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The Amlac Folly

The leaders of the Philippines have a penchant for installing

projects that always prove problematic in the future.

The MRT is one of them.

Another is the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Still another is the AMLAC,

or that which seeks to prevent money laundering.

This group by now appears to be

fighting for its existence, or rather

trying to justify its existence.

It has not caught any money launderers, lately,

and not even so for a long time now.

The most it has done is name the people

who has more money in their bank accounts

than could be imagined.

It has not, however, caught anyone who has

actually transferred a huge amount of money

from and to the country.

It appears that it is enough to have a large amount of money

in the bank to be called a money launderer.

And at this time that the government is undertaking

a crash project of inviting foreign investors to the country,

this AMLAC is proving to be a turnoff.

Now which investor would bring his money

in the country for an investment if

AMLAC would just bring to court those who have

large sums of money in the bank?

Come to think of it, those who would want

to launder money from this country

would not use the banks to do it.

They would use boats, instead!

Pia Arcangel


The BBL, or Basic Law, or What….

Whatever name or term it is to be called,

this document seeks to provide some

people, specifically the Southern Muslims

of Mindanao, the license to nullify

some particular control that the National Government

now legally exercises over the Bangsamoro.

Or simply,  this document will allow the Bangsamoro

to thumb their noses to the National Government,

depending on what specifics are obtaining.

But I am really glad that the opponents of this BBL

are ahead of the pros adversarial-wise.

At any rate, should they begin to falter

I would disclose my ace in the hole.

Hint : It is not the Congress nor the Supreme Court

who will have to decide on matters regarding

changes to the political configuration

of the state.

A warning, though,

the BBL,

or whatever name they seek to call it,

will transform the democratic

constitutional government of the Philippines into a hybrid;

indeterminate, just like gays.


(bato-bato sa langit….)

To Fight The ISIS

It must have been observed that the Sunni faction of Islam,

or more specifically the remnants of Saddam’s General staff,

have kept the Western forces off-balance

mainly by nit-picking their targets.

Such strategy leads the western forces away from the

exploitation of captured cities.

Right now, Ramadi has been captured,

and when the western forces rush troops to Ramadi,

ISIS exploits unopposed the last city they captured.

One strategy which may undo the Sunni tactics

is a massed onslaught from the rear.

Yep! You may be looking at massed assaults by Russian forces!

The Khyber Pass could accommodate such an intrusion.

The ISIS leadership just might be quartered at the rear of their troops.

Your question would be what would

the Russians hope to gain from this invasion?

ISIS have not attacked any Russian territory,

Iran being a buffer against such attacks.

And then again, why choose Russia to do the attack?

Because NATO is disunited, unreliable as a unit,

and lacks support from the EU.

Also, NATO’s guns are pointing the wrong direction.

Now, what would the West give to Russia

in exchange for such a military operation?

(Remember that ISIS is still not familiar with Russian weaponry)

The Newest Protestant

Ayaan  Hirsi  Ali



I have always said

in bits and pieces all over this blog

that the best weapon to fight

the cruelties of the Muslim world

is their women saying ‘NO”.

Well, this one not only says “NO”,

she yells “STOP”.

Verily this one is a new reformer,

the newest protestant.

Up with Ayaan!

May Her Tribe Increase!

Amtrak Derailment

I know you don’t mind my saying so,

(you can’t anyway, as this blog

is not built to accept it)

but what comes to mind

is a stuck throttle lever

immediately before the train reaches the curve.

In which case power to the wheels should be

switched off at once.

Or at least the gears should be switched to the lowers.

These trains should have speed limiters.

Either that or a gysroscope to

sense the excessive overturning moment

should be installed up on the roof.

But it really has to take an experienced engineer

to realize that his engine

has switched to  the runaway mode.



the country that gave the world democracy,

and the phalanx, and the cavalry,

art, and discipline,

now flounders from financial burden.

Oddly enough this country still ignores

the industry that kept her out in front

of the mercantile world.

It still fails to recognize the value of

shipping, or transportation via the seas.

It should re-develop its shipbuilding industry

and perhaps may again have millionaires like Onassis.

Why don’t the Greeks build oil tankers

to rent to other countries.

Or perhaps, they should attempt to negotiate

something with the BRICS.





(INA, O aking INA,

Isusubo mo na

Sa akin ibibigay pa!)

NDP Makes History

As the new Premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley,

 promised before the elections

 her party, the National Democratic Party,

made political history for Alberta

and even for the whole of Canada.

Winning  54 seats

from the required 44 seats to make majority,

the NDP surges through seemingly

from out of the blue.

This party broke the back  of the PC party,

which ruled Alberta consecutively for  44 years.

The Federal government of Canada

will most assuredly take notice of Alberta

which has long contributed its resources

to the government in Ottawa.

They should take note also

that the NDP win in Alberta is accomplished

with very little help from the other NDP organizations

 from all over Canada.

And, if I might add,

Edmonton carried the day for NDP,

and not Calgary.

(I thought so, I voted for Heather)

The Undisclosed Problem

The black Americans,

who have yet to appreciate their country of origin,

want the American policemen

to act like respectable American policemen.

The American policemen,

who have yet to appreciate the frustration of the black Americans,

want the black Americans

to act like respectable black American citizens.

Both sides will not accommodate the other,

and put the blame on the other instead.

And therein lies the crux of the black/white strife—-

a conflict in characters.

There is no one to solve this

as there is no one to disclose this.

But I guess this problem can never be solved

even if the crux of the conflict is disclosed.

For whenever there is character, there is conflict.

There is no group, either black nor white,

that has come up to minimize the wounds

inflicted by this conflict.

It can never be solved

even if they put up a President

who is black.

That Boxer Named Pacquiao

Sad it is that the decision went against him in his last fight

with Floyd Mayweather.

There should be lots of stories as regards this fight.

Most of them saying who should have won and why.

Also who should have lost and why.

But this one story you may never hear amongst

any one of them.

That Floyd Mayweather have never, will never have,

a whole country to support him

the way Manny Pacquiao has.

Which is more millions than Mayweather

will ever have.

Think about this—

this is certainly not a good time for anybody

to win a battle against any black person in America!