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Perfectly synchronized.

I would add a third singer for the blend.

Garbage Not From Canadian Government

Authorities from Canada said that the Canadian garbage that arrived somewhere in the Far East was shipped due to a contract between private parties.

Ah so, the Canadian garbage is not that valuable after all. It is what is inside the container vans that may be valuable.

One MH370 Plane Part Found?

What appears to be a wing part from a Boeing jetliner was found adrift in an island called Reunion.

Suspicions are it belonged to the missing Malaysian airliner.

If true, then I might ask if the wing part was found close to Diego Garcia.

I might also ask what events happened very close to the time that the MH370 started its flight.

Perhaps the dead is trying to tell us something!


Harper Will Call Election

This will not be a call for an early election.

Rather, this will be an early call

for the election.

The Governor General will then

dissolve the Parliament

and everyone of them goes home

on vacation with pay.

A longer time is given the candidates

for their campaigns.

And more money will be spent to convince the Canadians

whom by now have decided already whom to vote for.

It will be decisions based on whether one

is satisfied or not with the way he is living now.

Chances are the people need change.

But then again this early call for an election

is what we can call a change.

But not the one we need, eyh?

SONA 2015


This last State of The Nation Address by the Philippine President raised a lot of huff from his people.

One particular item which was very noticeable was his statement that the opponents of the Bangsamoro Basic Law does not put up any alternatives to what was presented.

This all but gladdened the hearts of the opponents of the BBL, simply because they have been waiting for the President to admit that the BBL is a lost cause. And also because the opponents of the BBL can now advance their reasons why the BBL should be shot down.

I should put them out now in writing, accompanied by some tingling anticipation that a referendum will be included in the next election with the question involving the passage of the BBL.

But let us pause for a while as I catch my breath, and maybe get a few restful winks. I can feel it in the air, the night, hold on!

Lindsay Dunscombe


The Oldest Koran


Mohammed’s Words.mpg

Rhea Santos


Hamming It Up


British Columbia On Fire

Washington, the state and not the General, has a district called Columbia.

Not to be outdone, the British chose a larger tract of land in Eastern Canada

and named it Columbia, but British of course,

and at the opposite side of the continent.

That province is now called British Columbia.

It is now having forest fires, darn it!

And at this time when there is drought.

Its forest and trees are being decimated, again.

Every year British Columbia has forest fires.

Also attacks of pine tree pests.

Woe to the environmentalists!

Their crowning glory, the trees, are being felled.

Woe to the people!

Its biggest trade export, lumber, is going down.

Woe to the province!

The pipeline to the Pacific is not going through.

And no advanced payment for the toll will be exacted.

The pipes aim for the East

where there will be more provinces to exact their tolls.

But for British Columbia, it will retain its honor

of being the warmest, most blessed garden oasis in Canada,

sans its trees.

Email Identity Theft

Be on the alert!

If you receive an email in the form of a spam

that is actually sent to your email address

but coming from your email address,

then your password has been hacked.

What is surprising is that it still can get

through your internet server,

or that server that provides you your email address.

Further to the crash of this website,,

is the theft of the password that opens the dashboard

and its control panel during the repair.

My own investigation shows that the spam

is coming from,


with ip address of


If a route trace is done on this ip address,

it will turn out to be based in Hongkong


Canadian Garbage

Some country in the Far East suddenly woke up to find

several container vans full of garbage

purportedly coming from Canada.

Yes, garbage

and yes, Canada!

Now who in his right mind would load

in vans stinky Canadian garbage?

Now who in his right mind would import

Canadian garbage the size of a small hill?

Now who in his right mind would pay

for Canadian garbage, anyway?

Well I’ll be hornswoggled!

Either I miscalculated the value of Canadian garbage

or this Far Eastern country is going to rot!

(the word “hornswoggled” means horns woggled)

Disaster Here!

Don’t look now but I managed to sneak this post in when the dashboard was down!

Twinkly Toes

It appears that I have been stepping on some twinkly toes lately.

This site was down since yesterday morning.

And it took some brain-wracking effort from the Canadianwebhosting senior techs to bring it up again.

The WordPress dashboard was a mess

and this is the board that I have to type on my posts.

I have an idea to whom these toes belong

but that would be guessing, no?

Anyway, I am glad that they are responding.

This proves that they have been listening.

Let us hope that they don’t get to throwing eggs

with their reactions.

Now where was I?

Oh yes, I was about to go to sleep!

The Iran Treaty Debate Looms

The speakers for this debate are getting ready for the debate that the public is waiting for.

These speeches may probably gain more reception than any of Donald Trump’s.

For a time, at least.

It is expected that the opponents of the Iran Nuclear Treaty would focus on probabilities and prognostications leading to doomsday.

With this scenario, I say that the proponents of the Nuclear Treaty with Iran are ahead in points because their logic would center on actual ocular inspections and other unencumbered verifications. In this way the process of guesswork is eliminated.

Greece Should Print Money

As a last resort, I would have suggested Greece to print its own money.

If some countries that we know can use this measure to remedy their deficit problems, why can’t Greece?

As a consequence, the value of this newly printed money will be greatly devalued in comparison to the world currencies. Not unless more gold reserves are secured to back it up.

It would be advisable, therefore, that this newly printed money be used mostly inside the country of Greece, and the remaining Euros (under the remaining gold backup) be used outside of Greece. The import to Greece will suffer but the exports will gain.

There will be more cash provided the pensioners and the economy will re-start.

Donald Trump Tops The Polls

Donald, the man I said just might be the Republican’s

Trump Card, is topping the polls.

Don’t ask  me why because I am about to tell you now.

Donald Trump represents whom we would like to be

doing what we want to do.

We would like very much to say things

without fear of losing anything.

And this thing about John McCain not being a war hero?

Think about it this way:

One does not become a war hero for just being a POW!

They don’t get medals and citations for

just being captured.

You may get a medal for being wounded

but not for being captured!

Anyway, does John McCain claim to be a hero?

Up The Environmentalists

I say,  up the environmentalists!

I will post their posters

brandish their banners

even placate their placards
(whatever that means)

as long as they do not demand a share

of my oil revenues.

That would only be fair!


Althia Raj


Oil Leakage

This oil leakage in Northern Alberta

was flawlessly timed to coincide

with the Energy Strategy Debate by

the Canadian Premiers.


Oil Leakage.mpg

The Eastern provinces, having no oil refineries of their own

insist that the priority of the Strategy should be the

Climate Change and the Environment.

This is in the hope that the Western oil provinces

would  pay a toll to have the pipeline

laid down to reach the East.

The oil leakage would have been a very effective point

to have the West clean up their polluting ways first

before they can lay down the pipeline.

And the Western oil producing provinces, namely Saskatchewan and Alberta,

would have to pay it forward first.

HAH! I dare these Premiers to explain exactly

how the oil pipelines directly affect

  climate change!

I would also say that the Eastern Provinces

will have to use oil

whether they like it or not.

But what may have caused the leak?

The foundation directly under the pipe couplings should have been strengthened to compensate for the sag.

The oil pressure gages should have been calibrated regularly.

The one on watch should have sounded the alarm the moment the oil pressure dropped due to the leak and the pump motors should have been stopped.

Some Engineers should be fired for this.

But the Eastern provinces should allay their fears

that the oil producing provinces are very, very much concerned

about polluting the air,

perhaps even more concerned about climate change

than everybody else, for the simple reason that the

oil refineries are situated there and that there would be

more polluting gases emanating from these refineries than from anywhere else.

One proof of this concern is that there is seen no visible

black smoke coming from the refinery stacks.

The complete washing of carbon from the exhaust gases

is thereby assured.

Eurozone Offers Bridge Loan To Greece

$10 Billion is offered the Greeks as a “bridge” loan”

probably to tide them over while the

$96 billi0on 3rd bailout is being processed.

I would not accept it were I Tsipras.

This may cone from certain creditors which may tag

higher interests, again.

This $10 billion may be coming as part of the

$96 buillion, anyway, and represents that

portion of of the amount owed by Greece

from Euro banks.

it may provide the Greeks with some form of a breather

from their debts, but they should realize

that the $96n billion is also a breather.

more so, the $96 billion is a respite for several years.  

if worse comes to an emergency

the Greek government could issue stamps

or post-dated checks.

Listen, the greek government should start

increasing the pension amounts but raise the taxes on these

at the same time reduce the extra benefits

affiorded to the pensioners.

Semi-private corporations should also

be started.

Ah but these Greeks know what to do.

They’ve been there already!

China in Financial Trouble?


But I’m not worried about China.

This is an authoritarian country

which has only started to dabble with capitalism.

If conditions worsen

China can always rely on its people to practice

extreme austerity.

Canada in Recession

It was coming,

but the powers that be admit they had no clue.

Even the premiers blame everybody else

particularly Albertans who by now

are still enjoying their oil resources.

They are smart enough to be premiers and

Ministers so why can’t they use their noggins to

determine what caused the recession.

The Province of Alberta  has provided the

finances that make the Canadian Government run.

The rest of the have-not provinces have not stopped

milking Alberta of its resources.

So what happens when Alberta fails to generate enough revenues from oil exports? The rest of Canada suffers.

And still, these have-not provinces have the guts to

blackmail Alberta by exacting a large fee for allowing

oil to get to their refineries.

I say now that there should be a new government who could

repeal the energy sharing clause in the Constitution.

This is not energy sharing, anyway.

It’s plain and simple blackmail.

What the heck caused the recession, anyway?

I’ll tell you why and I shall be gracious enough

t0 refrain from calling you stupid as I do this.

Canada’s economy is fueled largely by its

favorable balance of trade, made largely with

that country  down South.

For some reasons which is related to Canada’s

foreign policies, a bottleneck has been imposed

on exports from Canada.

Worse, the signal from the South has been misinterpreted

by Ottawa.

As a result aggressive foreign policies against

other countries in the form of sanctions

have been imposed by the Canadian government

for appeasement efforts.

As a consequence, Canada lost further the

countries which it should have traded with

to offset the lost of the trade with that country down South.

Canada is not at war with Russia, nor China, nor North korea,

Syria, Iran, and all the other countries that we

shun to have good relations with.

Why do Canadians refuse to trade with them?

The UN has not asked Canada to send peacekeeping troops

to the Middle East, why are our troops there?

If Canada is a neutral country and is not

at war with any other country

why would it be prevented to trade with everybody?

Canada should have a mind of its own.

It should start by dismantling the irrelevant NORAD! 

And then recall the sanctions.

(I guess this post proves that there is at least one Canadian with a mind of his own!)

Vicky Morales


Cirque Du Soleil At the Pan-Am Games