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The Collapse of the Bangsamoro Basic Law

The pause in Congress deliberations marks a respite in the debate on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, and initiates the collapse of the draft. Even if it were drastically revised in the attempt to please the opponents of the draft, the pause in the deliberations would have cooled off the enthusiasm and the drive of its supporters. It would have little chances of winning a 50% + 1 vote from a referendum, anyhow.. Oh yes, a referendum is still required to change the political status of the Philippines as regards territory and sovereignty. The Congress must refer the decision to the people. This is why the process is called a referendum.

It is a surprise that the political science theorists in the Philippines  are ignorant of referenda. They push through plebiscites which are, of course, applicable to local governments and not concerning the national government. One other thing, should there be a Bangsamoro autonomous region, the authority of the national government will gradually be nullified to such a time when this region will ultimately be called a separate state. Come to think of it, the very words of the Shariah law, or that law from which the Bangsamoros derive their unified effort to push the BBL, is described as a separate and distinct law.

Now where have I heard about that separate and distinct clause before? Quebec attempted to secede from the rest of Canada when the rest of the country did not allow the inclusion of separate and distinct in the Constitution to describe the province of Quebec. The referendum that followed did not give them enough votes to secede unilaterally.

But those words really do spell trouble for any democratic state which is not hybridized. The state of Crimea succeeded to rejoin Russia because it had a referendum and it was not leaving a hybrid state which is the parliamentary Ukraine. It would have been easier for the Bangsamoros to file for the regions to be one consolidated province. In this case there would not be a confusion as regards control and sovereignty and taxes.

National Language

The last time I heard from that country called the Philippines

is that the national language is still Tagalog.

and the national hero is still a Tagalog.

But why is there now an all-out war against

the people who are natural-born Tagalogs?

If another hero is to be proclaimed

it should be him who is not traitorous

nor vindictive, and not only because

he was assassinated.

And if another national language is to be proclaimed

let it be that which was not only because

it was proclaimed.

Birth Day

Birth Day


Scientists have built a bigger, faster collider, the object of which is to ram particles against each other in the hope of getting a clearer picture of matter and how it is formed. In simple words, scientists would like to know how the Big Bang banged, or rather what caused the Big Bang.


I have theories of my own. These theories, however, may be far from the truth, but still is coming close to the theories that scientists have advanced. I have written about mass, the Bang, frequency, the Dark Matter and another separate universe. But while these articles that I wrote, mostly in this blog, have been diverse in topics, they will someday come together in the manner which Einstein sought to unify all theories together in one Unified Field Theory. He probably did not ask himself the question “ Did magnetism cause smaller particles to orbit around larger particles, or did this movement of smaller particles around larger particles cause magnetism?”

Whatever conclusion he arrives at would have opened up another question for him in that “How does magnetism figure out in the transformation of energy to mass?” Now we know that nuclear fission actually transforms mass into energy. And the detruction of mass creates immense destructive energy. But how could energy be transformed into mass? By fusing mass via magnetism as in the Black Hole? Could be. But this line of thinking would be hardly explicable considering how much we know today.

Now let’s see, the Big Bang created mass. In fact to this occasion is attributed the creation of the universe. My question would be, was there energy before this mass was created? I would say yes. There must be something before mass was created. There was energy, a simple constant, unchanging energy. This energy just might be all over. It might be in another universe or universes. Or it just might be in one place, which is our universe. It does not matter where. There just is this energy.

Before I continue, let us review Einstein’s Relativity theory (E=mc2). It implies that matter starts to get smaller as it approaches the speed of light. And will ultimately transform itself into energy when it reaches the speed of light. Conversely, as matter reduces its speed to sub-light speed it turns to mass. Running by that statement again : mass appears when energy reduces its speed to sub-light speed.  Now this will be hard to swallow. I will not be able to prove because how does one handle energy that travels at light speed?

Would there be such a thing as energy travelling at and over the speed of light? Does energy travel, anyway?

Think about it this way : if there be energy that travels it could not have been visible, as it would have travelled at super light speed, it being the anti-thesis of mass, like the Dark Matter which is invisible because it travels at super light speed. It goes beyond the light spectrum as well. If energy does not move at all and thus cannot travel at super light speed, then it must have movement to become invisible to the naked eye. It must probably have frequency. This will allow dark matter to move at super light speed without travelling. In other words, it can sway and dance without moving from its spot. (check out my write up on frequency).

If light consists of photons, then these photons travel at light speed, or 186,000 miles a second. If, however, photons only move with rippling effect, then it does not travel at light speed. In other words, what reaches us is not the same photon that we observed moving 186,000 miles away. It must have been another different photon which was bumped by the first. The first photon was probably traveling at super light speed, but it slowed down when it was bumped. When light slows down to 186,000 miles per second, then it becomes visible to us as LIGHT.


AND SO, FROM AMIDST THE DARK VOID THAT IS SPACE comes a sudden decrease in speed, or a slowdown in frequency, of emptiness all over that is dark; and lo comes the visibility of light hitherto invisible from its super light speed. Slowly, one by one, as if by contagion, speed is slowed down and the heavens now appear, and the stars and the comets are lit up with colors and animation to populate the universe. And then there is life—creatures that breath..

This may have happened in six light-related days, but before the seventh day comes the culmination and the celebration, and the fanfare and the panoply, as all things stopped to observe—-

 My Birth Day

Reynan Del-Anay

This kid from a Bukidnon tribe auditioned successfully.


Reynan Del-Anay.mpg

Nyoy Volante

nyoyV 026

These people are great imitators.

They can copy anything any man can do under the sun.

Fantastic even,

they made a competition out of it,

starting a trend ,

a first in media history.

And now, these people are the ones

to be imitated

as regards this show.

nyoyV 055

Nyoy V. Pavarotti.mpg

nyoyV 060

Nyoy V. Whitney.mpg


No, no……I weren’t idle, if sleeping is what you mean by idling.

It’s just this summer.

You begin to appreciate this weather if you live in Canada.

And more so if you live in the prairies

when all you see are rain, snow, sand

and fully-clothed chicks.


But really now, I do not expect to see

barely-clothed chicks around here.

Hey, this is a very conservative, formal town.

if it were not so normal at that.

But frankly, I’ve got something spinning

in my noggin, something which I and a whole lot

of Canadians ignored

and CBC National brought out again.

This topic requires a whole lot of extensive, intensive

and pensive reviews.

Meanwhile, back to the bunch….