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Congress Approves Keystone Pipeline

There will be other hindrances to this project after this.

People should realize, though,

that they will have to consume oil and its byproducts

whether they like it or not.

Jeff Read

Jeff Read owns the TLS Electrical Contracting Services. He resolved the conflict between me and Shaw Cable Systems. You see, some Shaw technicians  installed two Personal Video Recorders (pvr’s) in my place and immediately after this, the power in my living room went down.

I know that the ground wire was broken because I can have power course through the living room by re-connecting the ground wire thru the one in my kitchen. But this is unsafe.

To make the story short and after a long discussion with Greg Wells of Shaw, a third party residential electrician was finally sent in. And there was Jeff Read, a commercial, and industrial and residential electrician. He made his tests and found the problem and lo, the power went on zip-zip.

He afterwards cautioned on having too many power bars plugged in. This caused the ground wire to burn out in one outlet. Note that Jeff Read and Greg Wells magnanimously declined my money to pay for the work of fixing the power as was a prior agreement between me and Shaw.

The lost power was not caused by the work of the Shaw installers.

This post is not a plug, but it might as well be one.


8015 Flight Simulator


While all reports of the Airasia ill-fated flight tend to suggest that this plane is not underpowered, the flight simulator proves otherwise.

The simulation to get the plane climb faster than a fighter jet proved fatal. The plane stalled as expected because the forced injection of fuel to the engines resulted in a greater fuel to air ration, making the engines gaggle.

Which engine stalled first is anybody’s guess. Now the readings from the recorders may say that the plane flew at such excessive climbing speed as claimed. Probably not true. The data recorded might be that of the attempt to reach that great speed.

The plane actually did not reach that speed. If it did, the readings between the plane speed and external atmosphere speed should have been the data considered.

By analogy, the speedometer speed as registered by your car may not be the actual speed of the car, particularly if the tires are slipping from the ice. If equipped, your car may show blinking lights on the slipping wheels. I still say that the plane needed power at that particular moment.

Up by 13 cents


Holy smokes,  gas prices suddenly shot up by 13 cents per liter!

From 69.9 cents a liter which loaded at noontime,

by 2 pm the price went up to 82.9 cents per liter.

I guess that some national gas reserves

has finally run dry.

The Luneta Mass


Mass 1

Mass 2


Santo Tomas U

After The People’s Mass

The romance between the Filipinos and Pope Francisco continues.


After The Mass

The Pope on the Freedom of the Press


There are limits to freedom of expression when religion is insulted, Pope Francis has said in reference to the cartoons in the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. However, he also pointed out that killing in God’s name is an “absurdity.”

Francis spoke to reporters on a flight from Sri Lanka to the Philippines.

Answering questions on the Paris attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, he said that freedom of expression was a “fundamental human right” like freedom of religion, but it should be exercised “without giving offense,” the Catholic News Service reports.

One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith,” Francis said, adding that every religion “has its dignity.”

The Pope said that one can react violently when being offended. He offered an example, referring to his trip planner saying that if his “great friend says a swear word against my mother, then he is going to get a punch. But it’s normal, it’s normal.

However he added that “one cannot offend, make war, kill in the name of one’s own religion, that is, in the name of God.”

In this handout picture released by the Vatican press office (Osservatore Romano), Pope Francis (C) arrives in the Philippines in Manila on January 15, 2015. (AFP Photo/Osservatore Romano)

In the wake of the deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices over its Prophet Muhammad caricatures, the satirical magazine published a record 3 million copies of its new edition Wednesday. The latest cover depicted the Prophet crying. Pope Francis was among other figures caricatured in the magazine.

The new cartoons triggered outrage among Muslims all over the world, and threats from radical Islamists.

In his annual foreign policy address to Vatican-based ambassadors on Monday, Pope Francis condemned the Paris attacks that killed 17 people last week.

He said they were the result of a “throwaway culture” where people and God are rejected outright.

The Pope denounced religious fundamentalism that inspired the perpetrators of the killings.

In this handout picture released by the Vatican press office (Osservatore Romano), Pope Francis (L) arrives in the Philippines in Manila on January 15, 2015. (AFP Photo/Osservatore Romano)

Religious fundamentalism, even before it eliminates human beings by perpetrating horrendous killings, eliminates God himself, turning him into a mere ideological pretext,” he said.

Cheering crowds met Pope Francis in the capital, Manila, on Thursday as he began his first visit to Asia’s largest Catholic nation. Ahead of his visit, Manila launched one of the biggest security operations in years as previous pontiffs have been targets of assassination attempts during their visits to the country.

Francis told reporters during his flight to the Philippines that he had decided to canonize St. Joseph Vaz, a 17th- and 18th-century missionary to Sri Lanka, without going through the usual process, including verification of a second miracle attributed to the saint’s intercession.


Airasia 8501 Fuselage Found

It has been reported that the ill-fated Airasia 8501  fuselage has been found.

One wing, it is said, is still attached!

I did guess ( on my December 30 post)

that one wing must have hit the water first.

And now I will add that the event caused a cart-wheel motion

applied to the plane as the wing tore off.

The plane must still be  flying with one engine

and the pilot was attempting to ditch the plane.

That plane needed extra power at that inopportune time.


 This cry rings out again

to the people of the Philippines.

Not for an impending destruction this time

but for a most joyous celebration —

The Pope Is Coming To Town!


The Pope Is Coming To Town!

The trumpets are sounded

and the people answers with gleeful smiles

and heartfelt yeheys.

 Once again the people prepares for the coming of a Pope

to display that they are more Catholic than Catholic.

Pope Francis is truly a people’s Pope

and as such he is in his element

when he mingles with the people.

The security for him should be a nightmare

but this people has made stringent preparations

for any occasion that the Pope may initiate.

Four-hundred cameras,

a human barrier of policemen to line the whole length of his route,

a second barrier of metal barricade,

and a third line of human shield of

select people for the purpose.

What is fantastic about this occasion

is the showing of homage, and adoration,

and fealty for the successor of St. Peter.

This display is out of this world.

Not for Filipinos though,

such is normal a display for a Pope,

particularly for a people’s Pope,


AirAsia Flight Recorder Retrieved

One of them, at least, but it should show something about the plane’s power as generated.

It may be that the plane was not underpowered when it started its flight.

But it certainly did not have that much power to continue its flight.

My guess is that the engines stalled one after the other.


Icing probably was the cause, or too much water being sucked in by the compressors.

The plane would then stall

and the pilots will be forced to ditch the plane.

A climb to higher altitude would have consumed more fuel

and will suck in more water for the stall.

March For Unity

This is what ISIS, Jihadists, extremists

and all those killers for Allah

should be afraid of—–

a unified Christian opposition

against Islam.


March For Unity

The French,

from whence came

The Fall of the Bastille,

will come the Fall of the Caliph.

And then may come

the Reign of the Guillotine.

Heaven help.

Allah Can’t!

(this, however, is Europe’s show, no M1’s, only panzers, maybe sukhois)

Total Islamic Isolation

And so it has come to pass

the consequence of Islamic extremism

whereon starts the total adversity

towards muslim terrorism

and the general feeling of ill will

against Islam and its adherents.


Quo Vadis, Mohammed?

Will you unsheathe your sword against your kind,

those that preach Islamic fundamentals?

Or will you just kneel towards the East

and pray that the West will solve your problem?

Or are you actually chuckling and praising

your extremist followers for decimating the infidels?

Quo Vadis for your followers of the sword

whom may be martyrs in Heaven

and will be ostracized on earth.

Let the muslim moderates beware

lest they suffer the same fate as the extremists!

Battle of Five Armies

Just got a nasty email from my nasty internet provider about copyright infringement of this movie. (must be a good one).

It appears that my ip address has been used to download a copy of this movie from the internet.

I suppose it is that outfit called “Bit Torrent” that can propagate this copyright breaking.

But hey, if the copyright is to be protected to increase the profits, these modes of protection should be done by the ones who own the copyright. After all, they get the money.

A thief must steal, but not only for the reason that he would be called a thief. And he does not refrain from stealing to help his victims. In fact he steals to help himself.

It is for the owner of a property to build a fence around his property, and not for the trespassers to protect his property. For this logic, if the owners of the copyright cannot put up a fence to protect his copyright, why should they rely on the copyright breakers to protect his copyright?

The movie from a post previous to this which is titled “The Interview” may seem to be an illegal copy of the said original. It still is not the original. It has been modified in format, for one, the size, and the mode of delivery for some other items. It is actually a semblance of what was passed to me. And I did not do the stealing of the copyright.

What is provided for the public to watch, the public may watch, in whatever mode or medium that they can contrive.

Still, the owners, Sony, should have done more to prevent this from coming out. The burden of protection falls on their shoulders.

Are there no such things as copyguards no more? On second thought, putting up such copyguards and copyright protection just makes copying more attractive,

NO? TO CLOSE: works of art like the Mona Lisa of Da Vinci has been copied several times, was there a copyright infringement there? Even if these copies are sold for profit?

Mitt Romney

The name comes to my mind.

If you can read it

you must have esp!

French Police Raid

Two suspects of Paris terrorism slain by French Police in recent raid.


French Police Raid

The CIA Teeters

The CIA teeters….

from the slow, deliberate chopping of the Administration.

Assaults on its capabilities and procedures  abound

from corners unprecedented.

It appears that this extremely well-funded organization

is intended to be an extremely well-munching goat.

Slowly, some particular, unmentionable blame is to be shifted

to this intelligence gathering outfit.


is what this outfit is coming to be.

They are, after all, expendables.

Wold Junior Hockey Champions


Other 8501 Questions

If this model is not underpowered,

is it able to fly with only one engine?

At what minimum altitude will the engine be prone to ice up?

Warming Up

Warming up it is—-

but it is still minus 22 degrees Celsius outside.

This is normal for  the weather at about this time of the year.

The horses are unable to lift a hoof

before they get the hot blow dryer treatment!

Wait till we get to February

when we have two-dog nights!