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The Die IS cast

Tayyip Erdogan

President of Turkey

Turkish enough not to criticize

Turkish enough not to apologize

tayyip erdogan2

promised to resign

if it is proven

his ISIS ties

are not lies.

He has thrown the dice.

It is expected to be

Snake Eyes.

The Final Count up

The Final Count up


No, it’s not the final count down, it’s the final count up. We are starting to solve the problem of Syria by steps. Remember that I said I am not going to guess what is in Putin’s mind? Well, I am going to try to suggest something which Putin might just put into his mind.

But first let us review what is obtaining in Syria. The country is loaded with people of all sorts that appear to do the country harm, or at least control the country for all their selfish purposes, some of these purposes are economical, some are political, a lot of them are both. I guess we can now safely say Syria is infested.

When Russia went in on Assad’s invitation, the sterilization of the country was initiated. But now it seems that not only sterilization is required, but a complete cauterization and then, immunization.

What is significant in Russia’s bombings is that it is now fully known what the intentions are of the countries that figure with the events in Syria, particularly those that have made the conclusion that Assad must step down from his presidency. Curiously enough, this obsession to depose Assad will be the root of the solution. For in reality, Assad is the recognized legitimate President and ruler of Syria. To remove him from power will require a coup or an election or an assassination or negotiation.

So let us start the final count up from the present situation that we have. Putin is angry because he has lost a lot of Russians from this particular operation. What bothers him is that what friendly sides he should be having with him are all becoming stumbling blocks. I believe that if he has a free hand in the solution of Syria’s infestation, everything political, and not military, may be the final solution and will thereby be the end of this final count up. Confusing, isn’t it. But let me put it this way.

If Assad is legal President and ruler of Syria, and legitimate according to the UN principles, then he can enter into treaties , more specifically DEFENSE treaties; or that which is very much like NATO, or any mutual defense treaty with any country, more specifically, Russia. This treaty will basically state that any invasion of Syria will be considered an invasion of Russia, which will come to the aid of Syria if it were invaded. The ISIS, Libyans, Turks, Iraqis, and any foreigners which Assad will deem as invaders are liable to be repulsed by Assad’s government and also Russia’s forces.

In this particular scenario even the Europeans and Americans will be considered as invaders if Assad says so. If there be no distinction between Free Syrians and ISIS, both will be bombed. The American mercenaries will then be considered as trespassers, unless of course they have visas, have diplomatic immunities, or have been invited by Assad. The rebels may of course negotiate a peaceful surrender, ask for pardon and wangle a spot in Assad’s government. They will also be required to carry identification cards as all Syrians do.

As for Syria, it can also have defense treaties with as many countries as it likes.

A parting word for this first count up—–Syria is as important to Russia as Tibet is to China





(next: this time, you guess what is next)

Turkish President Shuns the Mea Culpa

Turkish President Erdogan refuses to apologize for his

well setup scenario of

shooting a Russian plane from behind.

The event was well-covered by action cameras

and live ammunition

and murder of two.

And thus is initiated

the breakup of NATO

as regards its constituents and purpose.

Haven’t I told you guys before

that NATO is now irrelevant?

The Promised Repercussion

The much-revered American Five Star general

Douglas MacArthur had that jolt

when the Chinese launched attacks

from across the Yalu River.

This action marked the Chinese entry

towards the Korean war.

As a natural reaction,

honed from years of dealing

with oriental psychology,

General MacArthur launched his own attack

on the Chinese across the Yalu River.

That act got him relieved of his command

of the UN Police Force in Korea.

But that action stopped the Chinese

from sending in more troops to Korea.


Vladimir Putin may be considering the same

action as General MacArthur,

but the world now knows that he is not

an impulsive man.

But he is still angry.

The Russians, and the rest of the world

is mad at Turkey for shooting down

the Russian jet from behind.

Putin may react differently

and not without surprise.

And this action may very well solve

the Syrian problem with finality.

I may tell what his ‘repercussion’ will look like

but you have to come back tomorrow to read about it.

Till then, read well,

because by then I will not be guessing.

Instead, I will be suggesting.

 Note that this suggestion is one answer

to Obama’s dare to present a plan.

Interrview with Captain Murakhtin

Captain Konstantin Murakhtin was the navigator

of the Russian jet shot down by Turkey.

He relates how the incident happened.


Interview with the navigator.mp4

the Turkey Shoot

Everybody knows what a turkey shoot is.

All the pun intended

but really now, Turkey did the shooting.


Turkey Shoot.mp4

Turkish Involvement.mp4

See for yourself

the twisted logic

of the US-led Coalition.

Nine Updates on the downed SU-24


A Russian Su-24M tactical bomber was brought down over Syria by a Turkish Air Force fighter jet on Tuesday. Moscow and Ankara have put forward conflicting versions of what happened, and the circumstances of the crash remain under investigation. This is what is known so far.

LIVE UPDATES: Russian warplane shot down at Syria-Turkey border

1. The Russian jet went down at 9:30am local time on Tuesday

Today at 9:30 the Russian aircraft, which performed combat counterterrorist missions was shot down by an aircraft of the Turkish Air Force,” Russia’s Ministry of Defense wrote on its official Facebook page.

The ministry added that it considers the action of the Turkish Air Force to be an “unfriendly act.”

2. It crashed in a rebel-held area in Syria

The Russian jet landed in Syrian territory controlled by ethnic Turkmen.

Around 2,000 Turkmen are believed to be fighting the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad as part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), according to Syrian Turkmen Assembly head Abdurrahman Mustafa, as cited by Bloomberg.

3. One pilot was saved, one was killed

Navigator Konstantin Murakhtin managed to survive the incident after ejecting from the aircraft. He was brought to the Russian air force base in Latakia after a 12-hour rescue mission. Captain Sergey Rumyantsev, who also ejected from the aircraft, was killed.

The pilot (Murakhtin) was brought to the base overnight. We saw each other in the morning during breakfast. At least visually he looks fine. Doctors said that his health is out of danger,” said RT’s Roman Kosarev, who was the first journalist to speak to Murakhtin.

READ MORE: One of 2 Russian pilots shot down by Turkey rescued, back to airbase in Syria

4. Turkmen rebels said that they killed the pilots while they were parachuting

A deputy commander of the Turkmen brigade in Syria claimed to have shot and killed both pilots while they were parachuting. Despite the claim, Captain Konstantin Murakhtin was rescued and is recovering well.

A video posted online reportedly showed a Russian pilot lying on the ground surrounded by a group of men praising Allah.

5. Turkey says the plane violated its airspace, 10 warnings were sent

In a letter to the UN which was leaked online, Turkey claimed that it had issued warnings to the two jets 10 times in five minutes before the F-16s fired air-to-air missiles were fired at the aircraft. The letter said that the planes, the nationality of which was unknown, had approached Turkish airspace near the town of Yayladagi in Hatay province.

Following the violation, plane 1 left Turkish national airspace. Plane 2 was fired at while in Turkish national airspace by Turkish F-16s performing air combat patrolling in the area. Plane 2 crashed onto the Syria side of the Turkish-Syrian border.

The same letter says that the downed jet was only in Turkish airspace for 17 seconds.

In statements made following the incident, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey was exercising its right to protect its borders: “Turkey does not want to escalate this incident. Turkey only defended its [border] security and its brothers’ rights.”

6. Russian pilot says jet wasn’t in Turkish airspace, no warnings were received

According to Ankara, the Russian jet was hit in Turkish airspace after it failed to respond to warnings. However, rescued pilot Captain Konstantin Murakhtin insists that his plane did not cross into Turkey’s airspace, and said he was given no visual or radio warning before being fired at.

It’s impossible that we violated their airspace even for a second,” Konstantin Murakhtin told RT. “We were flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters in completely clear weather, and I had total control of our flight path throughout.

Russia maintains that the jet had been in Syrian airspace when it was shot down.

7. Turkey accused of violating Syria’s sovereignty

Russia’s General Staff, commenting on the incident, said that it was actually a Turkish jet that went after the Su-24 violating the Syrian airspace.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem also said the incident shows that Turkish President Recep Erdogan and his government are “helping terrorists in Syria,” adding that Turkey violated Syria’s sovereignty by attacking the jet in its airspace.

The effort to destroy the forces of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and other terrorist groups offended Turkey. That is why they aggressively violated Syria’s sovereignty and attacked the Su-24 in its airspace,” Muallem said.

8. Turkey immediately called its NATO allies

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, one of Turkey’s first moves following the incident was to call its NATO allies while ignoring Russia’s requests for communication. The alliance expressed support for Turkey.

We stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO ally, Turkey,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said after an emergency meeting.

However, an insider source told RIA Novosti that “a number of representatives” of the alliance’s member countries “reacted very cautiously” to the Turkish complaints.

9. Russia suspects planned provocation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the downing of the Russian jet appears to have been a premeditated provocation.

We have serious doubts that this act was unintentional. It looks very much like a preplanned provocation,” Lavrov said. He went on to cite Turkey’s failure to maintain proper communication with Russia, the abundance of footage of the incident, and other evidence.

READ MORE: Downed in 17 seconds? Where Turkey’s story of Su-24 violating airspace just doesn’t add up

Lavrov is not the only person making such speculations. Former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, told Fox News: “This airplane was not making any maneuvers to attack the territory…it was probably pressing the limits, that’s fair. But you don’t shoot ’em down just because of that.”

I don’t really trust President Erdogan in what he is doing,” he added. “I think it was an overly aggressive maneuver and at NORAD [North American Aerospace Defense] command region we would not use this kind of rules of engagement. That had to be preplanned.


With the prospect of an escalation between Russia and Turkey,

NATO will be caught with its pants down.

With nothing but skeleton forces

stationed on its borders

NATO is a dead duck for sure

should Russia unleash its long-range bombers

and cruise missiles.

France has a decrepit armored force

and its single aircraft carrier

can only send out fighters

designed for short-range skirmishes.

Germany’s panzers lack maintenance

and all the rest of NATO is very much

engaged on agriculture

not ordnance.

England hustles to buy the defective

F-35’s and Turkey has only F-16’s.

Canada’s CF-18’s are old and actually

is worth only as much as

the Value Village will offer for them.

Now we see why NATO

is terrified of a Russian escalation.

For another American Crusade in Europe to be undertaken

The US may run out of paper to print money on

to pay for the invasion.


With the downing of a Russian Su-24 by the Turkish Air Force,

the killing of the pilot by small arms fire

as he parachuted down,

and the killing of a Russian marine

attempting the rescue in a helicopter,

Putin describes these acts as a stab in the back,

knowing that the people who did this

were considered friendly allies.

All of a sudden, the terrified western countries,

members of the inutile NATO

pleaded for calm to descalate

the tension, saying that every country

has the right to defend its sovereignty.

What about Syria?

Does it not have the right to defend its sovereignty, too?

Didn’t just about everybody in the US-led

coalition enter Syria and Iraq

with invasion forces?

Who then decides which country has the right

to defend its sovereignty?

Doesn’t the United nations

consider Syria as a sovereign state

and Assad as its legitimate sovereign?

It is clear that the US-led coalition

has the obsession to shake the world

as it wants whenever it wants,

to dupe the world

the same way they’ve been duped.

On Reconaissance

As I wrote before, the Russian jets are on a reconnaissance.

They may be following the trail

of Syrian oil going to Turkey

in exchange for arms and munitions.

The Turkish jets may be preventing the Russians

from filming where the tankers enter Turkey.

This only proves that Turkey is the “fence”

for smuggled ISIS oil.

Think about it,

Saudi Arabia certainly will not be the fence.

Smuggled Syrian oil is the competition

and it is the cause for the price of oil

to be down that low.

Now, where the heck is that guy who said

that bloggers think that they know everything.

I may not know everything

but I can think better


Once more

this time with feeling—-

the Russian jets did not violate

the Turkish air space,

and there were no warnings

before they were shot down!

(let us just hope that Putin does not decide

to ignore any suggestion

to ease Assad from power!

Assad, therefore, stays!)

Turkey Shoots Down Russian jet

An air to air missile from the Turkish Air Force

shoots down a Russian SU-24

flying one kilometer from

the Turkish-Syrian border.

There were no warnings.

The West will of course blame the Russians

as always.

This incident is not a game-changer.

This is now a whole new  ball game.

The Turkish supply of oil

sold by ISIS from Syria

has been drastically reduced

by Russian bombings of the refineries

and the destruction of a thousand oil tankers.

ISIS Liderato Turns Tail

The ISIS hierarchy,

if one can call it hierarchy,

has started to pack up and go

after Russia energized its bombing campaign

on its so-called capital of Raqqa.

The leaders are splintered in their efforts to flee

the bombs which has grown bigger

and more frequent.

More so because the Russians have now

targeted the oil refineries controlled by ISIS.


Refinery Strike.mp4

Picking up the cue,

the other western countries are now using

their air power in marked duplication

of the Russian strategy.

Of course the Western Powers will claim

that the bombing was their original idea.

We should know better, don’t we?

Strike ISIS.mp4

Tribute to the Paris Victims

Celine Dion,

and no other could do it better,

pays tribute to the victims

of the Paris attacks.


Tribute to Paris.mpg


Justin Bieber

singing in the rain.


AMA Finale.mp4

Zyann Ambrosio


The 8th Suspect



Abdeslam Salah,

the 8th suspect in the Paris attacks,

is running scared.

Surprisingly enough, this is one terrorist

who does not want to die.

He sticks close to his family.

And if he still has a mother,

she will be able to talk him

out of hiding.

It appears that he is not scared of the police,

 but of something else.

The Legion Assembles

The legion again starts its formation.

I suppose this time it will be called  simply

The French legion

and not

The French FOREIGN legion.

Guessing The ISIS

What is the ISIS member thinking of now?

Or rather,

What would the ISIS members be thinking of now?

I would say that anxiety is what they would be bothered with.

Much more so with their leaders

who also are bothered with anxiety,

but that which is a nagging anxiety.

These leaders are actually in charge

of supporting the various gang leaders

that they have sent all over the world

to foment trouble.

They had no idea that the retribution

for the Paris attacks would be that quick,

with a police raid that completely dismantled

the gang of Abaaoud.

Moreover, the doubt that the respected gang leader

may have been having illicit relations with his cousin

damages the religious tenets that

are supposed to be preached by

those receiving support from topside. 

There are more bothersome dilemma

that the ISIS have got themselves in to

which they should be worried about.

And they are……….

(to be continued)


Call to Muslims

muslim call1

Muslim Call.mp4

Muslim’s Effing

muslim eff

Muslim Eff.mp4

Words Mean Nothing

These Muslims have quick mouths to blabber with

and quicker feet to run away from a fight!

Let us see them bear arms against the Muslim terrorists.

Guess What?

Let’s switch sides….

I mean, let’s think about Syria

from the ISIS’ point of view.

With the present situation obtaining

guess what they are thinking of now.

We’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Defense Briefing


Defense Briefing.mp4

Abdulhamid Abaaoud

Abdulhamid ABaaoud

terrorist leader,


was slain in the Saint-Denis raid.

An undated file photograph of a man described as Abdelhamid Abaaoud that was published in the Islamic State's online magazine Dabiq and posted on a social media website. The suspected mastermind of the attacks that killed 129 in Paris was among those killed in a police raid in a suburb of the French capital, the Paris prosecutor said in a statement on Thursday. Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 28-year-old Belgian militant, who had boasted of mounting attacks in Europe for the Islamic State, was accused of orchestrating Friday's coordinated bombings and shootings in the French capital, which killed 129 people. REUTERS/Social Media Website via Reuters TV/FilesATTENTION EDITORS - THIS PICTURE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. REUTERS IS UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY, CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS IMAGE. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. THIS PICTURE WAS PROCESSED BY REUTERS TO ENHANCE QUALITY. TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


OK then, it’s settled.

The mastermind of the Paris attacks

is dead.