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Tracking the Route of Legend

Manny Pacquiao, Congressman, Prizefighter–how does he do it?

That’s what legends do, and he is well on the way towards it.


Manny Pacquiao.mp4


J Lo


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Up and Running Again

Hokay, this site is up and running again.

This was lost for a while due to  a double whammy from two internet sites.

What’d I do?

It appears that some people don’t want programs to be copied.

Some other people don’t want these programs dumped on their laps.

Let me tell you one thing:

The early VHS/VCR’s proliferated because shows and movies can be copied.

It was good business for the manufacturers of the blank magnetic tapes.

It also made movie stars and singers more popular.

Such things as copyguards were devised to prevent duplicating.

Copyguard removers were also devised to un guard the copyguard.

 Synchronizing signals were intentionally made weaker so that

the movie content can be watched on TV if the disc is original

but not if the movie was copied.

Copyguard  removers were designed  so  that  the

synchronizing signals were taken from the audio

and not the video.

And so goes for the newer discs.

Discs can record more gigabytes than magnetic tapes,

so the movie was slashed into parts sequenced

by a separate program.

In other words, a program was designed to put

these parts in sequence.

Duplicating the movies would require separate copying

of these sequencing programs so this copyguard was established.

An ingenious way to skip these programs and copy the main title only

was devised to counter this.

All the while the business of dvd’s was thriving.

And it did so because discs can be copied.

The question would be:

Will the producers of the said media make more profit

if they prevent people from copying?

Frankly, only a little, because those who copy movies

will not buy the original.

They would rather copy than buy.

And if they rented the original, they think that they

have to copy it to get their money’s worth.

People must copy them to get their money’s worth,

or at least have something to watch again in the future.

So let the people have whatever turns them on.

It would be more fun and profitable that way.

Anyway, the people will have ways to duplicate just about

anything that is worth duplicating.

As for that Shaw Supervisor,

Watch me!

If you’re tired of watching You Tube!


Ferguson Erupts

The aftermath of the news that Ferguson policeman Wilson will not be indicted by the grand jury is the much anticipated burning and looting by the protesters.


The Aftermath.mp4

The Aftermath 4.mp4

Carolyn Jarvis


Circle of Light


Web Server Statistics for Shrapnel

Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending Nov 22 2014 at 12:18 AM.

Successful requests: 160,831,516 (64,814)
Average successful requests per day: 171,865 (9,259)
Successful requests for pages: 41,706,585 (15,278)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 44,568 (2,182)
Failed requests: 7,669,401 (9,606)
Redirected requests: 7,023,886 (172)
Distinct files requested: 90,593 (1,842)
Distinct hosts served: 1,019,606 (2,091)
Corrupt logfile lines: 3
Data transferred: 72.07 terabytes (163.88 gigabytes)
Average data transferred per day: 78.87 gigabytes (23.41 gigabytes)

(looks like I have to work double time to maintain my standards)

Webalizer Stats

Monthly Statistics for November 2014
Total Hits 75412
Total Files 54849
Total Pages 24571
Total Visits 10512
Total KBytes 48074950
Total Unique Sites 5764
Total Unique URLs 1842
Total Unique Referrers 806
Total Unique User Agents 1842

Stuffed Doggie


Prestgious Award For The Edmonton Public Library


The Edmonton Public Library receives the international award

for top public library in the world.

This library, powered with city funds

and run by exceptionally motivated librarians,

made innovations and new features

to improve public service.

Hey, I’ve been a steady patron of the EPL for so many years!

I even won a court case in Edmonton

using research books from this library.

And I did this without the aid of a lawyer.

But I never could have done this

without those research books from the Edmonton Public Library!


Congress Votes Down Keystone Pipeline

This is understandable even if the votes just squeaked through.

The new Congress has yet to come about.

The keystone Pipeline originating from Canada

will  eventually be approved.

The prospect of the pipeline being fully constructed

is the main reason why gas prices has come down

even if the ISIS cut down some of the

oil supply from the Middle East.

Think about it—oil will be delivered to America

without  the use of rail and truck transports.

The significance of the vote is something else unrelated to the Keystone.

The vote-down dramatizes the political anomaly

and the indispensability of the Independent Party vote.

Blizzard Blitz

Buffalo, New York, Eastern US is under blizzard Blitz

Seven feet of snow blankets the ground and more snow is coming down.

All I can say is:




Undocumented Immigrants

Now we can look closely at the problem of immigration

and why the immigration law cannot be fixed.

The crux of the conflict between Obama and the Republicans,

which the generality of the American people

seem to carry over,

is the misinterpretation of the term” undocumented immigrant”

This term is clearly misinterpreted as “illegal immigrant”,

such mistake is also clearly initiated by the Republicans.

An illegal immigrant is one who has entered the country by illegal,

unlawful, and illegitimate means.

He has no right to claim citizenship

nor any valid papers and licenses and certificates

that would be issued by the government.

On the other hand,

an undocumented immigrant is simply

one who has no papers and documents to support his status.

But he may or may not be an illegal immigrant.

To determine what an undocumented immigrant’s status is,

he must apply to the immigration department,

and thence further requirements will be imposed on him

to finalize his status.

This particular approach to apply for immigrant status

is what the Obama executive action is all about.

It gives the undocumented immigrants the chance

to legalize their immigration status

by pleading their cases to the immigration courts.

The Republicans, however, mistake this executive action

as a total procedure to gain citizenship,

which in turn qualifies the immigrant for health care,

and employment benefits, and pensions and such.

This is not so.

The Executive Order is not an amnesty,

nor a license for citizenship.

It is a permission for the undocumented immigrant

to stay in the country temporarily.

Obama’s plan is to remove the catch 22 factor

from the situation of undocumented immigrants.

Vargas, himself an undocumented immigrant,

explains his plight, and his frustration about the lack of legal procedures

to process cases similar to what he’s got.

He looks for the absent courts of law 

to tryh is immigration case.

Presently, what the United States has

is merely deportation procedures

and not court procedures.




APEC and whatever


It appears that not a lot of them has succeeded

in the purpose by which they were organized.

The fact that these world organizations are

joined by member countries

each of which has its own national interests

as priority.

And since this is so,

these organizations are doomed to fail. 

Each country must give up something

to gain other things.

What would the HAVE countries give up?

What would the HAVE-NOT countries give up?



Veterans Memorial



Vets Memorial

Marching Vets


The Muslim Upheaval

The conflict/s involving the Islamic faith in the Middle East

has started to boil down towards the crux of the Crises.

And that is the confrontation between Islam and Judaism.

Both faiths are ages old

and both beliefs are ages apart.

The Jews have always been struggling to keep their nomadic race

together and unified.

From this faith has sprung the Christian faith.

And from both faiths has sprung the Islamic religion.

The Jews emphasize strife.

The Christians stress love.

The Muslims concentrate on prayers,

so much so that they lose time in working for a living.

Hence they glorify raiding for food and wealth and territory.

And from all of these difference in beliefs come different ideas

and different motivations

and different modes to satisfy the faiths.

The conflicts are now on the bottom line

of the accounts.

It seems that this bottom line points to:


The Kingdom of Heaven.

Couldn’t we just have one common belief?

In that there actually is no Heaven?

Just think—-No Heaven, no conflict!



(praise be to the guy who first sang this song)

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