East.

Now this is a change!