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Canada Day 2014

That country which the rest of the world would like to live in celebrates Canada Day.

No guns, no terrorism, no smoking, nobody refuses to wave back.

Beautiful Canada, with clean farm animals and pure water,

purple and PRISTINE mountains,

unlittered streets, unfettered smiles, and the home of the braver.*

(*only the braver would volunteer to fight a war against both ied’s and friendly enemy fire)

Zyann Ambrosio


Mariel Rodriguez


The Saladin Syndrome II

This post is uploaded to compliment my other post titled “The Saladin Syndrome”.

The present incursions by the Shia sect of Islam proceed to validate

my first post on the Saladin Syndrome.

There is now proof of the search, nay, a struggle to determine

who in fact will wear the mantle of Saladin.

Let us not interpret this present conflict in Iraq to be regionalized

for in truth this conflict is a conflagration,

and will embroil also the rest of the Muslim world.

This is a conflict which is similar to that which engulfed the Christian world

resulting in the present day splinter of the religion into several denominations.

And this is obtained even when there is one single pontiff

who interprets and administers the the Laws of God.

How much more confusing would the problem of conserving the tenets of Islam

when there is not a single entity to lay down  and interpret the Laws of Allah.

“There is no other God but Allah.

And Mohammed is His Prophet”

All Muslims adhere to this Credo,

and yet there is a wide rift when it comes to the interpretation

of what follows in the Islamic Dogma after this Credo.

One authority to sort out the rules of Islam is needed,

and such authority is personified with a sword in hand

and the proclamation of Holy War to further

enforce his authority.

Such a person was Saladin,

and every Muslim with a sword and a sworn fealty to Allah

would follow him.

Nowadays, it is OK if one does not have a sword to follow Saladin.

One only has to know how to use an AK to be OK.

One does not define the differences between Shia and Sunni because by doing so, one gets to be biased. Let us just say that getting involved in this struggle as to who will lead the Muslims would be a mistake. Any which way that this is accomplished would have cultivated enemies. Moreover, it has been so that the forces resisting any established government always have been splintered into as many groups as there are ambitions for the mantle of Saladin, making it so that any deal or negotiations attempted have already failed before the talks start. This was so in Libya, and in Syria, and in Egypt, in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. But the upheavals in all of these parts of the world could have been easily contained had the rebels who would intend to disestablish the governments not been provided conveniently with arms, training, and money.

Brazil Vs. Chile

The match I’ve been waiting for just got finished

and I watched all of it.

Brazil against Chile,

the battle of the superior ball handlers

and those with tenacity over their national sport.

Most fortunate for all viewers,

the match had to end with a shootout,

extending the flavor of the match.


Brazil Vs. Chile.mp4

Tied 1-all.mp4

Brenda Lee


Universal Masters Collection.mp3

The Platters

Encore of Golden Hits.mp3

EU-Ukraine Deal Signed

The delay in signing this deal was what brought about the Ukrainian Crisis. It is now signed with the present unrest in the East still obtaining.

If Ukrainian President Poroshenko pulls this through and makes Ukraine as progressive as the other European countries, he would be a hero. If not, well……..

He is gambling that what remains of the Ukrainians in favor of this EU-Ukrainian Deal  would give him  a good head start.

It appears that EU must hold Ukraine up over the water first. Remember that the West was asked for a $35 billion financing at the onset of the coup.

Frankly, and in a nutshell, the Ukrainians cannot be blamed for wanting increased and guaranteed trade with the EU, what with the good western amenities that could be had in the EU.

The business man in Poroshenko must be in a hurry to get him up  there. How he does it with only half the country in support, and with agricultural products for export, require mean resources, And I do mean MEAN resources.


EU-Ukraine Deal.mp4

Erin Ade




Sexy And I Know It.mp4

Bobby Vinton

His Greatest Hits and Finest Pertormances {Disc 2}

Rak of Aegis

This group sings with their hearts out.


Rak of Aegis.mp4

(what they would have achieved with the right songwriter…..)

The Jews Strike


Jewish Strike.mp4

There has been a lot of conflict going on, namely; Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Palestine.

Israel start the operation to punish the Palestinians for something we have yet to understand.

The Islamic war  is spreading in Iraq, the West still tries to disestablish Assad’s rule, and Kiev continues the Russian thorn in East Ukraine.

From all these, it just might be that the protagonists are simply vying for the American attention for arms and the like.

Polish Deal

Would have been a good deal

if no one back bites.


Polish Deal.mp4

Hyundai 2012 Running Away

This is a continuation of my post titled “Runaway Hyundai 2012”.

The crux of the problem was not the diagnosis nor the repair, but the provision of the dealer for a loaner.

Such a loaner to replace the Hyundai while it is being repaired is  not available. It has never been. This dealer does not have a loaner. So how could I allow the dealer to fix this car of mine if I would not have a loaner o use while it is being foxed.

The Hyundai corporation has made it a point to establish a whole lot of dealerships in Edmonton. But it failed miserably in providing these dealerships with capable service departments with qualified service techs. Hyundai owners are frustrated to ask for repairs, knowing that the downtime would be that long and they will not get a loaner to tide them over.

And so, I waited for this Hyundai of mine to have the serious problem of the engine running away and had it towed to the shop, knowing that it would be easier for them to diagnose it. It took the service people more than half the day the next day to diagnose what is causing the problem. The report says that there is no error registered on the computer scan. The problem occurred again on the road test, when they were about to give up.

Since no bind was found on the accelerator pedal they replaced the whole thing. But they had no parts available, just like I imagined so. They had to order it from Vancouver. So the repair took four days because they had no such part in Edmonton and in the whole of Alberta. Of course, Hyundai has no parts available in the province, only dealers with new cars which they are now selling at a much, much discounted price.

I doubt that the accelerator pedal will fix the runaway problem, anyway. It would if the accelerator pedal is equipped with the necessary linkage to the throttle and a stronger recovery spring. But the pedal alone will not do. This would be analogous to replacing the steering wheel  if the car don’t start!

The next problem now is the critical one—the rental car. Will the dealer who does not have a loaner pay for the car that I rented while the Hyundai is being fixed?

The rule of the Hyundai dealers in Edmonton is that to have a loaner available, a request by the owner should be placed two weeks ahead of time, even if an emergency repair is required.

Next time I will get a car from GM. They have an honest and concerned way with recalls.


(the tach registering 7000 rpm on idling still does not register an error on the DCT? What happened to the harness?)

The Battle of Kursk

While D-Day the Sixth of June opened up a second front for the German Third Reich to contend with, the Battle of Kursk was the game changer that marked the fall of the German army.

This huge tank battle drew a lot of German and Russian tanks in armor to armor combat. The German losses in tanks was irreplaceable. If the Germans had pitted these much tanks in the Battle of the Bulge, it would have produced more bulges through the American lines.

The Battle of Kursk was the greatest tank battle of all time.


The Battle of Kursk.mp4

Espana Vs. Chile



Australia Vs. Netherlands



Canada Tigjhtens Rules on TFW

Canadian restaurants and fast food chains tightens rules on hiring Temporary Foreign Workers.

At times “Temporary” does not necessarily mean temporary.

And “Foreign” does not necessarily mean foreign.

A chill has been propagated amongst all the foreign and natural born citizens.

The country never saw this coming.

Something is in the works, and this is not exactly freshly-brewed.



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Convent Trained

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Convent Expelled

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