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The Airasia Flight Attendant

I surmise that the Airasia 8501 Flight attendant was the first one that succeeded in opening a door of the plane after it landed on water.

But she and some others following her were overpowered by the rough seas as they attempted to exit the plane.

Most probably the general cause of death was drowning.

My other guess is that one of the wings of the plane must have touched water first causing an overturning motion.

Was this plane underpowered?

Yuletide Greetings

arg-christmas-newyear-bnr party2

FBI Insists…

The FBI still insists that North Korea was responsible for hacking Sony.


Another Accident for Airasia

While they found the debris of the missing Airasia 8501, another Airasia plane overshot the runway in the Philippines.

What more could happen?

Tagalog Music


Tagalog 1.mp4

Tagalog 2.mp4


Another Flight Missing

Airasia loses flight QZ8501

162 were aboard this plane.

Heaven help!

This plane is an Airbus.

Here we go again.

Kaiser Permanente, LA

KAISER  PERMANENTE  is a health insurance company, and one that belongs to the category of Home Maintenance Org, or HMO for short. Needless to say, this type is of the marked contrast with the Canadian Health Care Insurance System, and is one that Americans should not be proud to talk about.

The name “permanente” says it all. In this system, clients cannot choose their doctors, cannot choose their hospitals, and does not apply outside of the state of LA. In simple words, the clients are stuck with it permanently. The benefits from it are not only limited, they are controlled.

My brother visited me in Edmonton, and my sister in Regina. He got sick seriously between these travels and lo, since he is an American, he had to pay for the doctor who treated him. And he was treated with much concern and extended time. The charge was minimal, as was dictated by Canadian Physicians’ ethics, but it was paid in cash. His prescribed medicine was also paid in cash which is higher than what Canadians would pay. Hospitals would cost exorbitantly by Canadian standards and a complete medical check-up would be out of the question. The doctor refused to make a formal diagnosis before my brother had a complete medical check-up. But his treatment was good enough for his travel back to the United of All States. 

But I would emphasize the fact that here in Canada, doctors are available to see you immediately in three modes—by emergency, by medicenters which dot all the malls, and by your family doctor. In America, it is by good chance that you can get one, even with your family doctor. The emergency facilities in the hospital may not admit you, unless you are black and was shot by a policeman.

Curiously enough, a simple membership to the American Medicare system should have solved a lot of problems in the health system. The intended propagation of the Obamacare would have made the American Medical Health Care comparatively closer to the Canadian Health Care System.

What the Americans may be concerned about is the premiums to be paid the insurance system. The American employers and employees never had to pay health premiums before.

In fact, a whole lot of them do not pay for health insurance at all.

But if Canadians, who may have purportedly just got out of living in igloos, can do it; why can’t Americans, who can construct buildings which are high enough for planes to collide with, do away with  the problem of premiums?

AH, but the Americans do have the knack of making bigger a problem out of the intended solution to the problem. This produces another, bigger problem as a result.

HO-BOY! 0019


Syrain Saraphine Degray

Syrain, 15_0003

The Interview


The Interview

Pia Arcangel


Mel Tiangco


Mike Enriquez


Vicky Morales


Erin Ade


Erin Burnett


Cuba, Si

The Democrats attempt to add credit points to  the Obama Administration.

One of these attempts is the normalization of the relations with Cuba.

Would this effort also signal the revival of the American intent

to convert Cuba into an island casino?

We should remember that this sort of thing

triggered Fidel Castro’s Revolution,

and subsequently,

the U.S.  intimidated the Canadians

from doing business with Cuba.

The Cubans sorely need transportation vehicles.


(will this in fact result to easier access to the music of Ernesto Lecuoana?)

Honey, Lemon, Brandy

Honey, Lemon, Brandy—

old-fashioned, standardized sure-shot

cure for colds.

Now let’s see

a squirt of honey,

a pinch of lemon,

and brandy to fill the shot glass.

Then a sniff, a taste, and

down the hatch.



Trying it in a larger glass with bloated amounts

of honey, lemon and brandy—

then a sniff, a swig, and gulp down the gullet.


Trying the mix of brandy first,

then lemon,

then honey

then (hic) swig,




and glug, glug, glug !


Mebbe  I’m shu-pposed

to have  the colds  furst !



Denver Police


Denver Police Beating

Christmas MP4s

A Dog Named Christmas

The Christmas Choir

Andy Williams

Andre Rieu

Andrea Bocelli

Abby Martin


Breaking The Set.mp4

(well-composed sex, I mean, text)

The Vatican Touch

The United States government, whomever or whatever it is,

have asked the Vatican to help resolve the Guantanamo problem.


Harmless as this request may seem,

it is actually a loaded proposition.

The United States government is actually

asking the Vatican to fix

the Islamic problem.

And then what next?

Ask the Vatican to help fix

the Black American problem?

So that they can say

that if the Vatican cannot fix it

nobody else can!


Naughty, naughty!

You broke it, you fix it!


Snow Clearing In Edmonton

This is a tribute to the Snow clearing Crew of Edmonton

which has this operation down pat

that they have published online their regular schedule

of removing snow from all areas including residential.

This is one of the projects that the new Edmonton Mayor has undertaken

in tune to the needs of Edmonton residents.

The Snow-clearing crew of Edmonton has now become so efficient

that it is now been attributed the coining

of the term for snow-clearing.

Snow-clearing and snow-scraping is now called


Christmas MP3s

Bing Crosby

Brenda Lee

Dean Martin

F. Sinatra-B. Crosby

Josh Groban

Nat King Cole

Patti Page

Tony Bennett

25 All-Time Hits

25 Golden Hits

Christmas Guitar

Christmas Peace

Christmas Piano

Il Divo


Paul Anka

The CIA Torture Methods

These methods of obtaining intelligence by torture are both evil and necessary.

All countries do this, especially those who are desperate.

Let me put it  this way:

the CIA methods are grossly immoral, illegal, and downright cruel.

but this has to be done.

Besides, the alternative will prove more devastating for the Americans

should the CIA become lax in torturing prisoners.

The US has been considerably safer, so far, and

it is these cruel torture methods that have made it so.

The percentage of success in these methods may prove to be slim,

but then again, even if one in a hundred tortured prisoners

ever give up useful intelligence to the CIA, it will be more than worth it.

The results would never have been successful otherwise.

I say, leave the CIA alone.

If after time they failed in their work,

then they should be the ones water-boarded.



Bring It On!


As I said before

Bring It On!

After more than 5o hours of file recovery

and countless hours of debugging,

this site still goes on.

I must have antagonized a whole lot of people

not from what I did

but from what I said.

But they will still do their worst.

And I will still say

Bring it on!