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Boris Nemtsov Shot Dead


Boris Nemtsov,

a foremost critic of Vladimir Putin was shot in the back several times.

The woman who was walking with and beside him was never touched.

It appears that she was meant to tell the story

that a white car (Ford Focus or Ford Mondeo) pulled up and assassinated Boris.

Very interesting, eh?


Leonard Nimoy Is Dead

Mr. Spock may not have lived that long

but he still prospers.

Homeland Security

According to the American Congress—-


Pot Is Legal Now

Marijuana, or pot, is now legalized in Washington, D.C.,

and also in some parts of America and North America.

This will abolish smuggling, pot-pushing, crimes due to pot-smoking,

will frustrate cartels, reduce policing problems, gang wars,

and will actually install another source of federal taxation,

aside from being medicinal.

More so, this will start the Washington to learn

the art of leisurely gardening

 in clay pots.


Jihadi John Identified

jihadi john

Mohammad Emwazi

From London


(my guess was Sandhurst, well, close enough, close enough)

Bangsamoro Negotiators

The Bangsamoro negotiators, with its leader IQBAL,

faced grilling by the HOUSE

resulting in some adversarial words flying about

in a not too charitable fashion.

The fact that international criminal Marwan was found

and slain in the Bangsamoro -controlled region

is something that was not explained fully

by IQBAL and the Bangsamoro negotiators.

This fact may be explained by either ignorance,

or negligence, or connivance by the Bangsamoro.

Or simply that the prospective autonomous government leaders

will be incapable of controlling the region,

militarily or otherwise.

The result will create a haven for terrorists and trouble-makers.

Why then would the country create an autonomous region

if war will only escalate?

This notion should throw a wrench on the proceedings

of making the BBL as a law

or it should even be suspended indefinitely.

Let me put it this way—-

the Bangsamoro negotiators are well equipped with hindsight.

Their foresight, however, is critically wanting of my approval.

We should learn, not copy,  from history, like A. Toynbee.

And the subject of Political Science

is merely a compilation of Eastern and Western ideas.

There is no Utopia that can be attained

by a concoction of any two or more of these ideas.

People who mix up these philosophies

do end up getting really all mixed-up


The BBL can work if one party gives up some things

and it will be the Bangsomoro who has to compromise,

not the Philippine Government.

Who the heck owns the country, anyway!


Keystone Pipeline Vetoed

As expected and as publicized, the keystone Pipeline was vetoed.

After which I should remind again some people

that they will have to use oil

whether they like it or not.

Also, the only Raptor that the Canadians will sponsor

is only that which plays for a basketball team

and not that plane which tries to fly.

Kiev Switches Tactics

With its failure to make a dent on the east Ukrainian rebels’ defense,

Kiev’s Ukrainian military switches tactics.

With the exhausting of the ‘defensive’ armaments supplied by the US

and its coffers drained of money,

Kiev changes the assault to internet propaganda.

Although there is no propaganda coming from Russia,

Kiev now gears for countering false information

from Russia and its ‘trolls”.

Kiev forces do not really warrant “defensive” weapons

because it is really the one doing the attacking.

Of course I would now be considered a Russian troll should I ask

would the Eastern Ukrainians really bomb to rabble

their own city of Donetsk?

Would Russia really bother to attack

non-productive, poverty-stricken Eastern Ulraine?

What for? This  crisis is Brennan’s folly.

$5 billion spent for Ukraine

have already gone down the drain,

why inflict on the EU more pain

when it is presently groaning

from its own growing pains.



The Sound Of Music

 The Academy Awards have always been entertaining and educational.

More so when Lady Gaga revives the Sound of Music.

It blew my mind to hear her sing

without the stressful rhythms and the banging beats,

monotonous repetitions and the stentorian yells.

Lady gaga sings the true, relaxing, entertaining

Sound of Music


Sound of Music.mp4

Lady Gaga.mpg

Bernadette Sembrano


B-Day Girl.mp4


UN Resurrected

Out of the blue comes the United nations

like a phoenix out of the mud.

For so long a time, the world talks and negotiations

regarding the obtaining conflicts all over

were being undertaken by the emissaries of

the Us, Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia.

And now that the US have been excluded from the Minsk Agreement,

The United Nations take over.

What they should have had is that the United Nations

get involved in these talks all the way

all the time.

But that’s OK, the Minsk Agreement is proceeding as expected.

And not even any sinister spoilers would bar

the truce from proceeding.

I expect that the UN Security Council would provide

a peace keeping force to patrol the demilitarized zone.

Perhaps soldiers from Latin America

or from Asia.


The Edmonton Blading Society

This Edmonton crew that clears away the snow and ice

never cease to amaze me.

Very, very nicely done in the Northeast Edmonton

where I come from.

They have done a piece of artwork here,

I must say, and you can come check it out.

 They should export this technique.

They have incorporated artistry in their work,

these Edmonton bladers.


Rabble Rousers

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call them rabble rousers.

I am referring to those who would create trouble

against the Minsk Ceasefire in East Ukraine.

Most probably these are the same people that started

the shootings at Maidan.

This is their forte, as if they are gun runners

who would benefit from war.

The East Ukrainians and the legitimate Ukrainian army

really want the war to stop.

So they really do not have any idea who are those

that are shooting at them.

They just shoot back.

And the media afterwards report that the ceasefire has failed.

That region in Debaltseve is where the pocket is

where the Ukrainian units are trapped.

Surely the Eastern Ukrainians are not about to give it up

because they  want that territory as a bargaining chip towards

a demilitarized zone.

There will be more reports related to downplaying the Minsk Ceasefire.

Perhaps that portion of the EU and Nato should

call off their dogs.


Instead, train your guns towards the Middle East

and not towards Russia.

It would be safer,  cheaper,  and more worthwhile in that direction.


  (where did you  say the Blackwater  is now?)

Red Hearts

  Sincere were you when you said you were married.

More sincere were you when you said

that should not matter!

Should it?


Bangsamoro Basic Law (Continuando)*

Bangsamoro Basic Law

The debate on this law has been postponed

due to the unfortunate incident related to the Marwan operation.

Anyhow, this respite will give the Moro negotiators

the opportunity to prove their sincerity

and capability to handle an autonomous government.

I believe they are now required to surrender those

who killed the SAF troopers.

And perhaps, to effect a complete disarmament of the region.

Within this time frame I may be able to opine something

on political status, Education, Religion. and Defense.

Hold On!

I can feel it coming in the air the night…..

(heck! I said this already!)

(tuloy ang ligaya)*

Minsk Ceasefire Holding

 From the way that the opponents of the accord

(that the Minsk Club of Four have signed)

have redoubled their efforts to bring it down,

the prospects of the ceseafire looks good.

There is also this skirmishes for choice

 spots where the demarcation line will be initially posted.

Perhaps  the  US  and NATO  should allow  the ceasefire  to succeed.

After all, Ukraine is still a quagmire of expenses

that promises to gulp more of American and European

taxpayers’ money.

If there be any country that can help Ukraine,

it will be, and always have been,


Therefore, let Russia foot the bill.

Of course, Ukraine will again be under Russia’s sphere of influence.

And then again, who cares as long as the result stabilizes the region.


Roller Coaster Gas prices

Gas prices go up 10 cents a liter, then go down afterwards 1 cent a day for  four days, then go up again 10 cents. It is now 91.9 cents a liter.

Mamasapano Encounter (continuar)



The Philippine Army has never learned a lesson.

Every operation in the Moroland of Maguindanao

almost always end up in ambush.

The targets or objectives oftentimes

have been forewarned of their coming.


As a consequence it has been a normal sight

to see this procession of catafalques

of dead soldiers

amidst the lamentation of their women,

and the grievances of a bereaved general


General Espina.mp4

How was the enemy forewarned?

Military Intelligence probably knew the answer to this question.

What they have yet to learn is how to deal with it.

But they tried, and this operation to get Marwan

is their attempt to correct the situation.

A very tight lid has been provided such an operation to get Marwan,

internationally-wanted terrorist bomb-maker

with a $5 million prize on his head;

and his prime student, Basit.

But somehow, information about the operation leaked out

and the 44 or so police Special Action Force

was caught in a crossfire just as they were withdrawing.

What happened afterwards was a cruel, animalistic abuse of

the 44 soldiers, some of them shot while they were down,

and were robbed of weapons and personal belongings.

It has been well-known that there are petty jealousies between the different branches of the military. Every branch try to outdo the others in obtaining coups and achievements for some reason or another which the officers know. marines, Rangers, Commandos, Seals and now the Police SAF have each had their share of ambushes and tragedy.

To make matters worse, there is an existing connivance between the soldiers and the armed contingents of the moros, further complicated by private armies belonging to some wealthy moros. What makes this situation impossible to untangle is that armed men have joint memberships in all the groups that are mentioned.

The SAF command had this operation under wraps for so long a time that even if the General In Charge got suspended, nobody issued an order to either cancel or proceed with the plan. The aim to incapacitate Marwan and Basit would tremendously benefit the world and such a cancellation of the operation nobody dared to order on pain of incarceration.

This is a police action, anyway, and no truce nor agreement between the Philippine Government and the Bangsamoro Negotiators would have the legitimacy to stop the operation nor prevent the SAF from entering the Bangsamoro lands in question.

Such a truce provided the reason for the rest of the Armed Forces to hesitate entering the Basngsamoro. A big mistake by the planners of this operation in that the backups were not close to the operation and that heavier firepower were not available to cover the withdrawal. They were overly concerned about secrecy in the operation, in such a way that the other branches of the army were not informed beforehand, and that support from these were not coming.  Besides, these heavier weapons might have been earlier sold to the terrorists already before this.

By about this time, military intelligence could filter out the source of the leak. If they have the right wits and the will to do it.

But the operation could have been done better, with no casualties, nor any uncalled for noise if it were done this way…..

(of course I won’t tell you how I could have done it. Dare me and I will. Otherwise, I won’t)


The Minsk Ceasefire Agreement


The Minsk ceasefire deal, point by point

(Lifted from RT.Com)

Published time: February 12, 2015 12:01


Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) shakes hands with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (R) during a meeting on February 11, 2015 in Minsk.(AFP Photo / Andrey Stasevich)



A glimpse of hope has appeared for peace in Ukraine after a 13-point memorandum was signed Thursday in Minsk.

The deal was brokered by the leaders of France, Germany and Russia, who joined their Ukrainian counterpart on Wednesday for marathon overnight negotiations.

The deal was signed by the so-called “contact group,” which includes the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, a representative of the OSCE, Ukraine’s former President Viktor Kuchma and the Russian ambassador to Ukraine.

Here is the breakdown of the deal:


  1. A comprehensive ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Comes into force at 00.00 (Kiev time) on February 15.


  1. A pullout of heavy weapons. The parties agreed to a compromise disengagement line. Kiev is to pull artillery and other hardware from the current frontline while the rebels would do it from the frontline as it was in September, before they gained ground in a January counter-offensive. The OSCE-monitored safety zone would be 50 km to 150 km wide for weapons, depending on their range. The pullout is to be completed by March 1.


  1. The OSCE will use its drone fleet and monitors on the ground, as well as satellite images and radar data to ensure that both parties stick to the deal.


  1. Kiev and the rebels will negotiate the terms for future local elections in the rebel-held areas, which would bring them back into Ukraine’s legal framework. Kiev would adopt legislation on self-governance that would be acceptable for the self-proclaimed republics.


  1. Kiev will declare a general amnesty for the rebels.


  1. An exchange of all prisoners must be completed by the fifth day after full disengagement. That’s in 19 days, if the weapons pullback takes the full time provided for by the deal.


  1. Humanitarian aid convoys will be allowed full access to the needy in the war-affected areas. An international monitoring mechanism will be provided.


  1. Kiev will restore economic ties, social payments and banking services in the dissenting areas, which it cut earlier in response to the elections held by the self-proclaimed republics. Their respective governments will resume taxation and payment for utilities. This provision is subject for further negotiation.


  1. After the local elections are held in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, Kiev is to restore control over their borders with Russia. The transition may take time, which would be needed for a comprehensive constitutional reform in Ukraine.


Line of vehicles at the Uspenka checkpoint in the Donetsk Region on the border between Ukraine and Russia.(RIA Novosti / John Trast)

  1. All foreign troops, heavy weapons and mercenaries are to be withdrawn from Ukraine. Illegal armed groups would be disarmed, but local authorities in Donetsk and Lugansk would be allowed to have legal militia units.


Victor Lenfa, commander of a French volunteer team fighting for the rebels in Eastern Ukraine.(Screenshot from RT video)

  1. Keiv will implement comprehensive constitutional reform by the end of the year, which would decentralize the Ukrainian political system and give privileges to Donetsk and Lugansk. The privileges include language self-determination, the freedom to appoint prosecutors and judges, and to establish economic ties with Russia.


Verkhovna Rada meeting.(RIA Novosti / Alexandr Maksimenko)

  1. The OSCE’s election monitors are to see that local elections in the self-proclaimed republics are up to international standards. The exact procedure for the elections is subject to further negotiations.


RIA Novosti / John Trast

  1. Talks between the “contact group” will be intensified in various ways.


The Minsk Club

Minsk Club


The Mamasapano Encounter

Again, the clarifiers are looking for the wrong things at the wrong time.

They are even asking the wrong people.

Ask the common soldiers, the veterans, the survivors,

and those who would not mind

losing their pensions if they answered askew.

I will have to postpone my post concerning

the political consequences should the BBL

came about as law.

Hold On!

I can hear it coming in the air

the night,

Hold On, hold on.

(Ta bee continued….)

WARNING—-I will have to volunteer info

which nobody, not even me, can clarify nor verify!


The Hanging of Hussein


For whatever charge that still is to be provided

Saddam Hussein of Iraq was executed.

For whatever purpose he was hanged is still to be told.

The consequence of this hanging is now known

It encouraged the formation of what is now called ISIS, or ISIL, or IS.

I keep saying that he did not have anything to do

with the September 11 destruction,

nor of any Weapons of Mass destruction,

nor the harboring of Al Qaeda.

That rope will now sell for 7 million dollars.

Would that price be good enough a reason to hang him?


Ukraine Crisis

You are now looking at the precursors of

the truly exclusive European Club.

The continent of Europe has a history dotted with

conquerors and strong leaders,

more than any other continent in the world.

European peace

If this come to form

then it would have made NATO,

or what it stands for,  irrelevant.

(Formez  vos  bataillons!)

Ukraine Crisis

Anissa Naouai

Anissa presents the opinion of a former Canadian Ambassador

who comes out of the cold to shovel out

his opinion of the Ukraine crisis

straight from the shoulder.


Hot Shovel

Demilitarized Zone

A demilitarized zone in Ukraine.

I thought so.

But wasn’t this what I proposed about a year ago?

A similar zone between North and South Korea?

Whatever, some people will have to lose face

when this happens.

Actually, the international crises

are on the EU composition, and the ISIS insanity,

not the lofty  stature of Russia. 

Nor on the preservation of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Kayla Mueller


ISIS video claims that Jordanian bombing by plane killed Kayla Mueller.

I say this is bull.

The credibility of ISIS has gone down

and they will thus lose prospective recruits.

Furthermore, I believe that they are running critically short of funds.

(It is getting harder for me

to find something good

in  Muslims)