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Skipping Windows 9

For its new OS, Microsoft will put out Windows 10 instead of Windows 9.

The company finally realized that Windows 8 is a failure.

While this was meant to capture the group that is engrossed in mobile cellphones and the like, the desktop/laptop users hardly got used to the idea of getting stuck after each and every step of the way.

Windows 10 will therefore retain the fluidity of Windows 7 while it strives to inject the straightforward shortcut style of input characteristic of Windows 8.

I still have these one tablet and one laptop with Windows 8 on the discarded shelf, even when both are updated to Windows 8.1. I just cannot figure out where I am in Windows 8, much less retrace my steps.


(posted from Toshiba Satellite 8049….)

The Scotsman

I had a teacher once, an instructor to be specific,

as the subject was technical in nature.

He came from Scotland.

He told the class,

nay, admonished the class,

that he shall accept us calling him  a Scot,

or a Scotsman,

or even Scottish,

but he shall not tolerate anybody

on pain of failure in class,

if he be called

a Scotch.



Nude Protest


Nude Protest.mp4

Rhea Santos


Lyn Ching


Mass Graves in Donetsk




Reliable Sources


Brian Stelter.mp4

other Reporter.mp4


Wuups! My six numbers dd not come out yesterday.

Naturally the lottery does not cooperate with my numbers.

 Surprising it is that my picks came out on the wrong lottery draw.

Well, back to the drawing board.

You can sat that again,

drawing board.

Navy Seal Recruits

navy seals

seal recruits




Part of 12 Numbers

You may add 3, 6, 24 as part of your 12 number wheel.

and maybe 15, 31, 46. You may get three numbers out of these.

Or none at all?????

And then again, you have down there in another post your 20 number template, eyh?

The Coalition Against the ISIS

The coalition that agrees to go against the ISIS numbers many in the group.

Although a very, very large portion of them will contribute to the effort with only verbal means,

This conflict, they know, will be a protracted one; and as such, will cost very, very much.

Wheeling Numbers

From the last post I made regarding power numbers, the 649 numbers drawn were


The numbers that I wheeled could have won :






You would have noticed that I still get the bonus number.

Boy, am I good or am I THAT good!

Next time I will put money on it—–heheheheheheh!

Air Strikes Start


The Air Strikes against ISIS has started with devastating effect.. The surprise is that the strikes have been continuing with impunity. There has been no anti-aircraft, no missile fired in defense. If this continues, ISIS would have lost its recruiting momentum.

If there be boots on the ground, let it be only for mop up operations. But there has to be a mop up operation.

One clear error that ISIS made in its strategy is that this group sought to be independent f the rest of Islamic devotees. This made the group a rogue force. And even now to rest of the Islamic world feels threatened by its  popular rise to power.

The world is in utter amazement, though, that with its excessives income and wealth, ISIS could not collect aircraft defense capabilities.

After the air strikes have done its purpose, ISIS would have reverted to its original small band of jihadists.

Unless they do get these, the recruits would have stopped coming.

Also, the western coalition doing the bombing are risking world condemnation for bombing countries which they have yet to declare war on. This is an infringement to one’s territory. This is OK if it were done with trucks of humanitarian aid, but not with bombers.

If one must consider it in a deeper sense of the context, ISIS is not really a threat to the world nor to the West. An Islamic state was probably what it wanted to form—a separate independent state for its own which could be treated and considered as home for some lost jihadists.

What the West was afraid of is that ISIS would have formed a world power from the Caliphate. THAT situation is nct to impossible, not when we are still around, eyh?

American Intelligence Communities

It appears that the American Intelligence Community has started to get serious and reports from very careful unbiased analyses of the international sitiation.

Either that or this community is bucking for sensational attention.

It is also surprising that this community has not in any hinted that Russia is to be blamed somewhat for the troubling situation in the Middle East.

The Turks and the Kurds

The conflict between the Turks a nd the Kurs has restarted. This time the struggle is more serious, what with the newer arms being provide to the Kurds.


Wheeling Numbers

It looks like I hit two more numbers from Saturday’s 649 draw, the numbers 4 and 10. There should be a wheeling number template that includes two numbers in all the combinations that are generated.

On second thought, there are templates like these. In fact some include two numbers together in each combination.

Fir instance, If I were to wheel 20-numbers in Canadian National 649,

the combinations would be : 28, 34 + 3,6,9,35

                                                         28,34 + 3,6,18,26

                                                        28,34 + 5,12,25,45

                                                        28, 34 +5,15,36,45

                                                       28, 34  +9,18,26,35

                                                       28,34 + 12,15,25,36

                                                      28,34 + 23,30,43,47

                                                      28,34 + 23,33,43,44

                                                     28, 34 + 30,33,44,47

There should be 18 numbers there aside from 28 and 34, and these may have fat chances of winning. FYI, the numbers 28 and 34 are called power numbers in this wheeling template. Usually, only number is used as a power number, not two, but what the hey, nine combinations to bet with is a lot better proposition than that of betting on 38,760 full wheel combination for 20 lotto numbers.


Princess Patricia Light Infantry

Princess Patricia Light Infantry

Another Storm

These people don’t give up!

Storms and typhoons and calamities are a natural occurrence for them.

They’re seasonal, these natural annoyances.

But the people learned to deal with them.

In fact, these are to be expected

as much as snow is expected somewhere else.

One good thing about this type of weather,

these people acquire the brightest outlook

and the biggest smiles

as if they never do mind

being under the weather

for that long a time.


Another Storm.mp4

The Confederation Solution

Great Britain will never be the same again should Scotland become independent.

The British know this.

So they voted for Scotland to stay in Great Britain.

The confederation solution has proven to be good for Quebec

and the whole of Canada.

It should also be a good solution for the Ukrainian conflict.

Great Britain, Canada, the US, and even for Italy

confederation has been good for them.

Hooray for those who stay!


Wheeling Numbers

The last post I did proved again that I always get the bonus number in any lottery. The Canadian 649 draw came out with the numbers 3,8,10,19,31,33, and bonus number 40.

It also proved what I said that my numbers are a  number off the ones that hit. I chose numbers 4, 20, and 11. They are a tad off the numbers 3, 19, and 10.

BTW, I have a sinking feeling that one or two of the numbers for the next draw will be any of these : 18,26,32,16,14,12,11,10,5,4, and 2. AH but we will see.

I now come up with some strategy that will help you save money and at the same time play the odds. It is called wheeling your numbers. For instance, if you intend to play 12 lotto numbers, the full combination would amount to 924 six-number combinations. And for a dollar a combination, that would be a 924-dollar bet. That, and there is no guarantee that you will hit one correct number.

For a guarantee of at least one four-number win, a series of combinations can be formed using these twelve numbers to come out with only six-combinations, or a six-dollar bet. This means that if you hit four numbers, you will win at least one four-number prize, and at most the jackpot prize.

How to do this? Let us say that you chose to play these 12 numbers : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

First divide them into four groups of three numbers each group thusly

1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6

7, 8, 9

10, 11, 12

Then combine them like this :                  1,2,3 + 4,5,6

                                                                         1,2,3 + 7,8,9

                                                                         1,2,3 + 10,11,12

                                                                          4,5,6 + 7.8.9

                                                                          4,5,6 + 10,11,12

                                                                           7,8,9 + 10,11,12

And there you have six combinations to cover 4 out of 6 guarantee win should you hit any of the four numbers correctly. To make it more interesting, add also the combinations

1,3,5,7,9,11  and 2,4,6,8,10,12  to cover any three number win.

Of course you can let any lotto number to stand for the wheeling numbers above which now becomes your template.

There should also be different templates for other win guarantees, and bigger sizes of bets.

Your next and biggest problem, therefore, should also be of how to choose your winning numbers.

HAH! Wouldn’t you like to know?




The ISIS Horde

The Isis is not an army, it is a horde.

Think about it.

Only the central core of the group are fanatics.

The rest may be called jihadists or terrorists

and most are not deeply engrossed in the killing

and the maiming of people.

Most of them are raw recruits,

and they band together as separate groups or gangs.

One proof of this is the fact that the ISIS has not formed

distinctive military units with separate military commanders.

Consequently they refrain from fighting in a conventional

confrontation on a field of action.

They fight by sneak attacks and/or guerilla warfare.

But what makes an ISIS recruit?

He is one who has nothing better to do at home,

being unemployed, and spending most of his time

praying four times a day.

This situation makes them susceptible for recruitment

under the promise of adventure, camaraderie,

free board and lodging, and fun, fun, fun

in firing guns and rockets.

Jihadists riding tanks and armored vehicles

make exceptionally attractive propaganda,

including the prospect of booty in raids

and double the credit in Heaven

should they encounter Americans,

and only Americans, in a firefight.

If ISIS is not an army but a horde,

it will therefore be that much easier to beat,


Multiple Conflicts

Finally they did it!

The US now have a war,

or that which could make the country great again.

Thiswar is not only one, though, it is more than one,

a multiple war, or as it should be preferably termed— multiple conflicts.

The war fronts be in Iraq, in Ukraine, in Syria and perhaps

in another country which will be drawn into these fights.

In all these conflicts, UN supervision is absent.

Even the vaunted NATO deployment on the field is zilch.

The much-heralded international community is

a community no more

and the EU is a union no more.

The G7 may not be seven in this enterprise.

And the leadership of the conflicts is forced on the US.

Which is a good thing.

The US may not be blamed for this fiasco

R & R Is Over

So rest and recreation is over. Time to pull the keyboard out again and put on the thinking cap to restart the posts.

Now, where were we?

Oh yes, somebody was supposed to make a speech about what to do with ISIS.

Tsk, tsk, tsk! What else is new?