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Warning From Minsk

The Meeting at Minsk produced warnings from out of the blue. The EU warns Russia to descalate the conflict at the Southeastern Ukraine, completely ignoring Putin’s declaration that this conflict is none of his business. It is Ukraine’s business. The Eu gave him a deadline to do this, though, even when they know that it is actually the Kiev army that is doing the shelling.

Another warning was aimed at Poroshenko, that he is to ensure EU receives the supply of gas from Russia. And so it is actually Poroshenko that is on the squeeze. He must get Russia to open the spigots from Russia, but Russia says Ukraine must first start paying the gas debt to Russia, and then there will be a $100 discount, if and only if Ukraine starts paying off its debt. If I remember correctly, the amount Ukraine received from the IMF recently is a little bit more than the first payment of this debt.

Perhaps it is time for me to add this—-to stop the conflict in Southeastern Ukraine, give the regions in question statehood within Ukraine, or that statehood which will be accepted by the UN.(you never can tell if they won’t).

In other words, federate Ukraine, and give Donetsk and Lugansk statehood within the federation.

Now this is not a bad option., It should work well for EU, Ukraine,and Russia.

Right now, Russia will not flinch should Ukraine join Nato. But there will be no gas subsidies for Ukraine because it will now be treated by Russia as a foreign country.

Ukraine may be able to choose which icing it would get, but it will still have to pay for the cake!



Putin At Youth Forum

‘Anything US touches turns into Libya or Iraq’: Top Putin quotes at youth forum

Published time: August 29, 2014 20:23
Edited time: August 29, 2014 23:10

August 29, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin talks to the participants in the Seliger 2014 National Youth Forum in the Tver Region. (RIA Novosti / Michael Klimentyev)

August 29, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin talks to the participants in the Seliger 2014 National Youth Forum in the Tver Region. (RIA Novosti / Michael Klimentyev)

Vladimir Putin has criticized Washington’s unilateral actions on the international arena, saying that whatever it touches seems to be turning into Libya or Iraq. Below are the top 10 quotes from the Russian President’s speech at the Seliger youth forum.

Unilateral decisions made outside the United Nations are usually doomed to failure, Putin said Friday, while speaking at the “Seliger-2014” annual youth forum.

Do you remember the joke: ‘Whatever Russians make, they always end up with a Kalashnikov?’ I get an impression that whatever Americans touch they always end up with Libya or Iraq,” Putin told the participants of the 10th forum held on Lake Seliger in Tver region, some 370 km north of Moscow.

When decisions are made unilaterally, they always turn out to be short lived. And the other way round: it’s difficult to reach consensus at the UN because often opposite opinions and positions collide. But that is the only way to achieve long-term decisions,” he said.

When a decision is balanced and supported by key members of the international community, Putin said, everyone starts working in order fulfill it perfectly.

‘UN won’t be needed if it serves only US and its allies’

Putin totally disagreed that the UN is inefficient. But the organization needs to be reformed and its instruments should be used efficiently.

The reform should become a result of a consensus reached by the overwhelming majority of the members of the organization, he said.

It is also necessary to preserve the fundamental grounds of the UN’s efficiency. In particular, only the Security Council should have the power to make decision on sanctions and the use of military force, Putin said. And these decisions must be obligatory for everyone. Such mechanisms should not be eroded. “Otherwise the UN will turn into the League of Nations,” the Russian President said.

The organization will lose its purpose if it is only an “instrument to serve foreign policy interests of only one country – in this case the US and its allies,” Putin. “Then it is not needed.”

Putin compared the shelling of east Ukrainian towns and cities by Kiev army to actions by the Nazi forces during the World War Two.

Sad as it might seem, this reminds me of the events of World War II, when the German Nazi troops surrounded our cities, like Leningrad, and directly shelled those cities and their residents,” Putin said.

Why they (Kiev) call this a military-humanitarian operation?” he said, adding that the conflicting sides should get to a negotiating table.

Ukrainians who did not support the coup mounted by “our western partners” with the backing of radical nationalists, are being suppressed by the military force, Putin said speaking about the situation in the neighboring state.

We’re no fools. We saw symbolic cookies handed out on [by Victoria Nuland] Maidan, information support, political support. What that means? A full involvement of the US and European nations into the process of the power change: a violent unconstitutional power change.”

And the part of the country that disagreed with that is being suppressed with the use of jets, artillery, multiple launch systems and tanks,” Putin said. “If these are today’s European values – I’m gravely disappointed.”

Putin said that Russia did not “annex” Crimea, as the peninsula’s reunion with Russia is often described by foreign media and politicians.

We didn’t not annex it, we didn’t take it away. We gave people an opportunity to have their say and make a decision, which we took with respect. We protected them, I believe.”

We had to protect our compatriots, who live there (in Crimea). When we look at events in Donbass, Lugansk, Odessa, it becomes clear to us what would have happened to Crimea if we had not taken measures to provide free expression of will to people.”

‘Russia to beef up nuclear deterrence potential’

Russia is going to boost its military forces and nuclear deterrence potential, Putin told the youth forum.

Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear states. It’s not words, it is the reality,” he said. “We are strengthening our nuclear deterrence forces, we are strengthening our armed forces…We are beefing up our potential and will continue doing so.”

This is being done “not to threaten anyone, “but to feel secure,” he added.

‘Russia is not going to get involved in large-scale conflicts’

Russia will not get engaged in any large conflicts, but will defend itself in case of aggression, Putin warned.

Russia is far from getting involved any large-scale conflicts. We don’t want that and we are not going to do it. And, naturally, we should always be ready to repel any aggression against Russia,” Putin said.

Our partners – whatever condition their countries are in and whatever foreign policy concept they adhere to – should understand that it’s better not to mess with us,” Putin said. “Thank God, I believe it doesn’t occur to anyone to unleash a large-scale conflict with Russia.”

‘Russia will seek acceptable compromises on Arctic’

Russia admits that other states have their interests in the Arctic – the region that is thought to contain vast reserves of oil and gas.

Both Russia and Canada, who along with the US, Norway and Denmark constitute the five states with Polar claims, have made legal attempts to secure their rights to large swathes of the Arctic, which is thought to contain 15 percent of the oil reserves and 30 percent of all natural gas in the world.

We will take the interests of these states into consideration and seek acceptable compromises,” Putin said, adding that Russia would “naturally” also defend its own interests.

The five Arctic states – Canada, Denmark, Norway, the Russia and the US – have for several years now been in a bitter dispute over how to divide up this resource-rich ‘pie’.

‘Crimea recognition will be long and tedious’

It will take a long while for Crimea to be internationally recognizes as part of Russia, Putin believes.

He said he finds it “strange” and referred to an example with the recognition of Kosovo independence where a political will and desire were enough to make such a decision “easily.

He also recalled that in case with Kosovo, no referendum was held: the decision on independence was made by the parliament of the Serbian breakaway republic. In the situation with Crimea, there was both a decision by the parliament and a referendum. In Putin’s view, the latter was a more democratic way for a nation’s self-determination.

PLA Female Honor Guards

pla honor guard1

pla honor guard3

Pentagon Stumped

The planes are all gassed up.

The ships are primed.

All hands are on deck.

But orders to move don’t come down.

Congress does not approve the bill for  military action,

simply because there has been no plan presented.

The Pentagon is stumped and not by its own making.

The White House is unable to make plans

simply because there is no backup from EU.

And since there is no EU backup,

the military might of NATO teeters towards extinction.

 The NATO Secretary general’s position has become untenable.

Consequently, there is now the rush to force feed European nations

with the fake Russian invasion to Ukraine,

complete with fabricated videos and satellite images.

The American Congress realizes that White House

is heading towards financing conflicts

in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine

Parts Of Long Island, New York Inundated With Flash Floods

Pushing from the front

Complete With Video

The US and the EU again again lie through their teeth when they present “proof” of Russian armor “crossing to Ukraine”.

Of course the people of the US and the EU will most probably believe these lies because their leaders give it to themin litany form.

The video of the tanks show a pastoral scene and not a war zone. And naturally there is care in removing signs that would show where the tanks are passing through.

Wait a minute, I think I had a glimpse of a sign that says “Tijuana”. The tank driver also looks Mexican.

See, did I not tell you the effort to justfy the existence of NATO is getting funnier?

But I’ll bet that the funniest effort is yet to come!

They must really believe that the world is that stupid.

Start Pumping Gas

The US makes more threats to Russia.

Kiev makess more provocations to Russia.

They are wasting their breath.

They should know by now that the most popular man in the world,

Vladimir putin,

is not affected by provocations,

 and does not succumb to threats.

He does not have a anything to do with the southeastern Ukrainians.

He will not be provoked into sending Russian troops to Ukraine,

and will not restore the natural gas subsidies to Kiev.

He will instead send in humanitarian aid to Southeastern Ukraine

and charge more for natural gas to Kiev.

Kiev should better start pumping gas for themselves.

(those humanitarian aid trucks are for Southeastern Ukrainians and not for Kiev, you hear?)

The ISIS Crisis

Tell me not in mournful numbers

CIA created a scornful monster.

The Littlest Crusade

Some Crusade this is turning out to be.

Not one country has the lion-heart to take this up.

This forces the NATO Secretary General to announce

a lot of ridiculous things to prop up the members.

His is the effort to keep his job.

The effort keeps getting funnier.

NATO has no more excuse for being.

The ISIS attacks just might be one.

But no country would commit troops and tanks.

The countries that would do this

are those that the West has alienated.

What a Crusade this is turning out to be!

ISIS Created in Syria?

It most probably was started in Syria as a group, but its elements started in Iraq. It then got dislodged and went to Libya to bring own Ghadaffi, and then to Syria to try to bring down Assad. The supply of weapons and provisions from the CIA dried up, and the advisers moved to Ukraine. What was left was a conglomeration of Muslims who are  veterans of fighting against any ruling government. This time these elements secured their own provisions and finances. And then, what the heck, they formed their own army with finances, provisions, territory, and leadership.

These people are voyeurs, adventurists, and gun-loving people with an adopted cause for Islam. If the rest of the Muslim world does not agree with ISIS and what it stands for, then these Muslims should also arm themselves and fight ISIS, or that Muslim group that is giving the rest of the Muslim world a bad name.

Listen, Assad did not create ISIS. This was formed from the groups fighting Assad and which the CIA supplied arms with. In short, ISIS started from an abundant supply of American arms and finances.

Also, flying reconnaissance over Syria may require permission from that government, otherwise some international incident may result from the intrusion.

Let the Americans refrain from thinking that they own all the air space that they can fly on.

The War on ISIS

The War against ISIS will be a popular war.

And as such, Obama should pick up this effort.

Most nations will back him up,

even get him to lead the charge.

He should then drop the operations in Ukraine and Syria

and concentrate on Iraq.

This is going to be a beautiful war—

because the leaders of ISIS are not only military tacticians,

they are also romanticists,

ever dreaming of Scheherazade and the Arabian Nights.

They are also fond of imitating Genghis Khan,

in breaking the town’s will to fight by executing people

ahead of the assault.

Maybe they will believe me now when I say

that despots like Hussein and Ghadaffi

did keep the jihadists in check within their domain.

So thank Assad for fighting to keep his chair.

By the way, the man wearing black and standing beside Foley

before he was beheaded

brings to my mind one word :


Brianna Keilar


Humanitarian Invasion Gets Through

Finally, the humanitarian aid from Russia finally gets through and reaches Lugansk.


Humanitarian Invasion.mp4


Syrain De Gray

Syrain has joined the ROTC.

They are provided wthe free uniforms!



B-52’s to Iraq?

The US Armed Forces hierarchy scratch their heads

as to the methods of fighting the ISIS.

I would suggest falling back to the methods used in the Vietnam War.

Which include carpet bombing with de-mothballed B-52’s.

Also napalm bombs as Muslims seem to be afraid of fire.

These methods did not work well in Vietnam

because of the foliage and vegetation.

Iraq should be a land with little or none of trees growing.

Hence carpet bombing will be very effective.

Boots do not make that big holes in the ground

as bombs do.

(B-1 bombers would do better)

The ISIS Central Command

I say again that the ISIS moves like a military unit.

It has discipline within its ranks.

And since this is so, it should have a Central Command.

Wherever the HQ is, the surveillance devices overhead

is unable to determine.

Either that, or the Central Command is mobile.

It has actually been a step ahead of the US Intelligence.

Notice that Bagdad is encircled and is under siege.

ISIS is gathering strength and resources,

for that time that they can install the Caliph of Bagdad.

ISIS has, however, refrained from holding the high ground in daylight.

It probably uses a series of caves for shelter.

Also, at the rate that they receive the revenues from Iraqi oil,

ISIS may one day form a squadron of jet fighters,

that is, if they can secure airplane maintenance men.

But who is the fence?

Justice Justified

And once again this thing called civil strife threatens to dictate how justice is to be served.

The Prosecutor himself is asked to step down for fear that his decision will be tainted, or his performance will be laid down.

So therefore, whichever way he goes his actions will not be justifiable.

Erin Burnett Outfront



(I have to sneak more peeks at Erin Burnett’s Outfront news)


Let me tell you about these sanctions against Russia again.

It has turned from prayer to polarizer.

The countries under sanctions by the US -EU

have started to band together,

further aligning themselves to beat the sanctions.

Even more so when Russia started banning

the imports of agricultural products coming from the West.

Now that should really hurt.

I believe that there will be a war involving import bans.

 Putin has started throwing his punches.


He has a headstart on Cuba, Africa, and the BRICS.

What’s more, he owns the NORTH.

The Badge and the Gun

The most widely used handgun was the .45 caliber Colt semi-automatic pistol. This was designed for the sole purpose of stopping a berserker Muslim Moro charge during Pershing’s time. It was standard issue for the military up to the Vietnam War. It was, however, heavy and loads only 7 rounds, plus another round in the chamber. But it could have stopped a charge towards a policeman from a heavy-set guy, like Michael Brown, with one or two shots.

The newer standard issue Glock handgun used by policemen is light and loads about double the number of 9 mm rounds.  But the football-tackle type of a rush will not be stopped unless the shot goes through the head.

But let me talk about policemen. The badge issued anoints him to uphold the law, and concomitantly provides him with the authority to enforce the law. Needless to say the badge comes with the gun. This is to aid him in the enforcement of the law. It is not THE authority to enforce the law. The gun supports his functions, but only supports his function. He is not to use the gun as his authority to uphold the law.

The policeman is trained in the legal repercussions after he discharges his gun. Much of this training goes to the subject of the do’s and the don’ts of shooting a person.  There is the unwritten rule, however, and this rule is never mentioned nor dealt with amongst policemen. But I can guess what it is. In the American justice system, the judge and/or Jury, puts much consideration on the words of the witnesses. In fact, witnesses can change the picture of a trial. And now you guess who would be the ultimate witness on the stand : the victim himself. Considering this situation, it is a personal rule that when a policeman shoots a person, he makes sure that the person is shot dead. This way the main witness against him is eliminated.

The situation in Ferguson has gone out of hand. And as a stock response, the country reels again in the never-ending conflict regarding discrimination. This will not work for this town, I mean raising the topic of racism again. This topic gives the Black Americans a leverage in the political and social innuendos obtaining, a leverage which is countered by the White Americans with disdain and hostility.

Would that the Americans do away with color distinction and racial profiling and mistrust. They should start to be color-blind, ignore discrimination, it will eventually go away.

Anyway, don’t the Black Americans ever remember

that a Civil War had already been fought between White Americans

so that they would have the liberty that they enjoy today?



Protesters Start Mayhem

Protesters keep provoking the police in Ferguson. Somebody yanked a Do-Not-Enter Sign and displayed this in front of the police. Things were thrown at the police and that something ignited. So the police threw stun grenades and tear gas bombs.

Street signs are property of the city and should not be yanked out.

But the main thing is that this town has reverted back to the time of the civil strife.

The protesters claim that the presence of the police create anxiety. What would it have created if the police were not present?

We now see how things can get started—its the tension. The police cannot be blamed for this. They are ordered there to keep the peace, or stop a crowd from being unruly.

There should be peace if the protesters disperse.

Police now run after a group of about fifteen who may have fired some shots.

Now the police move in to disperse the crowd.

Several people were shown being arrested

One Piece


Onepiece 591.mp4

Onepiece 592.mp4

Onepiece 593.mp4

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Onepiece 595.mp4

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The Black American

African Americans, is the preferred name to distinguish the group of Black Americans, and yet these people never cease to deny their country of origin; which is the desolate, destitute and discredited continent of Africa. While they refuse to own the continent of Africa, they hesitate to integrate themselves fully to the American way of life; that is, that American way of life that is distinctively different and more civilized than the African way of life.

Picture this image: Two black Americans, going in opposite directions on the same road, stop the cars they are driving, to chat in the middle of the road, side by side. And even though they are cognizant of the traffic being blocked both ways, they refuse to budge. This sort of lack of concern for the welfare of others and the blatant refusal to follow rules and regulations mark the attitude of these people. Such displays of selfishness and arrogance are common occurrence in hallways, and passageways, and queues. It is of no wonder that blacks will ignore orders from policemen and teachers and others of authority. It is a general attitude of a challenge to authority.

Observe that all of the incidents involving policemen and blacks have the disregard to authority as the main cause of conflict. The root cause of this attitude, on the other hand, is that the African Americans are actually not satisfied of their being black. It is a natural disadvantage to be black in a country with white authorities. It would be difficult to be satisfied completely when one is black in America. Hence the lackadaisical attitude of black people as they retreat into a cocoon woven by the rest of the black community. This cocoon instills in their psyche that, since they are beleaguered and discriminated upon, they have the right to loot and disobey, and abuse  the right of free movement. This is what I term the right to abuse. It still is, however, an abuse of freedom.

Black people, or more specifically, African Americans, should learn to stop when the police tell them to stop; to follow rules and regulations; and talk civilly to people who are talking to them. Toeing the line is not a bad thing to do. It is not dehumanizing. It actually provides man the integrity and the bravado to communicate with people who are of a higher stature.

Let the paranoid blacks stop their incessant complaint against the authority and learn to follow rules for once. They will gain the respect and the dignity that is due them if they do.



Siete Infantes


There should be 14 legs. I counted only 13.

Excellent hem design.

Legcellent ladies.

Tank Biathlon


Wuuups! Wrong pic….

Somebody’s been tinkering around with my login…


Now that’s more like it—A Chinese tank